11 Coffee Brewing Tips Experts Know That You Should Too

2 October 2021

Coffee Brewing Tips Experts Know That You Should Too – Have you ever wondered what else you should know that expert brewers know about making coffee that you should too? If yes, read on – these tips are just for you.

Welcome to this Coffee Focus: First Sip Series article.

Introduction – 11 Coffee Brewing Tips Experts Know That You Should Too

If you have pointedly ignored coffee, you’re passing on a drink beloved by a large majority of people around the planet. Without a doubt, liking coffee is an acquired taste.

To appreciate coffee, you need to move beyond the initial pungent taste that stops many people at the first “hurdle”. Pungent does not, of course, mean that it’s not nice. 

Pungent means a sharp, penetrating or biting taste, which is often the first thing you need to get your day going.

Now technically, we don’t need a coffee first thing. Our bodies follow a diurnal (daily) rhythm, which means that cortisol gets released into our blood across the day, highest in the morning and lowest in the evenings.

Cortisol is a hormone that regulates many processes that, in turn, help the body respond to stress. No one drinks coffee to calm them down.

Coffee is more likely to affect your inclination to recognise and engage in more stressful situations than otherwise. 

This knowledge is not new, and coffee remains perhaps the most popular daily drink worldwide.

With an almost infinite range of coffee available, if you’re open to drinking coffee, you will find a taste to enjoy.

Below, you’ll get a jump-start on the different types of coffee.

Where can I get coffee in Wembley?

01- Start with the Beans

Fresh beans are where your ideal cup of coffee should begin.

That’s like saying that the basis of any good car is the design of the chassis. The wheels get attached to the chassis, so the chassis is the starting place.

Coffee is no different. Also, the beans should appear oily, and they should be robust.

Try to avoid dehydrated beans, any supermarket open beans, or any oxidised beans. Better yet, roast the beans yourself or buy them specially.

02- Storing Your Coffee

Many people freeze their coffee because doing so keeps it fresher for longer. However, for the best effect, wrap them well.

If you store the coffee in the freezer along with strong-smelling foods and fail to wrap it tightly, there is a chance your coffee will pick up those odours.

03- Best Priced Coffee

If price is important to you and you want to get the most coffee for the lowest price, then pay attention to supermarket offers and those published in the Sunday paper supplements.

There are coupon offers, even though this practice is not so prevalent in the UK.

Note too that many coffee shops have loyalty offers of which you can take advantage.

04- Grind It Well

Another option is to buy whole coffee beans and grind the coffee yourself. Freshly ground coffee is much tastier and more aromatic than pre-ground coffee.

Grinding coffee is not too much of a hassle – you only grind the amount of coffee you need for that day. If you overdo it one day, store the leftover ground coffee in an airtight container in the fridge.

05- Water Quality Matters

How well your water tastes will, in turn, affect how good your coffee tastes. Of course, you want your water to contain some minerals.

Water that lacks minerals will give the coffee a bitter taste. At home, you may consider using a water filter to improve the taste of your coffee.

06- Strong Coffee

Do you enjoy strong coffee? If yes, try using a French press instead of a drip machine.

Pressing the coffee means your coffee will be more robust from the extra oil that ends up in your cup instead of getting retained by the filter of your coffee machine.

Pressed coffee, therefore, has more taste and contains more caffeine.

07- Teeth Stains, It’s a Worry

Many people love drinking coffee but refrain from doing so because they are concerned about their teeth getting stains. If you enjoy drinking coffee but are worried about teeth stains, you should consider drinking it through a straw.

Using a straw reduces the likelihood of the coffee getting in contact with your teeth.

08- It’s Best Not Too Cold

Temperature plays a vital part in what happens to your coffee when you store it. It can affect the taste.

So, it’s a bad idea to use the freezer to keep your coffee. Temperature affects the oils in the coffee, and the last thing you want is a cold temperature to change the taste of your beans.

Instead, drink what you have or buy smaller amounts of coffee. Why not consider a just-in-time method of only getting the coffee you need rather than bulk.

That way, storing coffee will suddenly seem less of an issue. Separate the coffee beans you use into weekly amounts.

Then keep them at room temperature in an airtight container.

09- Vanilla Flavour

If you like the flavour of vanilla sugar in your coffee, but don’t like the price, here’s a great tip. Purchase vanilla beans, and bury them in a sugar jar for at least one week.

Then, use vanilla sugar instead of regular sugar in your coffee for added flavour.

10- Iced Coffee

If you enjoy iced coffee, you can take steps to prevent your coffee from getting diluted. You do this by making a pot of coffee and then freezing it after allowing it to cool.

Then, you make ice cubes from that coffee. When ready, use these ice cubes by adding them to your coffee.

It cools it but does not dilute the taste. 

11 – It’s All About Control

If you want to brew your espresso, you need to use finely ground beans. You can control the consistency to suit your preferences with a good grinder.

Knowing the different types of coffee that now exist, perhaps are you open to trying one of the world’s most popular drinks? 

Where can I get coffee in Wembley?

Conclusion – Coffee Brewing Tips Experts Know That You Should Too

You have 11 tips that you should appreciate to improve your coffee life.

Plenty more to come – Love coffee? Keep an eye out for more.

Got Any comments? Be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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