9 Interesting Halal Restaurants Near Wembley

20 November 2020

9 Interesting Halal Restaurants Near Wembley – Wembley Park is one of the most well-visited attractions in London. Whether you are travelling for a sporting event, shopping, or other forms of entertainment, Wembley Park attracts all kinds of people headed for the many attractions nearby.

This variety also comes with dietary restrictions, including those that abide by Muslim law and eat Halal.

Before we look into where you can obtain halal food in Wembley, let’s ensure you understand what it means to be halal.

What Does Halal Mean?

Halal in Arabic means lawful or permissible. Halal pertains to laws governing what Muslims can eat. (In contrast, its opposite is Haram which means forbidden or unlawful). 

In any case, Halal refers to the dietary standard for Muslims. It is an adherence to Islamic law as defined in the Koran.

It governs not only what Muslims are permitted to eat, what ingredients are allowed in meals and how animals must get slaughtered to remain in adherence to halal. 

The starting position is that everyone can eat Halal food.

For completeness and understanding, Halal food is similar in concept to Kosher food. Kosher refers to Jewish dietary law (kashrut) that governs what can and cannot be eaten by those practising the Jewish faith.

In both cases, Halal and Kosher forbid eating certain animal parts.

Halal Labelling

Moves are going ahead to make it clear to consumers whether or not certain foods are halal. Even though there is no labelling requirement for kosher or halal meat to be labelled, there is now more transparency in this regard aimed at helping Britain’s Muslim population. 

Lastly, many supermarkets sell halal lamb. M&S, Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op are prime examples.

cooking lamb in hot pan
cooking lamb in a hot pan

Below are nine of the top Halal restaurants near Wembley you must try if you’re visiting Wembley or the Stadium.

1- Wembley Tandoori – Blends Authentic Food With An Incredible Atmosphere

133 Wembley Park Dr, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 8HQ, UK


For over thirty years, the Wembley Tandoori has served Indian and Nepalese-style cuisine to the people and visitors of Wembley. It is close to Wembley Stadium, making it an easily accessed, high-quality restaurant for individuals visiting the area for a game or event.

The restaurant provides several vegetarian and vegan options along with Halal options. From vegetable to seafood main course options, their menu is diverse and provides plenty of selections for almost anyone at your party.

If you plan to visit on a Wembley Stadium event day, the Wembley Tandoori recommends that you book a reservation. This reservation will ensure you can try their delicious options, even on the busiest event days.

Wembley Tandoori qualifies as a Halal restaurant near Wembley Stadium and near Wembley Arena or, more accurately, near The SSE Arena, Wembley.

2- Masa Restaurant – Masa Brings Afghan Cuisine Near Wembley

24-26 Headstone Dr, Wealdstone, Harrow HA3 5QH, UK

masa restaurant interior
masa restaurant interior

Located on Headstone Drive in Harrow, London, Masa has been featured in Timeout Magazine twice for its exceptional food. Beyond simply the quality of their Afghan cuisine, their extensive menu provides many options.

Their most popular dishes are the Kobeda Ba Chicken, Bourani Afghani, and Chalow Kebab-E-Bara. This restaurant also provides delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free selections for dietary restrictions.

Freshly open for business after closing down due to COVID-19, this restaurant offers delivery and takeout services.

But only time will tell if this is possible.

Currently, reservations and orders may be placed online and over the phone.

3- Fudam – Fudam Offers London’s Most Authentic Indian Food

238a Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4QL, UK

fudam restaurant
Fudam restaurant

Fudam is open for dine-in, and takeout services daily from 11 am-11 pm. This restaurant offers diverse starters and main course dishes that meet the standards of Halal dining.

Highly recommended comes their Makai Saag, corn tossed in spinach with cumin seeds. Other notable dishes include the Lime Coriander Chicken Tikka, chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, coriander, lime leaves, and Mirchi Gosht, lamb pieces cooked with green chillis and tomatoes, topped with onion gravy.

One source names this restaurant the most authentic Indian food found in London.

Located just over ten minutes from Wembley Stadium, this restaurant provides a delicious and convenient stop for those visiting that area.

4- Lokma Meze Grill – Provides Fresh, Turkish Fine-Dining

16 College Rd, Harrow HA1 1BE, UK

Lokma restaurant
Lokma restaurant

Another short drive from Wembley Stadium is the Lokma Meza Grill, located on 16 College Rd, Harrow. This restaurant provides fine Turkish dining, all prepared with fresh ingredients. 

Like the others, this restaurant provides several vegan and vegetarian options beyond the Halal menu. They also have daily lunch offers and a holiday special—a three-course meal consisting of a hot or cold starter, main dish, and dessert. 

One online review referred to the Lokma Meze Grill as a diamond in the rough with delicious food and big portion sizes.

