10 Restaurants in Wembley to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

17October 2020

10 Restaurants in Wembley to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday – Where exactly can I celebrate a birthday in Wembley with my children? Out of all the now excellent places, which are the child-friendly ones?

Read on to find out more.

The regeneration characterised by the recent reboot of Wembley that began in 2015 is now complete. And it has made Wembley a great place to visit these days.

There is much to see and do and many excellent places to eat.

Wembley is synonymous with good memories made on event days for many families. Wembley’s restaurants and other eating places are perfect for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, with a vast array of cuisines to choose from for a memorable meal. 

If you’re looking for a unique spot to make a day of your child’s birthday, there is no doubt that Wembley has just the restaurant for you. 

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know how well a restaurant caters for children, so in this short article, we’ve compiled a list of ten restaurants in Wembley that would be perfect for celebrating your children’s birthdays.

The restaurants listed here have exceptional food and welcoming atmospheres that are sure to make every member of your family happy. 

Questions also answered in this article are:-

    • In which restaurants in Wembley can I celebrate a birthday with my child?
    • Which great restaurants in Wembley support celebrating children’s birthdays?
    • Which of these restaurants in Wembley is halal-certified?
    • Which of these restaurants in Wembley have a pool table for the entire family?
    • Which of these restaurants in Wembley is vegetarian-friendly?

Keep reading to find the ideal restaurant in which to celebrate.

10 Restaurants in Wembley to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

      1. Taste of Peshawar
      2. Mazaaa Wembley
      3. Savannah Lounge
      4. East Pan Asian Restaurant
      5. Young’s Peking Restaurant
      6. Paolo’s Italian Ristorante
      7. Ecco ‘la Cafe and Pizzeria
      8. Las Iguanas
      9. Mezze Grill
      10. Arena Greek Restaurant

01- Taste of Peshawar, Wembley

Taste of Peshawar is the place to go for Pakistani food. This restaurant is a local favourite known for its authentic and delicious Pakistani dishes. Patrons highly recommend their chapli kebab and saag aloo.


Or, try the Tawa if it’s your first time visiting Taste of Peshawar. All orders are notably fresh and served in generous portions.

Taste of Peshawar is certified halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee in the UK, so you can rest easy about any meat served. Vegetarian options are available, so any family member wanting to avoid meat can still enjoy a delicious meal.

Taste of Peshawar is truly a gem in Wembley. You won’t be disappointed with their tasty food and friendly service. Choosing Taste of Peshawar will make anyone feel special on their birthday!

It is a proper place to eat in its own right, but nonetheless, not very far from Wembley. The station nearest is Stonebridge Park, served by Overground, Underground and National Rail lines.

Also helpful for planning visits to Wembley is that it is merely one train stop from Wembley Central station, closer to the heart of Wembley and Wembley Stadium.

02- Mazaaa – (Formerly Kanishkaa Wembley)

Kanishkaa Wembley is a bright, colourful restaurant in Wembley serving Asian cuisines. Their Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes are sure to please anyone in the family.

Mazaaa Restaurant, Wembley
Mazaaa Restaurant, Wembley

Offerings include flavourful favourites like tandoori mix masala and Sichuan dishes. Reviews explicitly mention the beautiful presentation and expertise that goes into each order.

In addition to their delectable meat dishes, they have vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Kanishkaa Wembley is a great restaurant that provides a fresh, enjoyable meal that will impress everyone at the table. If you’re looking for a lovely modern Indian restaurant to celebrate your child’s birthday, Kanishkaa Wembley is the place for you.

Relative to Wembley Stadium, or the SSE Arena, this restaurant is only a few minutes away. The nearest station is Wembley Stadium which is halfway between Wembley Central and Wembley Park underground station.

03- Savannah Lounge, Wembley

Savannah Lounge is a stand-out Indian restaurant in Wembley. (This is not to be confused with West-Indian restaurants, though).

Savannah Lounge, Wembley
Savannah Lounge, Wembley

Your family will be sure to enjoy the warm atmosphere and attentive service. Customers love the Savannah Lounge’s classic Indian dishes, like curry and chicken tikka.

If someone in your family has dietary restrictions, rest assured that they also offer vegetarian and vegan options.

Savannah Lounge is also very accommodating for celebrations. You can easily make reservations for special events, including birthdays or anniversaries, for your family to enjoy.

As a bonus, there’s a pool table for kids to play with their guardians for fun.

Choose the Savannah Lounge for a classic Indian meal with a side of fun for your child’s birthday.

This restaurant is in the heart of bustling Wembley, with Wembley Central being the nearest underground station. 

04- East Pan Asian Restaurant, Wembley

For Chinese food, visit East Pan Asian Restaurant. Famous for its authentic dim sum and sushi, this restaurant has something for everyone, from the little ones to the grandparents.

East Restaurant Wembley Interior
East Restaurant Wembley Interior

Their dinner menu also offers a variety of Pacific Rim-inspired dishes like steamed sea bass and emperor’s chicken.

East Pan Asian Restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly.

East Pan Asian Restaurant is a lovely place to spend a birthday. Their service is welcoming and makes patrons feel at home.

It’s a great restaurant to take the whole family, and sure to make your child feel special.

This restaurant is understated. By this statement, I mean that their food is excellent, but they are not pretentious about it. It is closer to the Alperton area than the heart of Wembley.

Luckily, it is just off Hangar Lane and has excellent parking facilities. Be careful, though; it’s somewhat easy to miss as it sits atop the Loon Fung Cash & Carry. 

The nearest cash point to this place is in Sainsbury’s, directly over the road opposite the restaurant.

