How to Submit A Listing

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Submitting a Business Listing

Use these steps to submit a business listing if you're looking to attract new customers to your business. 

Every year tens of thousands of visitors come to Wembley, seeking new experiences. Eating out in Wembley is a primary experience.

We are always seeking to add new food-related businesses to this directory. Assuming that your food-related business does not already have a listing on the site, you can submit a listing for approval. Typically we approve the listing in a few short days depending on workload, before it is visible on the site.

Remember the point of having a listing is to help visitors decide on or choose your establishment.

Follow the detailed steps below for a successful approval.

Follow These Steps to Submit a Food-Related Business Listing

Step 1 - Go to the main page of the site and click the Submit a Listing button on the top right of the page.

Step 2 - If you don't already have an account you will need to first create one. Do so by specifying a first name, last name, username, and email and password.

It's important to save these details for future use and reference.

Step 3 - Log into the site using the same credentials you specified above. 

Step 4 - After logging in click Submit a Listing button.
You will then be directed to a page titled Submit a Listing on which you can enter details of your food-related business.
Most fields on the page are obvious but the most important one for visitors is your business description.

There are two types of listings from which to choose.

Free Listings and Premium Listings

1) Free Listings - Free listing allows you to enter a listing name, your business name, physical address, phone, an image, website details and assign your business to a relevant category.

2) Premium Listings - Premium listings further allow entry of email address, company logo, featured image, image slide show, google map, video, social media links, extra buttons and links on your page to add uniqueness to your page.

Premium listings (paid listings) are for those individuals who are fully on-board with the idea of controlling the conversations that take place about their business and also for those that value the importance of marketing their business, over those that do not.

Step 5 - Select the type of listing you prefer - Free or Premium

Step 6 - Fill in the details of the listing being as completely as possible - know that you can revisit this page to enter more details if you're unable to complete them on any occasion.

Step 7 - Finally

If you have chosen to create a Free listing, click the Create a Free Listing button

If you have chosen to create a Premium listing, click the Purchase Your Listing button.

If you've chosen a Premium listing, now follow the steps to purchase your listing - The process of purchasing your listing is the same familiar process as for buying any item on the internet, so will not be detailed here.

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