A must-try from this restaurant is the Lokma Meat Platter. With enough food to serve up to three people, the platter includes lamb shish, chicken shish, kofte, four chicken wings, two pieces of lamb ribs, and two lamb chops.

All of this gets served with rice or bulgur and salad.

5- Kish Restaurant – Offers Traditional Persian Food to the Wembley Community

7-9 Kilburn High Rd, Maida Vale, London NW6 5SD, UK

Located about twenty minutes from Wembley Stadium, Kish Restaurant is found in the North West of London and offers a calm atmosphere for guests along with authentic Persian cuisine.

The restaurant opened in 2009 and has been growing ever since. The owner created it out of their inherent passion for serving customers and making traditional Persian available food to the community.

The menu provides options for nearly everyone, serving any dish from the classic kebab to grilled lamb chops.

The restaurant provides guests with delivery, takeout, and outdoor seating. Reservations and online orders are available. Online reviews rave about the atmosphere and Kish Restaurant’s food quality. 

6- Beit el Zaytoun Reaches Out an Olive Branch, Connecting Generations with Mediterranean Food.

15-17 Barretts Green Rd, Park Royal, London NW10 7AE, UK

beit-el-zaytoun restaurant
beit-el-zaytoun restaurant

Beit el Zaytoun, located just ten minutes from Wembley Stadium, reaches the heart of authentic Mediterranean food, remembering the symbolism of the olive branch and a connection between generations. 

Beit el Zaytoun offers a variety of hot and cold options; the extensive menu provides a meal for all occasions. 

If you’re eating breakfast at Beit el Zaytoun, try the Fattet Mousakaa, mousaka with tahini and yoghurt, served with crispy onions, bread, and nuts. For dinner, try the Samke Harra: a grilled sea bass fillet served with citrus rice, spicy tomato, and coriander sauce.

7- Kadiri’s Offers a Deep History of African Inspired Indian Mughlai Cuisine.

26 High Rd, Willesden Green, London NW10 2QD, UK

kadiris restaurant
Kadiris restaurant

Kadiri’s has a 40-year history of offering quality, freshly made Indian Mughlai cuisine with African inspiration.

This restaurant has the self-proclaimed best Biryani in the UK, and online reviews are quick to reaffirm the brilliance of their Biryani. Their menu offers dishes influenced by Pan Asian, French, and Spanish cuisines. 

“Very courteous staff, polite and professional. The food was bloody brilliant. I can’t wait to visit again, and I’ll bring the whole squad next time. Best Biryani in Britain, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong,”

They are currently offering dine-in, takeout, and delivery options.

8- Al’ Enam – Here, You’ll Find a Wide Variety of Iraqi Food

Acton Business Centre, School Rd, Park Royal, London NW10 6TD, UK

kadiris restaurant
kadiris restaurant

Al’ Enam got founded in 2009 following a perceived need for Iraqi food representation in London. The founders, a family of four, promise to retain authenticity and bring attention to Middle Eastern food.

The staff creates everything from scratch, even the gourmet burgers they offer. The rest of the menu features grilled lamb, chicken, and other meats.

Beyond the typical restaurant options, Al’ Enam also provides catering for special events and weddings.

If you’re trying Al’Enam for the first time, try one of their signature grilled meats, including chicken or lamb. For something lighter, try the chicken shish sandwich: marinated and grilled chicken cubes served with Iraqi pickles and tahini sauce.

Grilled Lamb Ribs
Grilled lamb ribs on a black charcoal background

9- Hakkaland – Chef Steven Lee Provides Indo-Chinese Cuisine to Hakkaland for Fifteen Years

364-366 Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2DE, UK


Hakkaland offers indo-Chinese cuisine created by Steven Lee, the restaurant’s chef, for the last fifteen years.

Lee adapted techniques from Chinese traditions and applied them to Indian dishes. These dishes range from vegetables, duck, and seafood to lamb, rice, and noodles.

About ten minutes from Wembley Stadium, Hakkaland provides quality and convenient cuisine for individuals that don’t know the area well.

One raving online review stated that this restaurant’s menu holds the best Indo-Chinese food in the area.

The Tai Pai Chicken and Chicken Lolipop are two highly recommended starters from Hakkaland. With chicken strips tossed in hot chilli flakes, the Tai Pai Chicken is served with green and red peppers and finished with Chef Lee’s special sauce.

The Chicken Lolipop offers marinated spring chicken wings seasoned with Chef Lee’s secret spice mix.

9 Interesting Halal Restaurants Near Wembley – Finally

Whether you are Halal or just looking to try something new while visiting Wembley Park, you can’t go wrong with these nine options.

Through authenticity and variety, these restaurants provide the Wembley community with the most delicious Halal food, enhancing the ambience of your trip with every single bite.

If you’ve had any experiences with these restaurants, please let us know below.

Don McDonald

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