How Coffee Affects Your Health And What Can Go Wrong

2 October 2021

If drunk in excess, coffee can seriously affect your health – so you are in the correct place if you’ve ever wondered about – How Coffee Affects Your Health And What Can Go Wrong – that’s what gets covered in this article.

Introduction – How Coffee Affects Your Health And What Can Go Wrong

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide! The popularity of coffee is a result of its sweetness and satisfying nature. 

Coffee contains caffeine and nutrients that have vital health benefits. Some benefits you may likely experience after drinking coffee include physical fitness, disease prevention and increasing the chances of having your life extended.

But are there side effects of drinking coffee? Like any other product, coffee comes with side effects, especially if you drink it excessively. 

For years before “seeing the light”, I watched as other people got their morning fix. Yet leaving aside the issue of becoming addicted to caffeine, I was not much aware of the reputed health benefits or the research.

Had I known better, I might have begun sooner.

Recent studies have shown that drinking up to three regular-sized cups of coffee a day improves your health prospects.  

In the following text, we look at some of the health benefits of coffee and its possible side effects.

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01- Coffee Health – Improves The Body’s Energy Levels

Coffee contains the stimulant caffeine, the most psychoactive substance that people use in the world. Once you drink coffee, the body absorbs the caffeine into your bloodstream and then your brain.

Once in the brain, the caffeine blocks the neurotransmitter adenosine, increasing other neurotransmitter amounts. When dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters increase, neuron firing improvements take place.

This increase boosts energy levels and enhances vigilance, memory, and mood. 

02- Coffee Health – Enhances Fat Burning

Caffeine is one of the constituents of commercial supplements for burning fat. National Library of Medicine research shows that caffeine improves metabolic rate by 3-11%. 

This metabolic improvement is around 29% fat burning improvement in lean people and about 10% in obese people. For long-term coffee drinkers, these figures might reduce significantly.

03- Coffee Health – Improves Physical Performance

The caffeine in coffee helps stimulate the nerves, which causes the fat cells to break down the fat in the body. Also, caffeine stimulates adrenaline, preparing the body for intense physical exertion. 

The broken-down fats become the fuel, leading to improved physical performance.

04- Coffee Health – Contains Essential Nutrients

Many of the nutrients in whole coffee beans end up drinking coffee even after preparation. 

Nutritional Data shows that one coffee cup contains the following nutrients:

    • Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Magnesium: 2% of the RDI
    • Potassium and Manganese: 3% of the RDI
    • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid): 6% of the RDI
    • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 11% of the RDI
    • When drinking several cups of coffee daily, this amount adds up quickly.

05- Coffee Health – Reduces Diabetes Type 2 Risks

Diabetes type 2 is a serious health concern affecting many people globally. It consists of increased blood sugar levels due to insulin secretion issues or insulin resistance. 

A survey conducted by the National Library of Medicine revealed that people who take coffee regularly have a 23-50% lesser risk of this disease. 

06- Coffee Health – Reduces Risks Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the primary cause of neurodegenerative disease, which is the major cause of dementia. This disease tends to affect people from 65 and has no cure. 

Taking coffee is one way to prevent this disease from affecting you in the first place. Wiley Online Library shows that people who drink coffee have a 65% lower risk of obtaining Alzheimer’s disease.

07- Coffee Health – Lowers Risks of Parkinson’s Disease

After Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s is the second primary neurodegenerative condition globally. This condition results from dopamine-generating neuron death in your brain. 

Parkison’s has no cure, like Alzheimer’s, and the only way is to prevent the disease from occurring. Wiley Online Library shows that people who drink coffee have 32-60% lower risks of obtaining this disease.

08- Coffee Health – Protects The Liver

Our livers carry out hundreds of essential functions. You aim to take something that will maintain or boost the health of your liver. 

One of the liver conditions you will want to eliminate is cirrhosis, where the scar tissue replaces the liver resulting in everyday issues such as fatty liver and hepatitis. 

According to recent research data compiled by the National Library of Medicine, drinking four or more cups of coffee daily cuts your risk of cirrhosis by around 80%.

09- Coffee Health – Helps Fight Depression

Depression is a mental problem that degrades the quality of many people’s lives. It’s a common health condition, and about 4.1% of the people in the USA meet the level of clinical depression. 

Data collected by the National Library of Medicine shows that people who drink four or more cups of coffee daily have around 53% lower risks of clinical depression, leading to suicide.

10- Coffee Health – Reduces Cancer Risks

Cancer ruthlessly curtails many lives globally. It consists of abnormal cell growth in certain parts of the body. 

Although there are many cancer types, coffee can protect you from two cancer types, including colorectal and liver cancer.

Colorectal cancer is responsible for the premature death of many people worldwide and is the 4th leading reason for death, with liver cancer being the 3rd. World Health Organisation research shows that coffee people have a 40% lower risk of obtaining liver cancer. 

Also, people who drink four or more cups of natural coffee daily have around a 15% lower chance of getting colorectal cancer.

11- Coffee Health – Reduces Risks Of Stroke

Although many people claim that coffee can significantly increase your blood pressure, it only increases your blood pressure by around 3-4mm/Hg, which is a small effect and happens when drinking coffee regularly.

