Chinese Food: 5 Desserts You Can Make At Home (with recipes)

23 November 2021

Eating out in Wembley is something you probably do a lot. But you could sometimes consider making desserts yourself – so below, let’s look at some Chinese food desserts you can make at home.

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While dessert usually means buying something outside, there are so many Chinese sweet dishes outside of China.

Here are the 5 Chinese food desserts you can make at home featured in this article.

    1. Marinated Mandarin Oranges
    2. Ginger Dates
    3. Chilled Mango Soup
    4. Moon Cakes
    5. Red bean Pancakes

Read on to learn how to make these delicious Chinese food desserts at home.

01- Marinated Mandarin Oranges – Chinese Dessert

Mandarins harvested during winter are very juicy, with many carefully hidden seeds still attached.

The taste is more flowery than fresh oranges since mandarins get picked just before ripening.

Marinating slices of these citrus fruits overnight in rock sugar syrup adds another flavour level that makes Mandarin oranges unusual, even among our other homemade fruit snacks. 

Mandarin Oranges – Simple Recipe:

    • Peel mandarins, leaving on as much white skin as possible;
    • Slice into rounds;
    • Soak in syrup overnight.

02- Ginger Dates – Chinese Dessert

Ginger, a brown root with several branches, is available in most supermarkets and groceries. Ginger dates are another popular dessert to have during the chilly winter season when fresh fruits are harder to come by.

The combination of fresh ginger juice and date juice is an excellent source of vitamins A and C while satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Ginger Dates – Simple Recipe:

    • Pick or grate about 25mm (one-inch) long ginger roots.
    • Squeeze out ginger juice into a bowl.
    • Add date grape juice until the mixture becomes smooth enough to coat peeled fingers like honey.
    • Drop mixture on parchment paper sheets (or use melted chocolate chips).

03- Chilled Mango Soup – Chinese Dessert

Mangoes can be stored for quite a long time if kept in a dry and cool place. The mangoes should be just ripe enough to peel and cube easily with a knife for this recipe.

Chilled mango soup gets served either hot or cold but usually becomes more delicious when eaten while it’s still slightly warm. 

Chilled Mango Soup – Simple Recipe: 

    • Peel two or three ripe mangoes;
    • Dice into cubes;
    • Add about 1/2 cup of water per diced mango;
    • Blend all ingredients until smooth.

04- Moon Cakes – Chinese Dessert

These tasty desserts are best known for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 15th every year.

While traditionally given as gifts among family members and friends, moon cakes are also becoming popular desserts for parties and gatherings of people who like Chinese food.

They come in many flavours, the most popular being the roasted egg yolk surrounded by regular dough. 

Chinese Moon Cakes
Chinese Moon Cakes

Moon Cakes – Simple Recipe:

    • Buy moon cakes in nearby Chinatowns or supermarkets;
    • Remove crust
    • Cut into thick wedges.

05- Chinese Dessert: Red Bean Pancakes

Red bean pancakes are another must-have at Chinese New Year, although you can take advantage of them any time of year, not only for this particular holiday.

The batter gets made with glutinous rice flour, which can be tough to find, but it’s worth looking out for since the pancakes come out very crispy when appropriately fried.

The sweetness of red beans also gives these pancakes a filling yet light flavour that makes them quite addicting after one bite. 

Red Bean Pancakes – Simple Recipe:

    • Mix glutinous rice flour with water until smooth.
    • Add salt to taste.
    • Stir in agar powder until dissolved.
    • Pour about a tablespoon of red bean paste onto a pancake.
    • Place another pancake on top and repeat.

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Conclusion – Chinese food desserts you can make at home

As you can see, it takes only a little effort to create some Chinese desserts at home using the supplied simple recipes.

If you have any comments, leave them in the comments section below.

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