05- Young’s Peking Restaurant, Wembley

Young’s Peking Restaurant is another tasty place to go for Chinese food.


Luckily for you, it is within walking distance of Wembley Stadium. Patrons note that their dishes have a taste, unlike most Chinese food they’ve tried, making Young’s Peking Restaurant a unique and delicious option.

Their crispy shredded chilli beef is heavenly. Young’s menu includes classic options like fried rice and Hong Shao ribs, with vegetarian choices.

The service at Young’s Peking Restaurant is also helpful, ready to offer suggestions to leave anyone at the table feeling happy and full. The attentive service and pleasing atmosphere make for a special birthday celebration for your family.

This restaurant is close to Wembley Triangle and is within walking distance of Wembley Stadium and the SSE Arena, Wembley.

06- Paolo’s Italian Ristorante, Wembley

Paolo’s Italian Ristorante is a lovely Italian restaurant. A family-run restaurant in the community for 25 years, Paolo’s is a staple in Wembley.


Their menu offers traditional Italian cuisine, including classic pasta favourites spaghetti and fettuccineTo finish your meal, Paolo’s has tasty dessert options such as tiramisu and crème brulè.

Accompanying the lovely food is a charming ambience, both warm and casually elegant. Paolo’s Italian Ristorante is a pleasant restaurant that’s a perfect option for families, especially children.

According to reviews, Paolo’s is a fantastic place to celebrate your child’s birthday. (Word has it that the owner sometimes treats guests to magic tricks!)

This restaurant is closer to Hangar Lane than Wembley and is a 10-minute walk from Alperton Station. 

07- Ecco’la Cafe and Pizzeria, Wembley

Ecco’ la Café and Pizzeria is just the spot for breakfast in the morning or pizza for lunch. Ecco’ la offers a variety of coffee options and freshly baked bread, which is a perfect start that you’ll want on a perfect day.

Eccola Cafe & Pizzeria Wembley Park
Eccola Cafe & Pizzeria Wembley Park

Patrons rave that Ecco’ la’s pizza is delicious and perfectly cheesy. And, if someone isn’t quite feeling pizza, the menu also offers chicken main dishes and pasta.

The menu is reasonably priced, and the ambience is clean and unassuming, making Ecco’ la a nice place to celebrate a birthday. Pizza is a classic kid-pleaser, but everyone is sure to enjoy the meal and leave happy.

Ecco’ la Café and Pizzeria is only a few hundred yards from Wembley Park station and best suited to foot traffic.

08- Las Iguanas Wembley

If your family enjoys Latin American food, look no further than Las Iguanas. Las Iguanas is a tasty option with very generous portions because of flavour-packed dishes like enchiladas and fajitas.

las igunas restaurant wembley outlet
las iguanas restaurant wembley outlet

If you’re concerned about food intolerances, this restaurant also offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options marked clearly on the menu.

Las Iguanas is also very family-friendly, offering crayons and activity books for children. Patrons are quick to point out how friendly the service is, taking care to make everyone feel welcome.

This calibre of restaurant service, combined with a vibrant atmosphere, means Las Iguanas is a treat for the whole family. Enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday here, and try ending the meal with a fun churro!

Las Iguanas is in the heart of the new Wembley London Designer Outlet. This outlet is a short walk from Wembley Stadium National Rail station and the more busy Wembley Park Underground station.

If driving, you’ll need to use the Wembley Stadium parking nearby.

09- Mezze Grill, Wembley

Mezze Grill is an enticing authentic Turkish restaurant in Wembley. Patrons love their traditional Turkish chicken and lamb kebabs, praising them for being perfectly grilled.

Mezze Grill Wembley Park
Mezze Grill Wembley Park

Alongside or after your meal, try Turkish tea for a delicious treat. Mezze Grill is halal, and they also offer vegetarian options.

The interior is relaxed and inviting, making Mezze Grill a beautiful place to spend time with your family as you celebrate your child’s birthday. As a special bonus, Mezze Grill offers group discounts for large parties.

Enjoy the special day with one of Mezze Grill’s varied dessert options, from baklava to classic chocolate cake.

This restaurant is only a few hundred yards from Wembley Park station and therefore well within walking distance.

10- Arena Greek Restaurant, Wembley

Arena Greek Restaurant has been in Wembley since 1984, serving a mix of traditional and modern Greek food. Patrons recommend their meze plates for starters, featuring a mix of dips and appetisers meant to get shared among the table.

Arena Restaurant Wembley
Arena Restaurant Wembley

As a main, try any of their yummy souvlaki dishes. And for dietary restrictions, vegetarian and vegan options are available. 

A wealth of knowledge and experience makes an exceptional meal at Arena Greek Restaurant. Newly redesigned in classic blue and white, Arena has a pleasantly light and airy atmosphere.

The owners also pride themselves on their charming service to everyone.

When you choose Arena Greek Restaurant as the place to celebrate your child’s birthday, you can be sure that it’ll be a brilliant day.

The Arena Restaurant is near Wembley Triangle, close to Wembley Stadium station. It opens Mon-Sat from 17:30 until 22:30, and earlier on event days when an Event Day menu applies.

10 Restaurants in Wembley to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday – Finally

Any restaurant on this list is ideal for its inviting service and warm atmosphere.

While eating out of your home (dining inside) is an excellent choice for a family celebration, make sure to call the restaurant ahead of time to make a reservation, especially if you’re part of a sizeable group.

Enjoy spending your special day in Wembley – we hope it’s satisfying for you and that it’s a day on which you make many great memories!

Have you eaten at any of the restaurants above? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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