Discover 5 of India’s Most Popular Desserts For Your Next Meal Out (with Images)

11September 2021

Discover 5 of India’s Most Popular Desserts For Your Next Meal Out – If you’re uncertain of the choices to make at your next meal out, learn of the many Indian sweets with which to get started.

Welcome to our Indian Cuisine Focus: First Bite Series article, in which we cover 5 of India’s most popular desserts you may want to try.

Introduction – Discover 5 of India’s Most Popular Desserts For Your Next Meal Out 

Sweet desserts are an essential part of Indian Cuisine. And to help you get started, here are five of the most popular ones.

Desserts play a crucial role. As a waiter once told me, desserts “round off” your meal – they draw a line under the meal experience, thus bringing it to a formal close.

Now that you know the real reason for having a dessert, you have no excuses.

01: Desserts – Laddu 

Besan laddu, vegan Indian sweets with walnuts and goji berries on a deep blue table


Laddu is one of the most popular festive desserts in India. Laddu is also one of the most common religious food offerings. While the Motichoor laddu is the most common, you can find numerous variations of this popular sweet. 

Susutra, an ancient Indian physician, is credited with the invention of this Indian sweet. People believe that Susutra used sesame laddus to treat his surgical patients. 

02: Gulab Jamun 


A ball-shaped milk powder (Khoya) gets used to make these popular Indian sweets.

To make Gulab Jamun, a cook will first deep-fry the Khoyas before dipping them into a sweet sugary syrup that’s usually flavoured using rosewater and saffron. 

Conventional wisdom suggests that these Indian sweets originated in Persia when Persians first tried to rule this part of the world. 

03: Desserts – Kheer


Another famous Indian dessert that comes in different variations across the country is Kheer. As one of India’s most popular milk-based puddings, Kheer gets made by boiling rice, sugar and pudding. 

The mixture is also commonly garnished with nuts, dry fruits, cardamom and saffron. Some of the different types of Kheer include payasam and Phirni.

A variation of Kheer made in southern India, referred to as Seviyan, replaces the rice with vermicelli.    

04: Desserts – Rasgulla


Rasgulla is one of the most popular Indian desserts; in fact, two Indian states (Odisha and West Bengal) are still quarrelling over its origins, with each one claiming to be the birthplace of the sweet! 

Made from Chenna, these sweet dumplings get cooked in a sweet syrup that soaks into and sweetens the dough throughout.  

05: Desserts – Kulfi 

Indian kulfi dessert, ice cream with saffron, mint, nuts

Another sweet dessert borrowed from the Persians, Kulfi, is an Indian variant of ice cream. Saffron and pistachios are added to the mix to give this dessert a richer and irresistible flavour. 

Quote: “Life is too short for boring food.”

Conclusion – Discover 5 of India’s Most Popular Desserts For Your Next Meal Out 

So there you have it – 5 of India’s most popular desserts.

There are many Indian Sweets to try. Why not get started with these?

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