6 Reasons To Try The Sky Bar In Wembley Updated for 2021

30October 2020

Updated: April 23, 2021

In this article, we provide 6 reasons to try the Sky Bar In Wembley Stadium. 

Wembley’s Stadium has long been and remains one of the definitive tourist attractions in Britain. Its status as the crown jewel among the nation’s illustrious list of very expensive and historically significant sports grounds requires – and delivers – outstanding quality in every area.

Out of all of them, Sky Bar 9 is perhaps the most significant source of pleasure and fulfilment besides the matches themselves.

Located right next to the Stadium, on the 9th floor in the 4-star Hilton Hotel, this little place is the perfect option for fans and other visitors to rest and enjoy their time digesting the epic sporting spectacles. 

For you then are we list 6 of those reasons.

1- The Menu: Perfect Balance of Wembley’s Tradition and Diversity

Dishes and drinks served at the bar come from various cultures and nations, providing the customer with a vivid blend of familiar territory in the main dishes (classic burger and different pizzas) and a whole orchestra of flamboyant cocktails, wines, and other alcoholic drinks.  

The food part of Sky Bar’s menu heavily reliant on the tried and tested:

    • Classic burgers
    • Nashville chicken wings
    • Pizzas, most of which include common ingredients such as chicken, Mozzarella, garlic, tomato sauce, etc. 
    • Spaghetti carbonara
    • Greek and Caesar salads 
    • Ice cream and sorbet for dessert 

These choices form a rather smart strategic move by the Sky Bar 9, considering that its most likely visitors will always be emotionally and physically exhausted – or ready and excited – football or rugby fans.

Having had some expertly made comfort foods, they would be much more willing to plunge into the vast world that is the bar’s alcohol and cocktail arsenal. 

As far as the drinks go, even mineral water is available via many reputed brands, let alone the show’s real stars: beers, champagne, wine, spirits, and, of course, cocktails. The beers fall into two categories, draught and bottled, with several brands from which to choose. 

The champagne and sparkling wine catalogue are even more impressive, setting the standard for the rest of the menu to follow. The menu offers a whole list of respected and elite brands, such as Laurent Perrier and famed Dom Perignon. 

To be precise, listed below is a specific list of other beverages that the bar offers: 

      • Vodka
      • Gin
      • Whiskey
      • Bourbon
      • Rum
      • Cognac 
      • Aperitif
      • Cocktails 

By carefully examining these options, the familiar formula emerges: commonly known names (Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Jack Daniel’s Bourbon) getting blended with the most elite, such as Johnny Walker Black/Blue Whiskey or Hendrick’s Gin. 

The only categories where the choice is relatively small are bourbon, cognac, and aperitif. Still, all of them include stone-cold classics ready to cover up for that: Jack Daniel’s, Remy Martin VSOP, and Martini, among others. 

Some of the famed Sky Bar 9 cocktails, which receive notable praise on the Sky Bar 9 site’s home page, could be viewed in the gallery on the bar’s website.

The photos feature exquisite hits like Sex On The Beach and The Pink Lady, highlighting the staff’s ability to tastefully mix up strong alcohol with fruit, cola, cream, and mint.  

2- Prices: Sky Bar’s Food and Drink is Delicious and Affordable

To any tourist, either a devoted football or rugby fan, prices matter. Attending any significant football game – Wembley does not host anything less – is already a costly experience, so the Sky Bar 9 service has taken care of your desire to avoid spending too much. 

When compared with the service offered inside the star-studded stadiums in England, (Anfield, Old Trafford, or even the brand new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), the prices for similar dishes are not much higher if at all.

Also, the variety of foods and beverages that is available is much more comprehensive, let alone the sheer comfort and flexibility you get at Sky Bar 9. 

The Hilton Hotel also offers two other opportunities for customers to have discounts: 

    • “The Hilton Hour” – customers get different cocktails for free any day if they order between 6 and 8 PM.
    • 25% off the food menu, from 6 to 8 PM.

3- Location: Sky Bar is in the Heart of Wembley

As much as one could recommend a bar, even if it is deserving of praise and immediate notice, most people do and always will come to Wembley for the sake of football, not hotels or foods.

Given the Stadium’s position as the home ground for the England national team, those coming to the bar area close to witnessing a squad full of world-class talent take on their European rivals.

Entirely equipped for the closed-door occasions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the bar itself provides massive high-quality screens for visitors to watch the game. From the bar’s website home page, in the “happenings” tab, you will notice an open calendar of the future games the Stadium will be hosting. 

As you already know, the Sky Bar 9 is right next to the Wembley Stadium, which itself stands about 10 minutes away from Wembley Park, an English district full of shops, malls, and all kinds of entertainment for which one might ask. 

After the day’s sports and drinks for the day, you can take a pleasant stroll through the stylish London designer outlet, perfume stores, and fashion accessories stores that are all available nearby.

After the relaxing and fulfilling experience at Sky Bar 9, a healthy walk through one of London’s most celebrated areas, perhaps back to Wembley Park Underground Station, Wembley Central Rail Station or even to Wembley Stadium’s Station, the closest of them all.

Such a stroll might be what you need. 

4- Service: Sky Bar is Top Notch 

This service includes a flashy and efficient bottom-up beer dispenser, which shows prominently (and demonstrated too), at the bottom of the bar site’s home page. 

The gallery on the Sky Bar 9’s website is quite illustrative of the atmosphere, style, and attentiveness to detail every Sky Bar 9 worker is eager to bring to your table, from professional attitude and attire to stylish interior and perfect sanitary conditions all around you. 

5- Ambience: Sky Bar is Great for Private Parties

As the bar’s website highlights, it is the perfect place for any particular party or celebration a customer has in mind by devoting a whole page to the topic.

The bar includes three “packages” a visitor can pre-order beforehand to celebrate a special occasion, be it a birthday, graduation, etc. The “Birthday,” “Celebration,” and “Han Party” packages do not differ much, with all three, including: 

    • A pre-reserved table in Sky Bar 9
    • A greeting drink once you arrive
    • Live music
    • A set of fresh canapes to your liking, hot or cold

The Hen Party package also provides an exclusive masterclass from one of Sky Bar 9’s mixologists. 

6- Space: Sky Bar is Big Enough Gathering to Watch Your Big Game

Given that the bar takes up the entire 9th floor of the Hilton Hotel and provides an expansive terrace on the roof, there is plenty of space inside the building and under the sky to fit dozens of people and enough scenery for entertaining them. 

Wembley Park alone is a beautiful sight to witness, its might and energy intensified by the presence of a legendary stadium right in front of you. As Sky Bar 9 happens to be the closest high-quality bar to the Stadium, it could not have become a success if it was not for its formidable capacity. 

6 Reasons To Try The Sky Bar In Wembley – Conclusion

If you have anything to say or know of any reasons either way of our recommendations, please let us know in the comments below.

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