Easter & Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

4 November 2021

Are you struggling to find some Easter & Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers? – Finding Christmas or Easter gifts for the people you love never seems easy.

In this case, Easter & Christmas gift ideas for family, friends or colleagues who love wine.

The gifts themselves seem obvious after you’ve stumbled on them, but it’s the gift ideas that we struggle with the most. It is those ideas that appear in short supply. Here we will look at some that can lead you to choose the most appropriate gift.

And so, in this Wine Focus – First Glass Series, we look at Easter & Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers – those people you know that may enjoy a bottle of wine or three.

As always, your final choice of gift will depend on factors like: –

    • How close to you is the person receiving the gift – (the recipient or giftee)
    • How much you value their relationship,
    • How much is reasonable to spend on the gift – your budget
    • How much do time you have to choose the gift
    • How good or bad it looks by not giving a present
    • and much more.

However, here are nine gift ideas for your consideration.

01: Wine Gift – Wine Subscription (Monthly)

You could consider covering the cost of a wine subscription as a gift for someone close to you. Such a subscription would allow the recipient to reap the benefits of getting a regular supply of wine, knowing that the supply of wine will end.

Some may want it to continue forever, of course, but they could continue the subscription if they were able or consider the subscription a pleasant experience.

There are different options available – Consider carefully which monthly option best suits your friend and budget.

Here are some examples

    • 2 bottles of red per month.
    • 2 bottles of white wine per month or perhaps per month.
    • 1 red and 1 white per month.
    • 2x Red plus 2x White monthly per month.

Generally, you get some discount for the more expensive options.

Drinking wine is a form of higher living, so you can expect to pay from around £34 per month for 2 bottles of wine per month.

02: Wine Gift – Wine Cooler

One excellent gift idea is to buy a wine cooler for someone you know is into wine. A cooling system is a valuable part of a good wine cellar.

The wine cooler protects your wines, allowing them to mature as time passes and as they increase in value and quality. Wine cooling units are available in all sizes and affordable for all budgets. You’ll find one that is suitable.

Champagne Bucket/cooler

03: Wine Gift – Wine Bottle Racks

A wine rack is another great option, especially if the intended recipient already has a wine cooling system. Not all wine racks seem appealing, but some of them are.

Those you find interesting make excellent gifts and will be the subject of discussions among your friends for a long time to come.  

Whether or not you are building a home cellar or looking for other ways to display your wine, wine racks can be handy. Many classy, stylish, and versatile wine racks will be the perfect gift for your family member or friend. 


04: Wine Gift – Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets allow storage for wine, and some of your friends may appreciate owning one. But you’d want to be sure beforehand that it would be appropriate for them.

I say that because not all kinds of furniture go well in all homes, and you want to be giving gifts that enhance your relationship rather than tarnishing it. I’d say you should aim to be confident that your gift is appropriate.

Thankfully, these days you can return or exchange most gifts bought online.

05: Wine Gift – Wine Glasses

A proper set of wine glasses might be a welcome choice for a gift. There are so many kinds of glasses that fall into different price ranges that you’re bound to find some to suit your budget.

Pay attention to the different kinds of glasses used for red and white wines.

Generally, they come in packs of 6.

06: Wine Gift – Wine Fridges

A wine fridge is a great place to keep your wine before you serve it. Wine fridges come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges too.

Check before giving one of these because many modern fridges also have sections for cooling wine. As you might imagine, some of these fridges are square, but others are slim-lined and full-featured.

For example, some have in-built temperature control systems. Some are free-standing, and larger fridges, therefore, have greater storage capacity too.


07: Wine Gift – Red Wine Bottle Opener Set

As the name suggests, this set makes it easy to open wine bottles. With that said, perhaps having an accessory set such as this spoils the fun to a small extent.

But it is fun to see some of these bottle openers in action, especially the electric ones. They represent a blend of technology and pragmatism.

The bottle opener comes with a wire strap that keeps the metal foil in place, which keeps the cork in position. You then place the opener over the bottle with the cork intact and press a button. And then watch as some magic happens.

