Lose 5kg In 14 Days Without Exercise

23 April 2022

Ketogenesis and oxidisation are the only two ways you lose weight. Learn how I used Ketogenesis to lose 5kg in 14 days without exercise or salads and how you can do the same starting today.

Learn the exact science-based steps I used to lose nearly 12 lbs in only 13 days.

This article is for you if you want to understand how to lose weight on-demand, whenever you desire, throughout your life.

How to lose 5Kg in just 14 days with no Exercise or Salads

Here’s a straightforward summary of the process.

    1. Fully Accept You Need to Lose Weight – The first step is to accept that something needs to change.
    2. Appraise Your Situation – Take stock of your situation, decide not to postpone your weight loss, and be prepared to change your diet with a few other considerations.
    3. Understand How Losing Fat Works and gain confidence in the two ways human beings lose weight.
    4. Choose a Suitable Diet Method – your tool for effective weight loss
    5. Decide How Much Weight You Want to Lose. At what weight would you feel most comfortable?
    6. Get Motivated to Lose Weight – motivation is the fuel to start and keep going.
    7. Anticipate Any Possible Obstacles Of Your Weight Loss Journey by considering those things most likely to derail your intentions.
    8. Execute – Take action on your plan and enjoy the experience
    9. Measure Your Weight Loss Progress to know what worked well for you and what did not.

There are many reasons you should understand the back story of losing weight. It is an essential skill to learn.

So before giving the details, let me begin with my biggest triumph. I settled on one of the two scientifically proven ways to lose weight without exercise: 1) losing weight through exercise or 2) ketosis (the full details are below).

If you read nothing else, read this!

I chose an option provided by Ketosis experts.

Having had success before, I visited the website of a company named Natural Ketosis and ordered one of their two-week packs after making my food and snack choices – hence the 14 days – it arrived almost immediately.

I followed it to the letter for 2 weeks, eating my provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s it. It came complete with 3 meals daily plus snacks, so you need nothing extra. I’m 100% honest when I say I found my choices delicious. I’ve even notified the company of this fact.

Afterwards, your biggest issue is how to keep the weight off. You may even decide to go again.

And to be honest, with the weight gone, that’s a great problem to have, plus as a member, you get exclusive discounts on future orders.

To understand the entire process and details of my results, continue reading.

Part 1 – Background: My Particular Weight Crisis

On a slightly chilly Spring day, I stepped on my scales, saw my weight and knew right then that I had to change how I’ve been living.

I looked down and saw my weight was 104kg, which, as it happens, was the heaviest, I have ever been.

Immediately following that, in 14 days, I went from 104kg to 98.8kg, which equals approximately 4/5th of a stone.

The average weight I lost per day was 0.88kg, even though, as you can see from the chart below, I lost the weight in fits and starts, with the first day showing the most significant fall. 

I lost 5.2kg (11.44 lbs) in 13 days, ending on the day before Good Friday, 2022.

Below, I will tell you exactly how I got rid of that weight and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Why the date discrepancies? I undertook a 14-day program but stopped after 13 days due to some prior commitments)


This site is about eating out. Writing about losing weight issues or situations is a significant but temporary departure from the norm on this site.

Most articles about eating out and losing weight will tell you what’s most important about avoiding foods that might cause weight gain. 

However, this article takes a different angle. Instead, I will cover a method I used to lose weight quickly that you can easily follow to do the same. Losing weight is one of the most satisfying things you could ever do.

UPDATE: Since writing this article at the end of April 2022, I’ve used this Natural Ketosis diet again. I began on the 10th of July and ended on the 5th of August. I went from 101.7 kg to 96 kg, which on this occasion is 5.7 kg. So from an original weight of 104 kg and the start of April to 96 kg on the 5th of August, I’ve reduced my weight by 8 kg. I’m immensely happy with my progress.

Beware Overindulgence 

Let’s be honest. Some things feel good, and eating is one of them. It was difficult accepting that I ate too often, too much, and for a long time, the foods that made me fat.

But there is no lying or hiding. Your weight tells the story.

It’s easy to overindulge when eating out. And so, eating out too much may, at some point, force you to confront your weight, as I recently had to. 

We know to eat only when hungry and then stop when satisfied. But who would leave an expensive meal unfinished?

So, to avoid wasting food, we continue eating. Or is it just me who does that?

Food excess doesn’t take long to contribute to our waistline and overall health.

