Here’s Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best

27October 2020

Here’s Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best – If you’ve been planning your next trip to the Stadium at Wembley with family or friends, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the unassuming but highly rated restaurant, The Lounge Cafe. 

But what exactly is it that makes this cafe so unique?

The Lounge Cafe is considered one of the best by locals and visitors to the area because of its:

    • Convenient location and hours
    • Welcoming atmosphere
    • Affordable prices
    • Wholesome, home-cooked food
    • Friendly, accommodating staff
    • Community involvement

Whether you’re visiting Wembley for football finals or a local in search of a new regular spot, The Lounge Cafe in Wembley won’t disappoint. 

The Lounge Cafe, Wembley
The Lounge Cafe, Wembley

Here’s Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best

01- Convenient Location & Hours

The Lounge Cafe Wembley Park is situated conveniently near:

    • Wembley Stadium 
    • Wembley Park Tube Station
    • SSE Arena, Wembley
    • The London Designer Outlet
    • Boxpark, Wembley
    • Various Hotels
    • The Troubadour Theatre
    • Little India in Ealing Road
    • Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir Temple

Located about 1.5 km north of Wembley stadium, the cafe is almost a 15-20 minute walk or train ride from the stadium or about 5 minutes by car; this makes it a perfect pit stop on the way to or from a football match or stadium tour.

At just over 300 metres from the Wembley Park Tube Station, The Lounge Cafe is easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

Also, there are at least half a dozen hotels within walking distance of the restaurant, so you won’t necessarily have to go very far if you’re staying in the area.

For those driving into Wembley, the Asda car park across the street from the cafe is a convenient parking option. Asda doesn’t validate parking tickets for Lounge Cafe customers, but you can get around this if you spend £5 or more at Asda.

It’s also worth mentioning that the café has reasonable hours. Take a break from the madness of finals season or pop in on your way for a quick coffee or full meal; the cafe is open for breakfast and lunch:

    • Monday – Friday 9:00 am-5:30 pm
    • Saturday 10:00 am-3:00 pm
    • Sunday Closed

02- A Welcoming Atmosphere

It’s hard to beat the warm, welcoming atmosphere at The Lounge Cafe. The friendly staff, simple dishes, and homely vibes make customers feel like they’re visiting a family member or old friend.

Unpretentious plates get served here in the clean, bright lounge, where locals and other visitors come for good food and conversation. Waiting for a meal to arrive feels like staying in a loved one’s dining room.

This feature is just one of the reasons why it’s fast becoming a favourite among families looking to build fond memories of their annual visits to Wembley Stadium.

Even the best-planned out-of-town trips can be stressful, but finding a good meal shouldn’t be. The cafe’s casual, friendly vibe, convenient location, and flexible menu make mealtime a guaranteed highlight of your trip.

The Lounge Cafe’s relaxed nature perfectly balances the high energy of cheering on your favourite team during finals.

Locals searching for a neighbourhood cafe will instantly feel at home here, too, where the staff and regulars offer up welcoming smiles and lively conversation.

03- Affordable Prices

Many travellers find that they must choose between affordability and quality when finding food away from home.

But unlike many other highly-rated restaurants in London, The Lounge Cafe in Wembley serves fresh, nutritious meals at highly affordable prices. For instance, one of their most popular plates, the full English breakfast, goes for just £3.95.

The owners are determined to make delicious, healthy eating possible at every budget, and their prices show it. The cafe’s low prices are helpful for travellers looking to save a few pounds on their trip and locals on a budget.

04- Wholesome Food, Done Well

The cuisine at The Lounge Cafe is a mix of traditional dishes and experimental fare. 

The owners, Zina Manda and Maria Kuehn, aren’t afraid to try something new, but they’re always happy to serve up the basics for customers who prefer something familiar.

Rather than putting all their energy into fancy presentations and the latest fad ingredients, the cafe focuses on offering wholesome, mouth-watering meals that make the most of simple, fresh ingredients and time-tested recipes.

Home cooking at its best, the cafe’s menu features ever-changing daily specials in addition to favourite staples. On any given day, you might try:

    • Full English breakfast
    • Wraps
    • Curry
    • Lasagna
    • Baked potato
    • Chicken Caesar salad
    • Sweet potato black bean stew

Plus a variety of sides, desserts, teas, and coffee drinks.

The kitchen offers something for everyone, making it a perfect family spot or place to catch up with friends. Even picky eaters and those with dietary restrictions will find something to love.

Although the staff and location go a long way to making the cafe feel like a home away from home, they all take a second seat to the satisfying food, which is filling, comforting, and nutritious.

Full English Breakfast
English breakfast with sausage, eggs and beans

05- Accommodating Owners and Staff

The staff at The Lounge Cafe Wembley Park are genuinely interested in getting to know their customers and always have a friendly word on hand. This kind of customer service is a rarity worth noting in the modern world.

Although many restaurants will begrudgingly try to accommodate patrons with dietary restrictions and allergies, The Lounge Cafe staff proudly go out of their way to ensure you find something you like.

They even advertise their kitchen’s flexibility with a sign on the wall that reads, “Have a fancy for something not on the menu? Just ask!”. This kind of willingness goes a long way toward making diners with specific dietary needs feel comfortable and welcome.

Finding a place to eat in an unfamiliar neighbourhood can be a challenge for vegetarians and people with allergies, so places like The Lounge Cafe can remove a lot of stress from a trip.

Visitors and residents are looking for a friendly neighbourhood hangout where staff and patrons can get to know each other; unlike most chain restaurants and coffee shops, they will love The Lounge Cafe.

06- Community Involvement

Providing a place for residents and visitors to feel comfortable and welcome while enjoying a nutritious, cost-effective meal is not the only way the lounge’s owners are doing good in the world.

The restaurant participates in the Pay It Forward Fund, which provides food for needy community members. 

The cafe also hosts cookery classes that teach low-income patrons how to cook healthy, delicious meals on a small budget. When unhealthy fast food options are more convenient than ever for those low on funds, Maria and Zina provide valuable nutrition education and instruction to those who need it most.

When millions are struggling to put healthy food on the table, teaching people how to make the most of their food is an essential service.

Although many will discover and continue to frequent the cafe due to its fantastic food and proximity to Wembley Stadium, it’s also lovely to support businesses that support the surrounding communities.

Here’s Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best – Some Final Thoughts

A filling, home-cooked meal or a quick latte at The Lounge Cafe is the perfect start or end to your next stadium tour. Try it once, and there’s a good chance the homely spot will become a staple in your Wembley tradition.

See why the local favourite regularly beats trendier, better-known venues in ratings and consistently wins positive reviews; you’ll be glad you did. 

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