The Biggest Vegetarian Food Regrets

18 December 2021

Have you ever been curious about what the biggest vegetarian food regrets might be? Below, we’ll reveal them so you can either avoid them or prepare for them.

Welcome to this article from our Vegetarian Food Focus: First Look Series.

Where In Wembley Can I Enjoy Great Vegetarian Food?

The Biggest Vegetarian Food Regrets

Whether you’ve enjoyed vegetarian food for a while or are still undecided about going meat-free, you probably have at least one food regret.

Whether it’s not eating certain foods because they’re cooked with meat products or just missing out on your favourite dish from your pre-vegetarian days, there are plenty of regrets to go around!

Below are the most significant food regrets vegetarians have.

No longer eating Bacon – Unless you don’t eat meat for moral reasons, there’s a good chance that bacon is one of your greatest temptations in life, and it turns out it’s not just us humans who have a hard time resisting this delicious treat. 

According to The Daily Mail newspaper, even horses drool over the smell of bacon. We probably shouldn’t tell them that their favourite snack gets made from the flesh of pigs.

No longer eating Sausage – If you’re vegan or vegetarian and miss eating sausage, there’s some good news for you! Sausage isn’t meat in the way that we think about it.

According to Gimme Some Oven, it turns out that sausage is just ground up meat with spices and filler. So if you’re craving a good hot dog or bratwurst, opt for recipes that use the veggie ground instead of actual meat!

By the way, if you’re ready to take your vegetarian meal planning to the next level, you should pick up a copy of The Vegetarian Flavour Bible. This book is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook resource that you can use to plan your meals and recipes!

No longer eating Meat – If you want to live a healthier life, switching from eating meat products to becoming a vegetarian is the best way to start. This lifestyle change will help you build and develop strong habits to prevent diseases and health conditions caused by increased cholesterol and saturated fats in your body.

However, cutting meat out of your diet also means narrowing down your food choices to a large extent, but the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices you have to make.

Most vegetarians agree that living as a vegetarian is healthier and less toxic than eating meat for every meal.

But as with any lifestyle change, becoming a vegetarian also has its challenges. You have to get used to a new diet, and if you’re living with other family members who do not support this cause, it can be hard to remain committed to the lifestyle.

Five Vegetarian Foods That May Disappoint

Along with possible regrets of going vegetarian, some foods get regarded by vegetarians as being some of the most popular. For people who love eating meat or who have forever eaten meat, some well-accepted vegetarian foods will most likely disappoint them, due to their meat-loving palettes.

Listed below are five vegetarian foods that some people have found disappointing.

They might even make you want to give up the vegetarian lifestyle. 

1. Tofu 

Tofu is a vital part of the vegetarian diet because it serves as an alternative to meat products that you cannot eat. 

According to Healthline, tofu contains certain anti-inflammatory nutrients and phytonutrients that promote good health.

However, some people find that tofu is bland, very watery and rubbery, making it difficult to enjoy. While you may be used to the taste of meat products in your food, tofu tastes very different.


2. Beans

Another excellent meat substitute is beans. However, while some vegetarians love beans, some do not.

Beans serve as vegetarian protein sources and help make tofu taste better. You can enjoy them in cold salads or hot recipes like stews.

However, you might find that beans sometimes taste too earthy or watery, which can make you lose your appetite.”

One downside is the flatulence associated with eating beans – it will be for you to decide how comfortable you are with eating beans.

3. Veggie Burgers

A veggie burger is a great way to replace meat with vegetables and grains, but most people say these patties are tasteless.

Healthline says that veggie burgers can have a lot of fat, calories, sodium and sugar. It is easy enough to give in when tempted by meaty foods that taste delicious. 

This temptation is why it just might be better for you to stick with healthy foods that do not tempt your tastebuds too much.

4. Fresh Produce 

Vegetarians get told they should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for fibre, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Still, some people find it too difficult to enjoy them daily.

Some vegetarians think that their diet lacks taste and flavour. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can get boring fast, making some people go back to eating meat products.

5. Meal Replacements 

There are many meal replacement drinks and diet supplements available in the market today, but these don’t replace natural foods like they claim to.

Though these products promise to help you lose weight and get in shape, they also contain many calories and sugars, which can make your taste buds go haywire.

If you are struggling with vegetarianism, talk to your doctor. He might be able to recommend other easy-to-follow alternatives to meat products that will satisfy your taste buds while not destroying your health.


It can be a challenge to switch from eating meat products to becoming a vegetarian. However, you will learn to avoid foods that disappoint with time and effort.

You might find that your tastebuds change over time, making it easier for you to enjoy healthier alternatives than before.

Where In Wembley Can I Enjoy Great Vegetarian Food?

If you’ve switched to a vegetarian diet and have experienced specific regrets be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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