If you’ve only partly finished the bottle, some have answers for keeping the wine fresh also.

Luckily, there is no shortage of wine bottle openers in terms of the price range, availability and design.

08- Wine Gift – Wine Books

One of the simplest and easiest gifts is to give a book. Sadly, people seem to read less these days than before but books are still worthy of giving. We used to get the most information from books.

Some people may see them as old-fashioned they are still a primary method for garnering information. However, books as gifts are not for everyone, especially those who tend to favour their electronic devices over people.

It’s a small but important point – only consider getting a book for someone you know to be studious, or who has shown a real interest in learning. The last thing you want is your book unread sitting on a shelf.

People may be interested in wines from their own country or specifically foreign wines. They may be interested in keeping their own stash of wine in their basements or cellars or even in making their own wine.

Books give information about all these areas of wine.

Perhaps people simply want to understand how to choose a first-class Italian wine because they are enamoured with Italy and its wine culture or even how to choose a first-class French wine, considering that France is perhaps the largest wine producer on the planet.

Also, our world is so full of wonder, who won’t be interested in understanding more of how our world works? Wine, like most commodities, is one real area of interest.

The world of wine is filled with stories about humanity, people and how they behave plus aspects of their creativity. And that’s not a bad thing. You may learn something about yourself too.

I don’t know about you but I love learning about the road travelled from the past to where we are now. Many stories exist around those paths.

Some books introduce the reader to the world of wine and some give a visual guide.

Reference: Perhaps the giftee would better enjoy a reference book. There are many wine Bibles, books about Wine Tasting and even wine tasting courses too. Many cover wine regions of the world, learning what you like to drink and my favouring the Wine Atlas of Wine now on its 8th edition.

So there you have it – many book options for almost anyone who likes wine.

09- Wine Gift – Wine As A Gift

Today, it is straightforward to give wines as gifts, especially now that we can buy almost everything online. This ease means that choosing a tremendous wine-related gift is a straightforward process.

For instance, if you love a particular wine, you could give a similar one as a gift. If you know something of what the other individual similarly loves or has shown interest in, the choice becomes easier. 

It’s worth saying that you need to be certain the recipient likes wine. Otherwise, it makes no sense. Similarly, you’ll want to be certain they intend to drink the wine straight away or if they’ll be adding it to their collection.

This matters because while you can drink certain wines immediately others taste better after they’ve been aged somewhat.

However, don’t get preoccupied with your wine preferences. The other person is the subject and, with them firmly in mind, you’ll find the perfect gift in no time.

Perhaps they have a celebration coming up or some milestone – a retirement, a birthday, the birth of a child, a Christening, a promotion, a new job, getting engaged or married. Why not consider your gift in relation to that? 

Wine Gift - Wine Bottles
Wine Gift – Wine Bottles

Depending on your budget or depending on what the recipient means to you, you could consider a 6-bottle case or even a 12-bottle case.

But why stop there?

There are also luxury options (with added cost) available plus even handpicked duos or trios gift-set options.

You may know from the outset that the person for who you’re buying the gift has a red or white wine preference. This knowledge simplifies your options – there are many classic Italian or French wines available.

But recall though we can enjoy great wine these days from the world over, not just France and Italy. 

Before you give wine as gifts to others, you may find it helpful to learn how to choose a first-class Italian wine or how to choose a first-class French wine.

10 Wine Gift – Wine & Cheese Hamper

Wine hampers make great gifts at either Christmas or Easter. They tend to include bottles of award-winning wines and cheeses to satisfy the palettes of those who love such luxuries.

There are many hampers available that include no cheese or wines,  but sometimes truffles and chocolate. These hampers have obviously got designed to impress.

Upon opening, you’ll find the packaging and presentation to be amazing and it will be clear how much thought went into making such a valuable creation.

Wine-gift-Wine-Christmas-Hamper Basket

Wine Gift – Easter & Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

So problem solved – you are now equipped with some Easter & Christmas  Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers.

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