Everything You Need to Know About Club Wembley Updated for 2021

21November 2020

Updated: April 10, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Club Wembley

What exactly is Club Wembley

Club Wembley is the official members’ club of Wembley Stadium that gives a multi-year membership opportunity for people who want to enjoy access to VIP hospitality during significant Wembley events, plus a wide range of exclusive benefits.

Might you be slightly curious? Read on to find out more.

Have you ever heard of Club Wembley? I suspect that many local residents have not.

Most will have heard of the concert Live At Wembley Stadium 1991.

Many also will have heard of Live Aid which was a fundraising concert that took place simultaneously on Saturday 13 July 1985, at Wembley Stadium and John F. Kennedy Stadium.


Every year, Wembley Stadium attracts some of the most significant events, not only in sports but also in music and entertainment. Due to its popularity and the numerous significant events of a typical season, Wembley hosts more than two million visitors per year. 

Wembley Stadium is where dreams get made for teams looking to improve their standing in the football world. For the same reason, people travel from all over the country, and indeed from across Europe too.

All hopefully to take part in their team’s wins with no losses. 

They also tend to make an event out of their visit to Wembley. However, it is difficult to beat the long queues or get a good seat due to the large number of people that turn up for these events.  

New Wembley Stadium

Club Wembley is the official members’ club of Wembley stadium. It has a multi-year membership opportunity for people who want to enjoy access to VIP hospitality and a wide range of exclusive benefits. These benefits include a range of dining options and a guaranteed seat, among many other benefits. 

Everyone that goes to Wembley stadium looks forward to having the best experience, and Club Wembley membership can guarantee this. Here’s an opportunity for you to learn more about Club Wembley.

Everything You Should Know About Club Wembley

Wembley, a principal town in North West London, England, is the location of the largest Stadium by capacity in London. Wembley Stadium, which is the major landmark of Wembley, is home to the England national football team.

This 90,000 capacity stadium has a rich football history. The reason is that it is the place where most national cup finals get played. 

As the home of football, Wembley Stadium is a public transport destination of many transport routes, making it very accessible. 

People come from all parts of the country by different means of transportation to arrive at the:

    • Airports
    • Tubes
    • Train stations

Club Wembley is the heart of the iconic Wembley Stadium, and its aim is to connect sport fans through their passion for the beautiful game, as they have an ultimate match day experience. 

You can choose from the six different levels of membership of Club Wembley which are:

    • Private Box
    • One Twenty
    • Bobby Moore
    • Number Nine
    • Centre Circle
    • Inner Circle

What are the Club Wembley’s Membership Benefits?

There are so many benefits of the Club Wembley membership, and each level of membership has its unique advantages. 

These benefits include:

01- Access to the best seats 

Club Wembley membership offers a guaranteed seat with the best views to enjoy the most significant sporting and entertainment events. Members of the club will have guaranteed seats for all the England Senior Men’s Home Internationals, The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Finals and Final, Carabao Cup Finals, and the FA Community Shield. 

02- Priority access to entertainment

Members of Club Wembley are given priority access to purchase tickets for once-in-a-lifetime music concerts, entertainment, and sporting events that take place at Wembley stadium.

03- Invitations through Connections program

Club Wembley membership package includes exclusive invitations to Connections which gives you access to incredible and unforgettable experiences and events.

Here, you meet British Legends and if you like, take photographs with them or get their autographs. You can also play on Wembley’s excellent golf course with a sports personality, or partake in exceptional dining experiences.

04- Early and late access to the Stadium

As a club member, you have access to the Stadium three hours before kick-off, to beat the queues. Also, you enjoy extended stadium opening times.

05- Enjoy complimentary transport

Members of Club Wembley have access to complimentary charter trains from London Marylebone or Birmingham New Street. There is also complimentary car parking available, depending on your membership.

06- Exclusive dining options

All levels of membership offer unique food and drink experiences so you can choose the option that suits you. Many food-and-drink options are available in Club Wembley, including restaurants and food and drink outlets.

These options range from an ice-cold beer and traditional fish and chips to award-winning fine dining accompanied by an unlimited supply of champagne. 

As you read further, you’ll learn about these exclusive dining options that are available in Club Wembley, in detail.


What Food Options Are Available in Club Wembley?

Many people come from far and wide to see their teams play. Some people don’t come to these events alone, but they come along with their families, and so they try to build unforgettable memories while enjoying the main event.

So if you’re planning to eat out during your visit to Wembley, there are many food options available for you – those exclusive to Club Wembley members and those open to all visitors.

The Club Wembley membership covers not only the best seats in the house but also exclusive dining options. There is a wide range of restaurants and food and drink outlets available in Club Wembley, and each guest is personally catered for. 

The restaurants in Club Wembley include:

    • The One Twenty
    • Box Catering
    • Number Nine
    • The Bobby Moore Room
    • Centre Circle
      • The Three Lions
      • The Lioness 
    • The ARC Restaurant
    • The Venue

01. The One Twenty

At One Twenty, you are sure to enjoy a memorable meal. From the canapés to the four-course meals you are served, everything is a fantastic dining experience. 

This restaurant is exclusive to only members of the One Twenty club. The food here is impressive, and they offer high standard services. One thing that sets their dining experience apart from the typical fine-dining experience is the free vintage Laurent-Perrier champagne and canapés that are served to you before your meal.

One Twenty is the most prestigious club in Wembley’s history with just 120 members (hence its name). Here, you can expect top-notch service and experiences.

