Everything You Need To Know About BoxPark, Wembley Updated for 2021

16October 2020

Updated: April 25, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About BoxPark, Wembley – Eating out in Wembley just got better.

BoxPark Wembley is where football fans go before, after, or sometimes instead of, attending a game at Wembley Stadium. Boxpark is known for its great food and hip vibe. There is a bar, live music, comedy shows, and an array of ways for you to get your own games going with your family and friends. 

Known for being the world’s first pop-up dining and shopping destination, BoxPark Wembley is the place to go for Wembley Stadium ticket-holders. 

Constructed in the spirit of shipping container retail facilities, BoxPark has become the social hub for East Londoners with an appetite for street food and craft beer, and a football fix.  

Read on to learn more about this modern-day take on eating out places in Wembley.

This article also answers the following questions.

    • Where do fans go before a game?
    • What’s the dress code for BoxPark Wembley?
    • What’s the latest I can take my children into Boxpark, Wembley?
    • What games can you play in Boxpark, Wembley?
    • What can you do for fun in Boxpark, Wembley?
    • What entertainment is there in Boxpark, Wembley?

Before you go, there are some things you will want to prepare for. Boxpark complies to government guidelines and licencing admission, which means there are requirements for you to meet if you plan on visiting BoxPark.

Beyond that, there’s so much to see (and to eat!) that you’ll be glad you did a little research before becoming overwhelmed with your options. 

An Overview of the BoxPark, Wembley

BoxPark Wembley is the largest of the three BoxParks in London (Wembley, Croydon and Shoreditch). It is a large-scale fan zone, either for those attending concerts or football games at Wembley Stadium.

It is fully equipped with food and drink retailers, as well as free (usually) venue entertainment to stack on top of the event you came for.

If you have tickets to an event at Wembley Stadium, or the Designer Outlet or SSE Arena, there are some things you should know about BoxPark before you go.

On Stadium event days, you will have to hold a ticket to the event to enter BoxPark. Besides, you always have to register your information for entry by signing up for a BoxPark Black Card.

Due to Covid-19, smaller groups are required. You can arrive with a group of no larger than 6. 

Most of the events are free, but they are still ticketed for occupancy purposes, so you will want to get tickets to any events you plan to attend. There isn’t a super strict dress code, and you’ll find a blend of casual and formal attire. 

However, the rules to be followed are:

    • Hoods: You can wear something with a hood, but you can’t wear it on your head inside the venue.  
    • The bar after 7 PM: Tracksuits and work clothes are not welcome at night-time in the bar.
    • Sports scarves and shirts: You have to leave your sports scarves and shirts behind on match days.

You can take your children up until 8 PM, after which the venue becomes 18 and up. Unfortunately, you cannot take an animal unless it’s a dog to guide you.

Due to health and safety precautions, social distancing is now required alongside proper conduct and sportsmanship. 

BoxPark has Incredible Dining Experiences.

BoxPark has an enormous array of restaurants for you to choose from. Your choices vary from quaint cafes to Argentinian smoked meats.

It houses around 20 street food vendors and comes also with 3 bars.

Here are our 12 favourite spots:

01- Zia Lucia

You can go to Zia Lucia for pizza and salad, but don’t expect ordinary pizza. Expect to see goat cheese and truffle honey on the menu. Find it in Unit 11. 

02- Thai Express UK

For something quick, but not so simple, check out Thai Express UK for Pad Thai topped with cashews, a quick noodle dish, or some spring rolls for a snack. Find it in Unit 27. 

03- The Spice Shack

If you’re trying to feed a table of your friends or family, the Spice Shack has a variety of Indian street food. Find it in unit 17.

04- Smoky Boys

For American-style burgers and barbecue, check out Smoky Boys. You can get your barbecue meats on a burger or a skewer. Or, you can just get wings to snack on with your friends and fellow fans. Find it at Unit 20.

05- Nanny Bills

If Smoky Boys looks like good meat, but you don’t see enough melted cheese, head to Nanny Bills for some real comfort-food burgers and fried mac and cheese. Find it in Unit 6.

06- Mitsuryu

For authentic Japanese food, Mitsuryu has everything from sushi to chicken katsu curry. You can even get the chicken katsu in a burger. Find it at Unit 23. 

07- Mama Jacq’s

If you’re craving Caribbean, Mama Jacq’s has a myriad of Caribbean-style stews with meats like oxtail, salmon, and mutton. Find it in Unit 25.

08- Kabab

Mediterranean street food is served at Kabab, where you can also get rice boxes, salad boxes, and even loaded mac and cheese. Find it in Unit 24. 

09- The Athenian

If your Mediterranean craving is specific to Greece, The Athenian has the traditional gyro sandwich you’d find on the streets of Athens. Find it in Unit 12.

10- The Argentinian Grill

For a premium dining experience, The Argentinian Grill has quality smoked meats served up on wooden planks, often on a bed of fries. Find it in Unit 26.