If you have high blood pressure issues, you can avoid them to prevent these effects. Even with this slight increase in blood pressure, coffee doesn’t increase heart disease risks. 

On the contrary, studies conducted by the National Library of Medicine show that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of stroke by around 20%.

12- Coffee Health – Prolongs Your Chances of Living Longer

Considering that drinking coffee boosts your physical fitness, helps you burn fats, and prevents many diseases, enabling you to live longer. Observations show that people who drink coffee have lower death risks.

National Library of Medicine studies shows that coffee drinking can reduce men’s death rate by 20% and by 26% in women aged 18-24 years. The statistics are more substantial in people who have type 2 diabetes. 

A Springer study shows that drinking coffee reduces the death risks by 30% for people living with diabetes.

13- Coffee Health – Is A Source Of Antioxidants

When it comes to western diets, coffee is one of the healthiest diets due to its high antioxidant levels. Coffee contains more antioxidants than vegetables and fruits combined.

coffee-barista Pouring Coffee
coffee-barista Pouring Coffee

The Negative Side-Effects of Coffee and Why Is Coffee Bad For Some People’s Health?

It is possible for there to be too much of a good thing. While you should enjoy coffee in moderation, some of us can fail to see the dangers. 

We can become dependent on any substance when we exceed specific quantities. Coffee, in this respect, is no different and well known as being a stimulant, and some people with personalities most susceptible to addiction often get caught up.

It’s somewhat simplistic to say that coffee is bad for you because the word terrible is subjective, and from it, it’s not clear what bad refers to or means. We know coffee contains caffeine, and we know that too consuming much of it affects people in many ways, a few of which are listed below.

So, by working backwards, you could say that because the side-effects are negative ones, the coffee is terrible, even though bad is not clearly defined.

Below, let’s review some of the side effects of consuming too much (yeah, quantity is subjective).

01- Side Effects – Some of Coffee’s Qualities Are Toxic

Like everything, the quality of coffee can vary. Some coffee qualities contain more impurities than others, and drinking those impurities can lead to nausea, headaches or even cause sickness. Such coffee can be a result of spoilt or overripe coffee beans. 

It’s essential to buying pay attention to the quality of your coffee. One easy solution is to buy your coffee from a reputable retailer, for which you may explain to pay above the lowest price. In this regard, higher quality equates to a higher price.

02- Side Effects – Over-drinking Coffee Leads Towards Death

If you drink 23 litres of coffee (around 80-100 cups) in a short time, it’s like an overdose and can be lethal. Such a quantity of coffee will amount to 10-13g of caffeine within a short period. 

In real life, drinking such an amount is impossible because you will already be vomiting.

03- Side Effects – Too Much Coffee Affects Your Sleep

The optimum amount of caffeine for healthy nerve stimulation is 400 mg, around 4 cups of coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, this amount might even be less. 

If you drink too much coffee and the amount of caffeine is large enough, you may suffer from restlessness and insomnia.

04- Side Effects – Increases Bed-Wetting For Kids

I’m certainly not in favour of children drinking coffee. After all, coffee is a stimulant and with bodies as small as theirs, who knows how they will respond? 

However, one likelihood is that of keeping them awake. Getting enough sleep is crucial for everyone. Children already struggle with screen time, playing computer games late and watching television late into the night, which affects their sleep patterns. 

So why increase the chances of negatively affecting sleep patterns with coffee?

Furthermore, caffeine intake can increase the likelihood of bedwetting for 5-7-year-olds. 

05- Side Effects – Growth – Physical and Mental Development

There should also be a concern for children’s aspects of physical growth. 

While coffee and sharper brains exist, what does this link mean for children, now and over the long term?

Would you risk the development of your children by offering them coffee?

Couple enjoying a coffee
Couple enjoying a coffee

What Are the Side Effects of Coffee For Women?

Sadly, the risks of coffee appear more significant for women. Remember, we refer here to coffee consumed in excess, which has more caffeine.

For most side effects to occur, one must have ignored other apparent adverse effects for quite some time. 

Unsurprisingly the reproductive and fertility aspects of women get affected, so excess caffeine is known to: –

    1. Affect infertility rates
    2. Lead to the formation of cysts in ovaries and breasts
    3. Cause dehydration
    4. Affect the balance of hormones by depleting the body of macronutrients.
    5. Raise the risks of miscarriage
    6. Affect the production of collagen in the skin, as does smoking.

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Final Thoughts – How Coffee Affects Your Health And What Can Go Wrong

Are you looking for a beverage that will stimulate your nerves? Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide due to its nerve-stimulating ability. 

There is much more I can say about coffee – A cup of coffee will help burn fat (by increasing your metabolism), improve energy levels, and enhance physical performance.

Regular coffee drinking helps prevent certain health conditions such as Parkison’s, Alzheimer’s cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

You will also benefit from antioxidants and nutrients that you may not get from vegetables and fruits. Remember to buy high-quality coffee from reputable brands and dealers to prevent some unwanted side effects of coffee.

Be sure to leave any thoughts in the comments section below.

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