302 Harrow Rd, Wembley HA9 6LL, UK


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    The Hungry Foodie
    June 08, 2022

    The paneer curry lacked seasoning whilst the chana wrap had no flavour at all. The paneer tikka wrap was ok but had a sickly sweet relish which the chef said was chilli sauce. Overall all the wraps had too much salad and were bland. The fresh naan was actually good. Dress code: casual Cost: £ Food: Bland Service: Takeaway Ambience: None

    Simon Mulvana
    April 30, 2021

    DO NOT ORDER THE POPPADOMS! From watching the guy behind the counter I've found out these are frozen and placed in the deep fat fryer to cook. Even after being drained in the basket all I could taste was the oil it had been cooked in and was absolutely disgusting. The rest of the meal was ok but I doubt il go back again. The oily poppadoms ruined it for me

    s amin
    August 15, 2021

    I had bought whole chicken grill. They served a totally gone off chicken. Believe me totally rotten one.

    somu chinna143
    June 21, 2021

    Delivery time was 2 hrs late and bad customer service

    belareena jacob
    October 05, 2020

    Ordered Chicken fried rice yesterday and got something that was over cooked and tasted very bad. The naan was good. Delivery was 20 minutes past estimated time. I would not order from this restaurant again!


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    302 Harrow Rd, Wembley HA9 6LL, UK

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