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This site is about eating out in Wembley and related topics for Visitors, Local Residents and Local Businesses.

The Eat Out In Wembley Directory website is for anyone visiting Wembley, locals living in and around Wembley, and local food-related businesses that want to promote their eating places to Wembley's visitors and locals.

Use it to plan your visits to Wembley or discover new food gems just around the corner. 

Search for, find and connect with restaurants that have eat-in premises, or have delivery/takeaway services in your area, that serves the food you're excited to try. Use this directory to connect with eating places, discover their signature dishes or specialities, and perhaps widen your palette with new foods and culinary experiences.

Also, use the directory to easily explore the wide range of eating out places in Wembley, even if, like me, you've lived in and around Wembley as long as I have.


Life is for living, so we all deserve to live a little. It is also short (in relative terms).

And let's face it, if you have settled into family life, living can become somewhat tedious. And if you're like most of us, with our most basic needs met, living ordinary lives in quiet existence is what awaits us all. Our daily routines often lead to mediocre realities that we would do well to seek to minimise. 

Without even realising it, we seek to escape in various ways. One is travelling, and another is eating out. Both give pleasure. 

Eating out is about getting away from home, no longer worrying about washing up or cleaning up and no longer worrying about drinking and driving since the lowered costs of Uber and other taxi services have made this affordable for all but a few of us. Merely relaxing, experiencing and partaking in what life has to offer.

And in Wembley, there are ample opportunities for this, especially when you consider Brent's tremendous diversity. We undervalue diversity to our detriment. Like it or not, diversity brings culture, cuisines, traditions, celebrations and customs. 

This site collects details of Wembley's eating places and presents them for you into one place, for convenience, searching, exploration, and discovery. 

Eat Out In Wembley puts all the best food delivery options together, so you can discover and enjoy the food you love, without leaving your home, if you prefer. As we add more eating places and restaurants, the directory will become invaluable for when you choose to eat out again after this pandemic, making it easier to plan visits to Wembley.

Our focus is on helping our local small businesses through these unprecedentedly tricky times. We know they'd love to see you when it is safe to do so. Their survival (and ultimately, our continued well-being) depends on your custom to them.

COVID-19: The economy recently came to an absolute standstill. Collectively we need all businesses to thrive. Whether or not we realise it, all our continued well-being depend on that. Our economy depends on that. By supporting our local businesses, we support ourselves too.

So due to COVID-19, many of the businesses listed on this site have closed their doors or are typically by following the Government's health, safety and lockdown guidelines. So depending on where you go, businesses may be closed or are operating limited hours or services. We cannot guarantee that all places referenced on this site are open or still in operation, and therefore, we make no promise that you will be able to visit. It's worth contacting the business of your choice before making any plans to visit.

Each business in this directory has a listing that visitors can view. Visitors can discover businesses and review anything the particular organisation chooses to show about their business.  

If you are a food-related business owner in Brent, and your business doesn't appear on this site, and you prefer it to be, why not Submit a Listing for me to consider? If your business is already listed, be sure to Claim your Listing. Claiming your listing gives control over what people see about your business on this site.

So, If you have an eating out local business, then this site is for you. If you know a friend or family member that also owns a food-related business, it is for them too. 

It's All About People - The tag line for this site is "It's All About People". You may have guessed that I didn't choose it randomly. It needed to be straightforward and without complication. But the real meaning of the tagline is less obvious. The tagline is about the interplay between people - selling food, services, products and experiences all working together for mutual benefit.

Who am I - I am a resident of Brent - I've lived here for almost 40 years.

Don McDonald

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