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Indian cuisine is by far the most popular and so I list it as the first item.

Indian cuisine has been shaped by an incalculable number of factors - colonialism, the outside world, cooking methods, religion, climate, cultures and traditions, to name just a few. We are lucky to be favoured therefore by the multitude of great eating out places in Wembley.

Brazilian foods are a assortment of traditions and typical dishes, the diversity of which stem from the mix of African, Portuguese, local people and their own creativity with the availability of their own local produce plus those from external places like chilli, palm oil. 

Hamburgers are popular foods the world over. McDonald's played it part in helping this popularity. Burger King shortly after added to this popularity. Hamburgers or beefburgers have been honed to be absolutely delicious and the secrets to creating great burger meals are now well known.

Caribbean cuisine is on the rise. It has always been under-represented even though there has never been a shortage of the ingredients. There is great variety between the islands and most islands have been extremely creative with plantain, rice and peas, the use of sweet potatoes, hot pepper sauces, stews, fish etc. 

Chinese food is a popular choice for those who might like the idea of spicy foods, but in practice struggle with it. Like the country, China, the cuisine is as diverse and you might expect. Luckily there is no shortage of excellent places in Wembley to choose from, when dining out, to eat Chinese food.

Fish & Chips is another popular dish even though people tend not to think of it as special, when compared with other types of food. Perhaps this is because if it not considered exotic. While limited in terms of the variety of foods, when done well, by expert, fish and chips can be a lovely treat. 

Gently grilling food with dry heat has become a fairly popular way of cooking. Thermal radiation is transferred to the food and forms the basis of the common bar-b-q method that we all know. Applying this method to burgers, vegetables, and other foods provide an alternative to cooking with oils but experts know how to control the dryness that's possible if you get it wrong.

All cultures become experts in being creative with what's available around them in abundance. Italy is no exception. This Mediterranean cuisine is yet another set of cooking methods, ingredients and recipes designed to keep families happy and together by ensuring the ingredients were fresh, seasoned and spicy.

Countries that have been cut off from the outside world like China and Japan have had all the time in the world to hone their food offerings. Tinged too by centuries of political, social and economic changes we in the West have come to benefit by the amazing varieties emanating from Japan. Luckily we all stand to benefit.

Kebabs have become so popular that often we don't think of them as being part of Turkish Cuisine. They are made from a variety of meats, many on a skewer. Doner Kebabs, that we all come to know and love, is often now made from Chicken meat, but most often, from lamb meat served with garlic sauce and chilli sauce and salad, depending on your tastes.

Some clever individual was so impressed with this specific Italian way of using dough that it made it's way out of Naples and we benefit from eating it. It is based on a variety of tomatoes, anchovies, mushrooms, cheese, pineapple, pepperoni, onions placed on a bed of dough. Enjoy!

Portuguese food takes advantage of spices from Portugal's colonial days in India, use of fiery peppers and of herbs and chilli, olive oil, seafood, meats, breads, vegetables and legumes, and much more. Time perhaps to see for yourself.

The Romans brought together what was three different territories into a single one - the Celts (warriors), the Iberians (farmers and fishermen) and the Tartessos. Needless to say, in addition to the Romans, the climate, the Mediterranean culture, cooking methods and available ingredients, gave Spain the sophisticated cuisine it has today.

Lightly prepared foods characterise Thai food. Flavourful, wholesome boiled dishes, spicy salads, pounded foods and curries underpin this kind of cuisine. They too have been influenced by other cultures. Stir-fried, deep-fried and steamed dishes influenced by the Chinese, form part of this cuisine too.

Unsurprisingly, Turkish cuisine goes way beyond Doner Kebab. There are a variety of kebabs too numerous to mention. Various regions place varying emphasis on different preferences of the use of rice, for example, over other dishes, different uses of sauces and so on. Important too is the use of olive oils when cooking especially in western Turkey.

If you're into avoiding dairy produce, eggs, honey, animal milk, butter, cheese and acting on your belief that animals are not commodities then these restaurants are for you.

Abstaining from eating meat, chicken, seafood and no flesh of another sentient being is becoming more acceptable. It may well save us. These restaurants offer foods cooked for vegetarians.

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