How to Make Your Wembley Coffee Shop Appealing to Customers

25September 2021

Make Your Wembley Coffee Shop Appealing to Customers-Have you ever wondered why some coffee places take your fancy such that you don’t want to leave? Read on to find out what your Coffee shop may have done to make it appealing to people just like you.

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A quality coffee shop is far more than a brick-and-mortar building that serves coffee. It must have ambience and be unique to effectively stand out from the crowd. 

How do you go about turning their business into such a destination? Or, put another way, how to make your coffee shop establishment more appealing to customers.

It’s easier than you think. 

Here are some great ways to turn your coffee shop into the favourite destination of everyone in the area and visitors to the community.

01: Coffee Shop – Make Each Visit a Flawless Experience

People can drink coffee anywhere. Make your place a genuinely unique experience for visitors and focus on providing quality. 

Even if you only serve basic coffee with creamer, you can make this a special place. Set up the ambience for your shop by making it both appealing and comfortable. 

If you’re serving designer coffees, consider a “drink of the week” or “coffee of the week” and discount the special. You may even wish to offer a free (mini size) taste to entice customers to buy a full-sized drink, either immediately or in future.

02: Coffee Shop – Cosy Seating Arrangements

Consider the tables and chairs or seating areas where small groups of two or up to six can easily converse with one another.

Whether you wish to use small bistro-style tables and chairs or plush comfortable chairs, your guests will feel right at home if you set them up so that they can gather in small groups or, if need be, expand into larger groups for intimate meetings or get together. 

Don’t forget a few more intimate areas where couples could date or meet for the first time. Make it look comfortable and inviting, and consider spaces to set their coffee drink or some snacks while they’re visiting. 

Consider study areas, remote work areas (be sure to offer free Wi-Fi and change the password weekly to ensure safety), with outlets for computers and smartphones.  

03: Coffee Shop – Lighting Sets the Mood

Provide some ambience and soft lighting that make it inviting and cosy for your guests. Set up spotlights that feature art or notable artists (see below under music) or make some intimate settings where a couple could quietly converse.

Perhaps some strategically placed fairy lights or sepia lighting to offset the bright lights of the outside world. Make it a unique experience that is relaxing and soothing for those attempting to escape the stresses of the outside world.  

04: Coffee Shop – Music Confirms the Mood

You may prefer to leave your music at one genre, or you could focus on different genres during different times of the day. Whether it’s jazz, rhythm, blues, or something unique, you can set the pace by selecting the music. 

You may be surprised when guests ask you where you get your playlist. Be prepared to share this information with your guests.

Why not have local musicians play in your establishment once a week? 

You could feature their music leading up to their event. You could also sell some CDs from local musicians and feature them in a weekly “bistro news” paper or flyer. 

05: Coffee Shop – Loyalty Cards Schemes

Offer loyalty cards for frequent customers. After so many purchases (10 or 12 perhaps?), offer a free coffee or treat.

For those that wish to add in their text number, you could offer frequent discounts or specials by texting them a code or word. Expand the loyalty card scheme so that if a customer introduces a guest, who then signs up for a loyalty card, the customer gets a free pen, a pin, or a punch in their loyalty card.

Make it enticing so that customers get incentivised to introduce their friends. 

06: Coffee Shop – Display Your Beans

Coffee shops that show where they source their beans are far more likely to succeed. Put any pictures and images of the farms where your beans get produced. 

Show pictures of the people who pick and process the beans before making it to your shop. People want speciality coffees, and they want to help others. 

Choose sustainability and quality over cheaper options that may not be of such high quality. Feature local bean growers and or unique features about the beans such as “only grown…” or “featured here for the first time…” to make it sound even more exciting. 

07: Coffee Shop – Glassware/Crockery/Stoneware

Choose your serving ware carefully. Everything about the shop needs to scream out that you are giving your customers something of high quality. 

Whether you choose clear glass coffee mugs or stoneware, or some other form of utensils, be sure to have enough so that everyone gets the same quality. 

When choosing “to-go” cups, make sure that they are of sufficient quality with sleeves so that coffee lovers don’t burn their fingers when drinking from them.

Offer carry-out trays for more than two drinks and ensure that lids are securely attached to tops to prevent scalds and burns. 

Set up and arrange your shop up to reflect you and your values. Make it (or parts of it) a serene oasis that reflects your personality.

Why not turn it into a place where you would choose to sit and relax too? Adjust the music and lighting to reflect the time of day and type of clientele at various times to reach the most customers. 

These tips will help you turn your coffee shop into a must-go-to destination for people looking for a place in which to chill.

Agree or disagree, let us know in the comments below.

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