10 Great Pubs in Kenton to Catch a Football Match Updated for 2021

19October 2020

Updated: April 12, 2021

10 Great Pubs in Kenton to Catch a Football Match – Watching a football match at home without friends or quality drinks and food can be a bit lonesome. And for big games, why remain at home? There’s no point. 

Instead, head out to a good pub for a memorable time and maybe some fellow fans. 

If you live near Kenton or you find yourself in the area, keep on reading to find some excellent options for you!

This short article answers the same question expressed in three ways. 

      1. Where in Kenton, Wembley is a great place to watch and enjoy a football match with my friends?
      2. At which pub in Kenton, Wembley, can I get a drink and enjoy the football?
      3. Which pubs in Kenton, Wembley has enough TV screens for me to watch my team play while I enjoy a pint?

Highlighted below are:-

      1. Frosty’s Bar
      2. The New Moon
      3. Traveller’s Rest Beefeater
      4. The Rainbow Bar
      5. Duck In The Pond
      6. The Fleadh Wembley
      7. Fizz Sports Bar
      8. Life of Reilly
      9. Buckley’s Bar
      10. The Windermere

1. Frosty’s Bar – Offers Up a “Great Irish Atmosphere.”

Frosty’s Bar has everything needed for an award-winning pub – including high-quality televisions for watching football. Reviewers describe it as cosy and cheerful, so make sure to have a few drinks at this Irish pub.

“Good service, cheap prices and lovely atmosphere” – Paul Conlon, Google Reviews

Many reviews rave about the great craic that is in store for you if you decide to visit. You might go for the drinks, but end up staying for the delicious food, new friends, and most importantly, the drinks.

Frosty’s Bar is equidistant between Kenton, Queensbury and Kingsbury Underground stations. However, the two best stations to use if travelling by underground are Kingsbury and Kenton. 

If you know the area, Frosty’s Bar is a few hundred metres away, opposite the Blue Ginger Bar & Restaurant.

2. The New Moon – It is a “Nice Local Pub.”

New Moon’s outside seating allows you to relax in the summer breeze while being served food and drinks that are comparable to other high-quality pubs and restaurants that cost much more! However, when it’s time for the Football game, you’ll have to move inside if you want the best Football-watching experience.

“Lively reasonable price drinks, good atmosphere. Good crowd. Accessible for wheelchair users. Outdoor seating with umbrellas. Cabins inside for privacy seating. The bar staff is quite helpful and cheerful they do like ‘having a laugh’.” – Bobby Khan, Google Reviews.

The New Moon offers a broad range of cask beer along with some wicked British food that will leave you stuffed. Available to order are chicken wings or fish and chips or chicken wings. Both of these are popular items on the menu. However, they also have chicken tikka masala, which customers rave about also.

This bar is between Kenton and Kingsbury’s underground stations, and slightly closer to Kenton.

3. Traveller’s Rest Beefeater – Provides “Good Service.”

If you ever find yourself staying in Premier Inn, Traveller’s Rest Beefeater would be a great pub to visit! If the match gets boring, there’s also a pool table to entertain yourself. 

“It’s a nice and large place with helpful staff. The service was also pretty quick” – Ash S, Google Reviews.

If you are going to watch the game, you’ll be surprised when you see the menu which offers many international favourites like fajitas, scallops, tuna, and lamb!! As for desserts, they offer some superb baked Alaska, ice cream, and even chocolate pizza.

Located on Kenton Road, and a brief walk from Kenton underground station, the Travellers Rest Beefeater Bar and Restaurant is near the Premier Inn and situated opposite the Kenton Bridge Medical Centre.  

4. The Rainbow Bar – Serves “Reasonably Priced Drinks.”

The outside of Rainbow Bar may not have you convinced, but once you head inside, Rainbow Bar will wow you. 

Friendly staff, delicious food, and incredible spirits await! In addition to the atmosphere, there’s a large TV on which to watch the match. It is this that stands to make your visit a perfect way to end the evening.

“Nice local venue for drinks. Reasonably priced drinks and exceptionally good dishes like Daal Bhajiya and Methi Gota.” – Sanjay Tiwari, Google Reviews.

Rainbow Bar offers tasty Indian food along with veg and non-veg options. It could be a fresh experience for those who haven’t eaten much Indian food and are searching for a new adventure. You might find your new favourite dishes if you make your way over at Rainbow Bar.

Currently, the RainBow Bar has no dining-in capability.

5. The Duck in the Pond – It is “a Godsend.”

The Duck in the Pond is a very well polished pub with a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. They have many dishes to offer including their collection of burgers, their roast, and Yorkshire pudding which are all raved about extensively! 

The only thing of note that might be alarming is the mixed reviews on their parking lot. Some rave about the space given while some complain that they were not aware of the need to register their car after getting a parking ticket in the mail.

