7 Tasty Indian Dishes You Can Make Yourself At Home (w/pictures)

12 September 2021

7 Tasty Indian Dishes You Can Make Yourself At Home – Eating out is great, but it can be helpful to understand your options for eating indoors, which in turn helps when you next choose to dine out.

Welcome to our Indian Cuisine Focus: First Bite Series article in which we elucidate 7 tasty Indian dishes you can make at home.

Where in Wembley can I enjoy excellent Indian Cuisine?

Introduction – 7 Tasty Indian Dishes You Can Make Yourself At Home

Thankfully, Indian dishes don’t always need to be complicated.

You can make quite a few of them right from the comfort of your home. 


Here are 7 of the easiest dishes you can make yourself, but you don’t have to.

They get served in authentic Indian restaurants everywhere in and around Wembley.

01. Indian Dish – Grilled Naan

Grilled Naan
Indian tikka shish donner wrap sandwich

Grilled Naan is a staple food when it comes to Indian meals. You will want the Naan to eat with your Daal, kebabs, or other food.

Grill the Naan, and you will have great bread on your hands.

2. Indian Dish – Spicy Daal (Lentils)

Spicy Daal
Dal Palak or Lentil spinach curry – popular Indian main course healthy recipe

Lentils are an intrinsic part of Indian Cuisine. You can create spicy Daal by mixing in coriander, cayenne pepper and turmeric for even more heat.

3. Indian Dish – Spiced Potatoes

spicy potatoes
Homemade Indian food: “Aloo Gobhi” or known as Spiced Potatoes with Cauliflower as the main ingredient, cooked with the dried onion seeds in ground masala paste or dry curry flavoured

Spiced potatoes are unique and something you can make at home. You want to cut the potatoes and spice them using cayenne or other Indian spices.

4. Indian Dish – Tandoori Prawns

indian food - spicy prawns
Indian food – spicy prawns

Prawns are always a favourite when it comes to Indian recipes. It’s common to use spices to increase the hotness of prawns, sometimes missing in other recipes.

Try it, and you will love eating prawns in Indian food dishes even more.

5. Vegetable Pakoras

indian food - vegetable pakora
Indian snack pakora with tomato sauce or chutney

Fancy a nice snack with your next Netflix?

Why not give vegetable pakoras a chance? You will find it easy to prepare the veggies and use them as stuffing for the pakoras.

6. Chickpea Curry

indian dish - chickpea curry
Meatballs with bulgur in sour cream and turmeric sauce in a cast-iron skillet on a rustic countertop. Top view flat lay.

You will want to understand what a chickpea curry is all about. Chickpea curry is a straightforward dish that blends lentils, chickpeas, and spices into one beautiful food creation.

Chickpea curry is another dish you can easily make at home.

7. Tandoori Beef Skewers

indian food - beef skewers
Indian food – beef skewers

You will want to prepare the beef by adding Indian spices, mixing them, and then using skewers for the grilling process.

It’s a simple process when done with patience.

Quote: “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plant – Michael Pollan”

Where in Wembley can I enjoy excellent Indian Cuisine?

Conclusion – 7 Tasty Indian Dishes You Can Make Yourself At Home

If you change your mind about eating out Indian food, why not make it yourself?

You’ve now seen seven easy Indian dishes almost anyone can make in their kitchen.

Do you have any better dishes similarly simple? If yes, why not share them in the comments below?

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