11- Gabagools

The spot for the best subs and sandwiches from around the world is Gabagools. The menu is simple and recognisable for its classic choice of sandwiches favoured worldwide: the Cubano, Philly Cheesesteak, Schnitzel, and Melanzana. Find it in Unit 1. 

12- Drums and Flats

“Drums and Flats” has the most local flavour of burgers and shakes. You can also get a taste of South London Fire with their wings. Find it in Unit 16. 

Grabbing Drinks and Treats at the BoxPark

BoxPark has a bar with a regular DJ on certain nights and in-house entertainment.

There are also other choice non-adult treats and beverages like bubble tea and ice cream.

Our favourite spots, depending on what you’re hoping for, are:

01- BoxPark Bar:  BoxPark Wembley Bar has craft beer and cocktails. There’s typically entertainment, like trivia, live music, or a club atmosphere.

They’ve got a full bar menu featuring wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, and mixed drinks, and perhaps most importantly, you can get beer and cider by the pitcher, or jug as they call it, to share with your family, friends, and fellow fans.

02- Boki Coffee: You can get high quality, carefully crafted coffee drinks at Boki Coffee which you’ll find at Unit 2. In addition to traditional coffee options, their menu offers smoothies, juices, toasties, cakes, and bread.

03- Oatopia: At Unit 3, there’s another coffee café option called Oatopia. The draw to Oatopia is its gluten-free and vegan options. What they call their “oat-ernatives” are breakfast options using oats as a replacement to make bagels and flapjacks vegan and GF friendly.

04- Bubble Tea at T4: A refreshing non-alcoholic option is traditional Taiwanese bubble tea at T4. You can find it in Unit 8.

05- Udderlicious: Not far from the coffee places, you’ll find Udderlicious at Unit 4. It’s your typical soft-serve ice cream shop, where you’ll have the tough decisions about flavour and whether or not to go with a cup or a cone.

Inside the Entrance To Boxpark
Inside the Entrance To Boxpark

Have a Little Extra Fun with BoxPark Games

What makes BoxPark Wembley different from its siblings is its emphasis on playtime entertainment over shopping. BoxPark Wembley’s PlayBox allows fans to get their own games on with pool tables, shuffleboard, and more. 

Here are some great BoxPark fun-spots to check out:

01- The Playbox:

The Playbox bar has wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, and touts its local selections. But a significant feature is its games.

You can play ping pong (table tennis), pool, and shuffleboard with a glowing nighttime arcade feel. You’ll find it on the first floor. 

02- Bad Axe Throwing:

Over in Unit 32, you’ll find Bad Axe Throwing, which is an enormous urban axe throwing club filled with talented axe throwing instructors to help you learn to wield your weapon. 

03- MeetSpace VR:

If you’re looking for something like laser tag, you could check out MeetSpaceVR for some virtual family fun. You can choose to virtually take on a zombie apocalypse or enter into a galactic battle.

You can take up to 8 players for an intimate, a totally immersive vast adventure. 

Boxpark Register For Entry
Boxpark Register For Entry

BoxPark Wembley – Supplemental Questions

    • Q. Is Boxpark Wembley Outdoors?
    • A. No, Boxpark Wembley is inside a very large space
    • Q. Is Boxpark Wembley Open?
    • A. BoxPark Wembley is open.
    • Q. What are the BoxPark Opening Hours?
    • A. Boxpark opens 7 days a week and opens from 11 am until 10 pm
    • Q. How do I get to BoxPark Wembley?
    • A. Travel via the Metropolitan Line or the Jubilee Line to Wembley Park from which it is a short walk along Wembley Boulevard for about 5 minutes.
Boxpark, Wembley Side Entrance
Boxpark, Wembley Side Entrance

Where to Find the Best BoxPark Entertainment

Depending on what night you go, BoxPark may have stadium-like entertainment options for you.

Some of our favourite Boxpark events include:

    • Tuesday Trivia: Tuesdays are trivia nights, or as BoxPark calls them, Quizbox with Wedgie. That’s because DJ Wedgie hosts it. And, yes, there are prizes. 
    • Street Food & Comedy Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, BoxPark has a Midweek Motive, which features street food at the BoxPark Bar. Also, on the last Wednesday of the month, there’s always a live comedy show
    • DJ Wedgie on Thursdays: Thursday nights, BoxPark a popular show, Unwind Thursdays with local DJs spinning throwbacks, funk, and R&B. 
    • Live Music Saturday: BoxPark has live music on Saturdays. Previous artists include Brainscape and The Tide. 
    • More Comedy on Sunday: BoxPark has comedy shows every 2nd Sunday of the month. They have comedians on rotation, and Aurie Styla typically hosts the shows. 

Everything You Need To Know About BoxPark, Wembley – finally

So, whether you’re heading to BoxPark before a game, or just to get something to eat, consider the vast options at your disposal. Your possibilities for food are endless.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for local craft beer. And, you’ll likely get the chance to play some games yourself and check out some live entertainment. 

If you’ve had a great time here, or not, why not let us know in the comments below?

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