“Excellent local pub with great pub-grub and friendly staff. Food is great, lots of nice options for veggies and vegans. Plenty of great beers/ciders/ales from which to choose. Love coming here for a quick drink in the beer garden, or an evening meal.” – Kush K, Google Reviews.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxed pub that will provide you with a stress-free experience, minus the parking-lot fiasco, The Duck in the Pond is the place for you! The staff members do their best to give you a service that makes you feel cosy and at home. The Duck in the Pond also serves for vegans, meaning that this place is welcoming for everyone.

The nearest station to this venue is Harrow & Wealdstone underground station. However, it is a taxi cab is the easiest way to reach this restaurant from the station.

6. The Fleadh – It is a “Lovely Pub.”

The Fleadh seems to be the perfect pub to stop by and enjoy live music or watch the game. However, this pub is different from others as it doesn’t seem to offer food. Some might say this pub is lowkey or small, but there is still a lot to love about it.

“The customer service is constantly swift, excellent character, nice staff members. Will come back again when I return to the area.” – Anders Olsen, Google Reviews.

The Fleadh has both an inside and outside area to enjoy drinking with your friends. This feature means you never feel cramped in a small space and gives it an advantage over other bars on this list. The Fleadh Pub might not be as flashy as some, but it is a community-based pub where you can watch your team trounce that other alongside people that will eventually feel like family.

7. Fizz Sports Bar – Labelled as a “Perfect Bar”.

With six large TVs screens scattered around the pub for watching sports, this pub has worked hard to earn its name. It’s perfect for watching a Football game as it’s impossible to take your eyes off the game. Anywhere you turn, there will be another TV looking back at you.

“Great Bar. Very friendly staff and owner. Good music and atmosphere on Saturday nights with the house dj” – Dipesh K, Google Reviews.

Fizz Sports Bar is undoubtedly one of the best pubs in Kenton to watch sports as watching sport seemed part of its design. Sports memorabilia hang on the walls for all to see, while you watch the game. If that isn’t enough, they also offer top-notch food, like their renowned Sunday roast.

The Fizz Sports Bar is a short walk away from Kenton Overground, Underground and National Rail station on Kenton Road.  

8. Life of Reilly – Owners Are “Concerned About Community”.

Life of Reilly offers a welcoming and drinks that will keep you happy while watching football and maybe participating in a game of pool yourself! 

“A good Irish pub, friendly service, good beer and a friendly atmosphere. Plus a local core group of customers which for me is always a sign of a well-run concern.” – Nicholas Doyle, Google Reviews.

Though there are only a few pubs on this list that doesn’t offer food, Life of Reilly is, unfortunately, one of them. However, if you are only going for drinks and sports, Life of Reilly is an option worth mentioning. 

Life of Reilly is along Kenton Road, with Harrow & Wealdstone being the nearest station. For those of you that know the Tesco Express in Belmont Circle, Life of Reilly is on Kenton Lane between Wealdstone and Canons Park.

9. Buckley’s Bar – It is “the Best Pub in the World”.

Essential in having a pub worth visiting, Buckley’s Bar offers a delicious pint of Guinness. Though most pubs offer Guinness, it’s worth mentioning as it’s talked about in many of the reviews. Besides Guinness though, the Carlsberg is mentioned as being good. However, it seems that the real star of the show is the friendly staff and low prices.

“I come here regularly. The bar staff already knows what we want. They make a nice Guinness and black pint.” – Ola, Google Reviews.

Something that stands out for this pub is the Elvis impersonator that shows up as entertainment sometimes on Saturdays along with many Irish bands. The reviews seem to suggest that the atmosphere brings smiles and laughs to anyone that enters the Bar. 

There are also a few mentions of good food, but there, unfortunately, aren’t any specific meals recommended in the reviews.

You can discover Buckley’s Bar on Streatfield Road fairly close to Queensbury Underground Station. 

10. The Windermere – Offers “Service with a Smile”

Though The Windermere does have TVs to show the games, this pub is much more than a place to watch sports. You might go to watch a game, but you’ll end up staying for the beer garden, beautiful art decorations, and tasty drinks.

“This was the best traditional British pub experience we could hope for.” – Kacper Poszeytek, Google Reviews.

This pub also has a jukebox so you can choose the mood and music. This jukebox is an excellent addition that you can take advantage of when you aren’t watching the game!

The Windermere is a lovely looking pub that is very close to South Kenton Station on Windermere Avenue. The nearest landmark is Northwick Park Hospital.

10 Great Pubs in Kenton to Catch a Football Match – Finally

If you know of any other eating places from which to enjoy big games in and around Wembley or have any personal recommendations, why not let us know in the comments below?

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