Easy Practical Advice For Meat Lovers Eating Out Vegetarian Updated for 2021

3November 2020

Updated: April 27, 2021

This article provides easy practical advice for meat lovers eating out vegetarian – Discover the practical advice you need as a meat lover for when eating out vegetarian foods in Wembley.

There is little point as a meat lover, turning towards eating more vegetarian foods if you’ve got to do all the difficult work of putting it all together all by yourself. Of course, our ready source of vegetarian food in and around Wembley is from the multitude of excellent Indian restaurants.

They are, of course, by no means the only sources, but these restaurants have the advantage of being readily available and plentiful. It makes sense then for us to break down this kind of cuisine for you.

10 Best Practices For Meat Lovers Choose Vegetarian Restaurants In Wembley

Below are 10 considerations when choosing vegetarian restaurants in Wembley

01. Food Check – If the restaurant is not a purely vegetarian one, make sure they offer vegetarian meals. Most of them do. Ask them through whatever digital platforms available such as web and social media or contact them directly.

Or why not clarify it when ordering from the restaurant. You can get answers for yourself by examining the restaurant beforehand through this website.

02. Reviews Confirmation – Read some reviews about the selected restaurants on our website or other reputed places like google reviews (if the restaurant is visible in Google). On this site with your restaurant of choice listed, you can click through to read the reviews.

03. Address Concerns – If reviews are 70% positive, only proceed to the next site. It makes sense to take the next step, or you can call them to clarify any concerns you may have.

04. Get Food Clarity – Read their menu properly, because veg dishes can be tricky if you are not wholly familiar with the options. Ask questions – that way you learn.

05. Check Ingredients – Be sure to read the description of the selected dish carefully, because here they might have included the ingredients used to cook it.

06. Match Combinations – Check which combinations match your selected dish, because some cooked dishes only make sense when eaten with certain other foods. Most waiters in good restaurants will bring this to your attention or will be happy to advise.

07. Check Spiciness – If spicy food is not to your liking be careful to pay attention to how spicy some of your food choices are, to avoid spoiling your evening.

08. Check Bitterness – Some Indian vegetable dishes can be somewhat bitter. Bitterness, like saltiness, is subjective, so you may want to check this out by asking your waiter at the time you place your order.

09. Choose Beverage- Order the best suit drink with your vegetable dish because, for the best effect, you should select the best beverage also. Find our guidance down to choose the best drink for your vegetarian dish – see below.

10. Choose To Eat Out Over Takeaway – We recommend eating out in the restaurant, not the takeaway (if you are a new guest for a veg meal). While takeaways can be enjoyable, without doubt, eating out will generally give you a better overall experience.

10 Vegetable Dishes To Try Next In Wembley

Now allow me to suggest a few mild vegetarian dishes to try out, in case you have a more cautious preference.

Some of these dishes might not show in the menus of restaurants of Wembley. But if you ask, I am sure you’ll get accommodated as chefs love expressing themselves and impressing you at the same time.

If in doubt, you should ask.

01. Vegetable Salads – Thai cucumber salad, Potato salad, Avocado salad, sweet corn salad, chickpea salad.


02. Dahi Kebab – I love this particular dish, even a meat-lover like me also can enjoy it, and it is a dish with healthy ingredients too. Dahi Kebab gets made from cottage cheese, oats, Yogurt, and raisins.

You can taste it with coriander and mint chutney.

03. Paneer Makhani Biryani – If you like to enjoy some Indian flavour with your vegetarian choice, add this to it. The main ingredient is rice with paneer (cottage cheese).

The rice in this dish is perfectly aromatic.


04. Eggplant Parmesan with Crisp Breadcrumb Toppings – This dish is nicely blended with tomato and mozzarella cheese. The Eggplant gives you all the nutritional elements you may want.

Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant Parmesan

05. Warm Spaghetti-Squash Salad – This is a side dish or good for breakfast, but I suggest it here because it offers a unique flavour that we usually do not expect from a vegetarian meal. Ingredients include Olive, Feta, and Lemon which all add a pleasant taste.