If you’re lucky, one day, you may motivate yourself to improve your health. Losing weight is a great way to start. Many of our ailments stem from being overweight.

“Eating two slices of whole-wheat bread can increase blood sugar by more than two tablespoons of pure sugar.”

My Weight Threshold Red Flag

On the 31st of April 2022, I stepped on the scales and saw my weight had hit 104kg. It was my threshold, my red flag.

I knew right then that I had to prevent my weight from increasing. To do otherwise would mean becoming a version of myself of which I would disapprove.

There are certain times (irrespective of anything else) when you realise that only you (and only you) can act to save yourself. 

Seeing those numbers on my scales that day was one of those occasions. 

It was a dramatic moment for me. I kid you not.

I looked up at the mirror positioned at head height, which was just six inches from my face, and in that mirror, I took a long look and told myself – “Alright, let’s see what you got”. 

I knew a period of struggle was ahead. There is a time for everything, and now was a time for effort. 

Doing nothing wasn’t an option. We give ourselves excuses to keep things the same.

So we do nothing because we fear failing. Due to that fear, we avoid mustering the courage to do something. 

Here’s a typical dialogue I’ve had in my head before.

What if I try this, and it doesn’t work? 

It would mean I’m useless. 

What would I do then?

Would it mean that other people are right about me?

Would I look a fool?

What would my friends think?

Hmm, I’d better not try then, just in case! 

And I can always say that my weight doesn’t bother me. 

I can say that I’m ok with my weight!”. 

I stepped off those scales, instantly deciding to get to the other side of 100kg. The last time I was on the other side would have been roughly the start of COVID, around February 2020.

COVID had not been kind to my weight. The reduced travel, the inactivity, and the sitting in one place meant that I had ballooned, thus wiping out all my previous hard work of keeping my weight in check. 

It had not occurred to me it would happen. I had given in to the moment way too often.

The way to handle such situations is to plan for them, which leads to the next section.

9 Steps To Losing 5Kg In 14 Days Without Exercise

Immediately below are my steps to achieve my quick weight loss objectives.

01- Accept You Need To Lose Weight 

There are many skills I believe modern adults should seek to master.

For example, skills like: – 

    • How to Manage & Invest Your Money
    • How To Have Difficult Conversations
    • How to Handle Confrontation
    • How To Budget For Home Buying
    • How To Deal With Difficult Colleagues
    • How to Anticipate the Future And Plan For It 

But there is one more, and it is of utmost importance.

How to Lose Weight Whenever You Want“.

You can ask this in many ways –

“How To Avoid the Obesity Epidemic”

How to Lose Weight Whenever On-Demand

How to Stay Slim Across Your Entire Life

I firmly believe that losing weight on demand is a skill we should learn in early adulthood. 

I’m nowhere near saying that losing weight is achievable or even applicable to everyone. Still, understanding the principles discussed here can increase your chances of shedding weight whenever it suits you.

Think of those times you’ll want to control how you look. At weddings (perhaps your own), christenings, perhaps sometime after giving birth.

The sooner you master this skill, the more your body’s “memory” will help you repeatedly.

Some believe we are eating our way towards extinction. While this might be a bit extreme, the point is well made. You must master losing weight on-demand to save yourself and your loved ones.

But here’s the brutal truth. You’ll never fully accept you need to lose weight until you hear yourself saying why you need to lose weight. The breakthrough comes after you’ve internalised your reasons.

Sometimes those reasons may be unexpected and surprising.

What is the Problem that Needs Solving?

For most of us, part of the problem is overindulgence. We overeat the wrong kinds of food relative to our physical activity.

Especially those foods that cause a spike in insulin. (See the glycaemic index below).

Here are four aspects we could improve.

A- Food Ignorance

Another problem is ignorance of the part carbohydrates, protein, and fats play and how to choose when eating out appropriately. We could avoid gaining weight if we understand how these food types affect us.

I confess to knowing nothing about carbs, proteins and fats until my early forties. And many are the same.

B- Cheap and Abundant

Another part of the same problem is external to you. Manufacturers are constantly tinkering with food composition, and that structure has changed in recent years to our detriment.

Food is also now cheap and abundant. You can eat it on the move, almost everywhere, and anytime you like it. Convenience trumps nutrition every time.

“There’s nothing wrong with carbohydrates. It’s not our food’s fault if we fail to use it intelligently enough for our needs.”

C- Snacks, snacks, snacks

Snacks are everywhere. Manufacturers understand food and know how to engineer it to taste, and it’s not by accident that we’ve almost become addicted to them.

