3 Fun Facts About Indian Restaurants

13September 2021

3 Fun Facts About Indian Restaurants – Indian restaurants have become a staple in international cuisine and are celebrated worldwide for their uniqueness.

It’s time to learn what these restaurants offer, so let’s begin with a few fun facts. 

Welcome to our Indian Cuisine Focus: First Bite Focus article, in which we look at what makes Indian restaurants unique.

01: Celebrations Mean Desserts Galore

Whenever something monumental is happening, Indians get their sweets out. Sweets can be mithai, rice puddings, or gulab jamuns.

For those who have a sweet tooth, you will want to head over to an Indian restaurant.

They adore their desserts and will often have a whole host of options available for you to try.

Indian kulfi dessert, ice cream with saffron, mint, nuts

02: Spices Truly Are King

Spices are part and parcel of Indian foods.

While they enhance the taste and give Indian cuisine its trademark smell, people also chose spices to aid food preservation.

For example,

    1. Rosemary help preserve meat,
    2. Mustard aid in the preservation of cheeses, fresh beef, and raw tuna, while those of
    3. Cloves, Oregano and Cinnamon help preserve raw chicken.

Spices are also king visually. They not only help with food preservation, flavour and taste. They help with how food looks and help make food appear bright and vibrant.

Spices and herbs

You will not be able to get away from spices in any Indian restaurant. Whether it is cayenne pepper or any other spice, it will be present in Indian foods right away.

They will be front and centre, as expected.

03: Indian Foods Focus On 6 Different Flavours

People are sometimes amazed at the luxury on display when they walk into a top-class Indian restaurant.

And often, they are unaware of precisely what they can expect regarding the food and how they will like it.

Indian foods include six different flavours at once –

    1. sweet
    2. sour
    3. bitter
    4. astringent
    5. spicy
    6. salty

Some of these flavours take a back seat in specific dishes, but they are always present. Pay attention to this next time you eat an Indian meal.

Quote: “After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s relations – Oscar Wilde.”

For those who want to experience the purity and depth of spicy foods, it’s time to head over to a local Indian restaurant.

It will be a game-changer and an experience you will remember for a long time.

Feel any different? Let us know in the comments below.

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