Compelling Reasons People Drink Coffee Despite The Caffeine

4October 2021

Do you avoid drinking coffee? Have you always done so? There are many compelling reasons people drink coffee despite the caffeine. Read on to find out.

Welcome to this article from our Coffee Focus: First Sip Series.

Whatever your reasons might be for refraining, coffee remains one of the most popular beverages worldwide. It has been the case for several centuries, despite knowing caffeine’s impact.

More people worldwide reach for coffee in the mornings than for almost any other drink, even perhaps tea.

I ignored coffee for several decades, and of those who’ve discovered coffee, I was an exception.


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16 Reasons People Drink Coffee despite adverse effects.

1- Coffee Tastes Nice

    • Drinking coffee is an acquired taste, but it tastes so good (subjective) that people worldwide love drinking it.

2- Coffee Is A  Tool

    • Coffee is an appetite suppressant, so it’s a tool people use.

3- Coffee Is All About Feelings

    • Many people love how drinking coffee makes them feel.

4- Coffee is A Lifestyle Symbol

    • Drinking coffee is part of a lifestyle that gives access to certain other people while hanging out. Think dating, for example.

5- Coffee Is A Stimulant

    • Coffee is a stimulant, yet people use it to relax. However, being overstimulated isn’t the smartest thing to do.

6- Coffee Is An Easy Ritual

    • Drinking coffee is easy to incorporate into a routine – for example, it’s straightforward to make part of a ritual, which is often welcome, as some habits tend to come naturally to many of us.

7- Coffee Benefits Health

8- Coffee Makes Us Feel Super Capable

    • People have a psychological addiction to coffee in that they would feel less than able without it.

9- Coffee Is A Cultural Prop

    • Drinking coffee is a cultural prop that has always been around and has become interwoven with its very existence.

10- Coffee Has Buzzing Properties

    • People like the buzz that drinking coffee gives them. Those who like the taste but don’t want the energy prefers to drink decaffeinated coffee.
    • This property makes it easier for coffee lovers to get “in the zone”.

11- Coffee Helps Us Endure

    • People who work unusual shift patterns or unsocial hours use drinking coffee to get through the day.

12- Coffee Is A Lifestyle Prop

    • Many people love the lifestyle of drinking coffee.

13- Coffee Is Easy To Make

14- Coffee Boosts Stamina & Performance

    • Research has shown that caffeine improves stamina and performance in five out of nine (56%) studies.

15- Coffee is Our Morning Battery

    • Drinking coffee in the morning helps many people overcome the grogginess and sluggishness that follows a poor night’s sleep.

16- Coffee Promotes Cultural Acceptance

    • Drinking coffee makes it easy to do the same as other groups and integrate with strangers, for example, at formal gatherings.

Where can I get great-tasting coffee in Wembley?

So there you have it – 16 reasons people drink coffee despite the caffeine – do you have any other reasons why you do or don’t drink coffee?

Do you have any comments? If so, please leave them in the comments section below.

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