How To Claim Your Listing

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Follow These Steps to Claim Your Listing - Revised April 2021

Use your Claim Your Listing page to take control of what people see about your business on this site.

Claiming your listing is all about taking ownership of your listing so that you can not only control what people see about your business, but you can make it clear to visitors why your business is the one they should visit.

At the same time, it is about giving us sufficient evidence proving that you are legitimately claiming your listing and not that of someone else by accident, so that we can easily give you access to the listing. The number of steps is a reflection of our need to only process valid claims.  Follow the steps below to do it.

Claim Your Business Listing In 4 Steps

Step 1- First Find Your Listing 

a - Go to the main page of the website. 

b - Search for your business by name or address and click Search

c - Click the Red and Black pin in the centre of the map then click View Listing.

d - Copy the link of your listing (shown in the address bar of your browser)

          For example, it might be this -

Please keep this link handy. You will need it shortly.

Step 2 - Register For An Account

a - On the menu click the link login/register

b - Enter a First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email and Password - save these login details for future reference. 

 When you register you will receive an email to your registered address with your username, your password and a link back to your account with which you can login.

Step 3 - Claim Your Listing

    a - After you've registered (or after you've just logged in), paste the link you saved previously into your browser

    b - On the listing page of your business, click the Claim Listing button

c - Enter the following details 

         1) Business Email,

         2) Phone, 

         3) Verification details (provide specific information that you are the rightful owner of the listing).

    Please keep these details safe. You will need them later.

d - Click the Claim Your Business Now! Button

You will receive an on-screen message with the following text - "Thank you - Your claim has been submitted. Please sit back and relax. It may take up to a few business days for approval". Click OK.

Congratulations - You have just claimed your listing.

If you attempt to submit your listing before you've received approval, you will receive an on-screen message with the following text. 

"Sorry! You have already submitted claim for this listing."

Step 4 - Customise Your Listing

When your listing gets approved, you will receive a congratulatory email to your registered email address that contains a link back to your accounts page.

a) After you have verified your listing and logged in, Click View Details and your listing will appear.

b) You will now see a button named Edit.

c) Click the Edit button beside your business name (Blue button, top right). If you do not see the blue Edit button, be sure that you're logged in.

d) On this page you fill in your listing details as you require.

Be sure to fill in your Business Description before saving it.

You also have the opportunity to upgrade your listing to a Premium at which point, you can add your logo, upload videos, image slide shows and your social media accounts for other people to better engage with you - in which case simply Choose Premium and click the Update button at the bottom of the page to upgrade your listing.

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