5 Big Flavours That Make Indian Food World Famous (with images)

14September 2021

Big Flavours That Make Indian Food World Famous – Indian cuisine has become famous for good reason. It is one of the world’s most appreciated cuisines due primarily to its spices and applied creativeness.

Welcome to this Indian Cuisine Focus: First Bite Series article in which we’ll look at a few of the spices that shaped the flavours we eat in Indian food and that have made Indian cuisine famous and well-loved.

Introduction – 5 Big Flavours That Make Indian Food World Famous

It’s unique, vibrant, and tends to have a fascinating relationship with spices. This alternative blend of style, foods and spices is what attracts people to it in droves.

Immediately below, we’ll briefly examine some essential ingredients or flavours found in Indian food.

01: Indian Spice – Coriander


This tan-coloured herb is one of the core ingredients found in Indian food.

This flavour has a certain charm, and it can change the entire feel of a dish as soon as it gets added.

It comes in 3 forms –

    1. fresh and used for flavouring and garnishing,
    2. powder, again for flavouring and
    3. seeds, used to grow more coriander.

Whether it is lentils or any other dish, coriander will often have a pivotal role to play.

This regular inclusion of coriander makes it a staple in this type of food.

02: Indian Spice – Turmeric

Fresh, dried and powdered turmeric root

Turmeric gets sourced from a flowering plant.

It creates a robust flavour that is noticeable immediately. You are going to feel it as soon as you taste it.

03: Indian Spice – Cayenne Pepper


Hot chilli pepper is simply part and parcel of Indian dishes.

The heat in Indian dishes is where the cayenne pepper comes into the equation.

Cayenne is a spicy pepper that can add a bit of hotness to a dish that takes it to the next taste level.

04: Indian Spice – Black Mustard

Tea and crushed mustard seeds on the brown wooden surface. Its tea can help promote circulation and immunity.

Derived from the mustard plant, this spice has a nutty flavour that is commonly needed on which Indian curries typically rely.

If you love eating curry dishes, you will often find it contains black mustard.

05: Indian Spice – Cumin

Cumin Powder
Bowl of Ground Cumin

Cumin seeds have a warm aroma typical in various Indian foods and drinks.

Specialised drinks include cumin seeds that are openly sound in Indian restaurants.

Quote “Food is the most primitive form of comfort – Sheilah Graham Westbrook – source: www.quotemaster.org”

Conclusion – Big Flavours The Make Indian Food World Famous

Indian food gets appreciated across the planet for its unique taste.

These spices make that taste come to life and take on its character. Most Indian foods take advantage of these spices in one way or another to create something appealing.

As with everything, the motto is “everything in moderation”. By following this principle, you’ll protect yourself from the excess of any substance that, under extreme circumstances, might cause unwanted side effects.

For example, too much turmeric at one time may cause diarrhoea, headaches, dizziness, acid reflux and even tummy upset, to name only a few.

At the same time, the motto when introducing anything new is “slowly does it”. We are each slightly different at a fundamental level. 

What affects one person might not visibly or noticeably affect another at all. So, for your own sake and safety, slowly introduce new spices over time, giving your body some opportunity to get accustomed. 

By paying attention to how you feel after eating new substances, you’ll ultimately be kind to yourself.

If you agree or feel otherwise, let us know in the comments below.

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