02. Box Catering

Box Catering is for Private Box Holders who have the opportunity to choose from a range of seasonal menus for their personal dining experience. Like the One Twenty, the menu ranges from canapés to four-course meals.

One beautiful thing about the private box is that the holder can bring into the box anyone they choose to and can use it however they want. They can also use the box for other events like private dining or parties.

03. Number Nine

This restaurant is exclusive to the Number Nine members. At Number nine, you have a hospitality experience that is filled with modern cuisine and live entertainment.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the British buffet, whereby street vendors bring a variety of cuisine from iconic London destinations, and this is served with flowing drinks.

Number Nine membership is also extraordinary as it is a combination of class and substance and Wembley has seen some incredible Number Nine members like Alan Shearer and Harry Kane.

04. The Bobby Moore Room

The Bobby Moore room is exclusive to Bobby More members. Here, members can enjoy world-class cuisine, carefully selected wines, and live music entertainment.

Members get allocated a table for dining at all significant events. The staff at Bobby Moore Room is always ready to cater to all your needs.

Bobby Moore members enjoy exceptional pre-match and post-match refreshments. The pre-match refreshments range from an exquisite three-course meal to the finest:

    • Champagnes
    • Wines
    • Beer 

There are also post-match refreshments, so you don’t need to leave right after the match. You can return to the Bobby Moore room and talk about the game with friends and celebrate the day while enjoying the refreshments.


05. Centre Circle

This is exclusive to only centre circle members who have a seat located right on the halfway line for an unparalleled view of sporting and entertainment activities.

Their membership package also includes exclusive access to a bar area where you can enjoy complimentary street-style food and beverages which will be served before the match. 

06. The ARC Restaurant

The ARC restaurant offers a formal three-course dining experience which includes seasonal cuisine created by skilled chefs. This experience is also paired with stunning views of London.

07. The Venue 

If you are looking for a casual place to host clients with a delicious meal, then The Venue is an excellent choice. The Venue offers a contemporary buffet for a relaxed and unique dining experience. 

The Venue Buffet comes with a selection of both hot and cold dishes, featuring their Chef’s carvery which changes based on the season. 

You can take advantage of the food that’s offered and have your reserved table. The Venue also stays open for one-hour post-match.

All members of Club Wembley also have access to the food and drink outlets, and these outlets offer a variety of refreshment options.

Some of the food drink outlets include:

    • The Three Lions: The Three Lions is the first pub in Wembley Stadium’s history. It is open to all members on the North Side of the Stadium. You can expect pub grub and plenty of beers in this members-only spot which might just become your new Wembley local.
    • The Lioness: The Lioness, which is situated on the North-west side of the Stadium, is the sister gastropub of the Three Lions. Here, you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a delicious gastropub menu. Also, the members’ area seats offer stadium views that stand out to ensure a truly memorable matchday experience.

The Lioness has three bars and a self-serve beer station. In the pub, there is a unique installation of graphic displays, trophies, etc., showcasing some of the greatest Wembley moments.

    • Cucina Italia: Offers a taste of Italy, including freshly prepared pizzas.
    • The Butcher’s Block: This is for meat lovers. Guests are served newly-prepared carved meat sandwiches.
    • Club Gourmet Burgers: Here, you receive 100% first-course British beef burgers, with chunky chips and garnishes.
    • Bar Kiosks: There are four bar kiosks where you can choose from a range of hot and cold drinks, beer, and confectionery.
    • Tides Taste of the Sea: Here, you are served freshly prepared fish and chips, scampi, and seafood platters.

What should I know about the Club Wembley Seating Plan?

The Club Wembley Seating plan is a thoughtful arrangement of the seating around the football pitch in the Wembley Stadium. The seats are arranged into categories such that each class has seats either side of the Stadium.

For example, Category 2 seating is placed in the top rows farthest away from the pitch. They match the longest side of the pitch. Yet Category 3 seating is set closest to the football action at either end of the goal.

There are other categories in addition to the Club Wembley Premium seating that is organised behind those seats nearest the pitch. But in this case, the seats cover all sides of the pitch, thus all around -the Centre Circle

The Bobby Moore seats are sandwiched between the Category 1 VIP seats that are closest to the dugout.

It’s a brilliant arrangement that is a reflection of the thought applied to this Stadium.

What should I know about the hospitality at Club Wembley?

The earlier parts of this article spoke of the available hospitality. 

Club Wembley’s hospitality varies for each event, and the options include your own Private Suite (for your clients, friends and family) or Shared lounges. You won’t be surprised to know there are Silver, Gold and Platinum levels for the private suites where each level commands a different price point per person, and the varying number of people hosted.

Once this pandemic is over it is reasonable to expect that there may be many changes to these current arrangements so it will be worth checking again.


What about the Wembley Stadium Hospitality?

For Wembley Stadium events, the hospitality includes accommodation and/or travel options depending on your requirements.

But know that hospitality is not only for football. Club Wembley support hospitality and tickets for Boxing, NFL London, the Capital Summertime Ball, the UEFA European Qualifiers, Private Boxes, and the FA Cup.


Everything You Need to Know About Club Wembley.

Wembley stadium has a great atmosphere and a rich history attached to it. Millions of people travel to Wembley every year and build beautiful memories. 

However, if you want to enjoy exclusive benefits while creating memories, becoming a member of Club Wembley is a good option. 

Club Wembley membership gives you access to good seats at the Stadium, exclusive dining experiences, and many other benefits.

If you’ve had any personal experience of any of these restaurants or benefits, let us know in the comments below.

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