06. Chickpea and Spinach Stew – One of the nutritious dishes that you may want to try out. I like any dish made out with Chickpea. Tomato, golden raisins, and saffron are the other ingredients.

Chickpeas and spinach Stew
Chickpeas and spinach stew

07. Stuffed Masala Mushrooms – Corn and mushrooms are the main ingredients. Cheese toppings make it more delicious to eat.

stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms

08. Bisi Bele Bhath – I wanted to add this to this list, and I am hoping you will try the dish from any of the Indian restaurants in and around Wembley. This particular dish originated from the Karnataka state of India.

It’s pleasing aroma and taste will keep you excited and alive throughout the meal. Rice is its main ingredient. Ghee butter, tamarind, and curry leaves make it more healthy.

Bisi Bele Bhat

09. Cheese Paper Dosa – This is one of my favourite Indian meals. Dosa is crunchy and crisp filled with vegetables and cheese. Indian spice works at its best in this dish.

Do not forget your masala vada with sweet lassi.

Paper Masala dosa

10. Cauliflower Cheese – Traditional English vegetarian dish. We all love it. Cauliflower, milk, source, and butter are the main ingredients.

cauliflower cheese
cauliflower cheese

Try one of the above delicacies and let us know your experience also. Be sure to check out one of the recommendations I made in a previous article, that you might consider as being great places for your first/next vegetarian meal when next eating out.

How to Choose Your Drinks Combination When Eating Out Vegetarian In Wembley

Most of the waiters at the restaurants in Wembley are knowledgeable, professional and well mannered. But, to be safe, it is better to have basic knowledge of what goes with a particular veg dish.

It’s better therefore not to assume that adequate help will be available, for something about which you may know little when eating somewhere new.

Here is the simple guide for you to selecting the combo for your particular vegetarian dish.

Below I list the drinks combinations that typically with the following popular Indian meals such as Biryani, Vegetable fried rice, South Indian thali, and North Indian vegetable rice or ghee rice, and many types of dosas.

These items are my preference and are likely to vary tremendously from yours, especially if you tend to prefer drinking wine whenever you eat out but provide a simple reference for you.

01. North Indian Vegetable Rice – combine this with vegetable kurma & fruit juice such as orange, avocado, or papaya. I love this with a chilled soft drink, like Sprite or 7-Up.

02. Vegetable Biryani – order this with Button mushroom masala or Channa masala with Sweet lassy drink – Lassi is my favourite drink for Biryani always.

03. South Indian Thali –  You do not want to buy a separate dish because you will get many dishes with the meal. Thali is a platter that combines sweet, salt, bitter, sour and spicy included with rice or chapati snd so the drink I recommend with this meal is either fruit juice or a soft drink.

04. Indian dosas – Dosa is a South Indian thin crepe (a kind of pancake). Made with fermented rice and lentils batter, often served with sambar and chutneys, it comes in many forms – paper dosa, cheese dosa, masala dosa, onion dosa, and the list goes on.

If they do not serve you Wadai/Vada, order instead, perhaps dhal vada or masala vada. The drink I suggest to you is Masala milk tea.

This combination is excellent and gives you a real authentic Indian feel.

What is the best drink when eating a combination of other vegetable meals?

01. Fully green vegetable salad: For sure you want something with carbohydrates because salad doesn’t carry any carbs which will make you hungry after a few hours. A few sandwiches or a veg burger will give you a tummy filled feeling.

And with this, I love avocado juice or a mango smoothie.

02. Salad with avocado or carrot: Again, you need to add something that provides some carbs for you. Either a rice meal or a bread meal would be ideal. Fruit juice would be the drink for this.

03. Vegetarian Pizza, Burgers, or Kebab – These meals are almost alternatives to meaty food. So, you can enjoy the meal with drinks like soft drinks and with alcoholic beverages too.

Easy Practical Advice For Meat Lovers Eating Out Vegetarian – Conclusion

So we are at the end of our article – Easy Practical Advice For Meat Lovers Eating Out Vegetarian – You now know much more of how vegetarians eat out in Wembley. I have for sure only scratched the surface.

If you have a view, then feel free to share your idea and your experience too in the comments below.

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