This situation has led to more processed food containing ingredients we’d best avoid.

If we truly understood what energy packaged within our snacks meant for our health, perhaps we’d factor it into our eating.

D- Easy Food Deliveries

More recently, and because of the pandemic, deliveries arrive at record speed, thus making your tasty high-salt or high-sugar favourites only a few minutes away by delivery. It seems like everywhere you look, there are delivery mopeds speeding past.

Inside our homes, we munch through an ever-increasing array and variety of crisps, chocolates, sugary biscuits, low-fat and low-fat drinks, cereals, yoghurts and other energy-laden eats.

Counterintuitively and contrary to popular belief, it’s not fat that makes us fatter. Eating excess calories beyond our body’s dietary needs makes us fatter

Everything we eat is just that – fuel. It’s not the fuel’s fault if we fail to use it intelligently enough for our needs.

Deliveries save us time, which is great, but we trade convenience for nutrition.


In summary, intelligent food consumption (of all food groups) and knowledge of our lifestyles keep us healthy.

It should now be clear that the majority stand little chance of avoiding gaining weight unless we pay attention to the hormonal impact of our food on our bodies.

The recent pandemic didn’t help. It has reduced our physical activity and made us more sedentary—no more walking to the tube (or train station) and back.

This lifestyle means no more walking around at lunchtime buying lunch, exploring and walking to the loo while in the office, or even walking to people’s desks.

All of this leads to a reduction in exergy expenditure, which undoubtedly affects not just the quality and quantity of sleep we get but the kind of life we can enjoy in the future. 

Considering that two or four weeks will fly past, whatever you do, what will your weight be in 14 days?

02- Appraise Your Situation

It’s vital to look thoroughly at your situation. People think a lot about losing weight, but far fewer do anything about it. 

A- Take Stock

People only take weight loss decisions after a period of personal introspection. Some of us put off the decision to cut our weight for years. 

It’s wise to learn the weight-loss skill sooner rather than later.

B- Don’t Keep Postponing Your Weight Loss Aims. 

Indeed, many of us have hesitated for decades, even though we might have been uncomfortable and bloated for years. 

But it’s people’s responsibility to take proper care of their bodies. 

I know a particular individual who deliberately remains overweight because he relishes defying his sisters, who nag him about the amount he eats out of concern for him. 

He doesn’t like to get told what to do, so he keeps on. 

He defies them because they keep on at him, all to his detriment. 

Your first step is to determine what changes you must make for your goal to work. 

I could now create a long list of things to avoid eating, stop doing, or something to minimise etc. And you’d probably expect that.

However, I cut through all that and took a slightly different approach which I’ll describe below.

C- Change What You Eat As Part of Your Regular Diet

The first step to losing weight is to rethink what you eat. The fuel you use for your body has a far more significant impact on you than your activity.

Your food plays a part 24 hours a day, while most exercise does not.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

Therefore, you’ll want to change your food if you prefer a different future outcome. You’ll want to eat foods that cause fewer insulin spikes, like wheat!

In his book Wheat Belly, William Davis, MD, a preventative cardiologist, suggests that eating two slices of whole-wheat bread can increase blood sugar by more than two tablespoons of pure sugar.

He posits that choosing a wheat-free lifestyle offers the following.

    1. substantial weight loss,
    2. correction of cholesterol abnormalities,
    3. relief from arthritis and
    4. prevention of heart disease.

He sees wheat as a significant enemy worthy of combat.

D- Financial Considerations

Having money opens up additional weight-loss possibilities. 

For example, if you’re financially able, you could pay for advice (a nutritionist or personal trainer) or pay someone to prepare your meals.

E- Consider A Keto Diet Bundle

You could consider getting a keto diet bundle. You pay for a diet bundle where a specialist company delivers all the food designed to help your fat loss goals. 

Money is a tool. I’m never reluctant to use it to invest in my betterment, be it health or well-being. 

F- Social Considerations: 

We are all social animals. Here are a few things to consider.

    • Would your friends lend support during your decision? If not so much, would that thwart you? 
    • Are you strong enough to overcome and manage all that accompanies refusing what’s on offer while out with your friends? 
    • Could you go out with friends yet not partake in any festivities? 
    • Could you avoid going out temporarily with them?
    • Do you have time to prepare your diet? I did not, nor did I expect my busy wife to do it on my behalf.
    • Could you realistically buy the food and perhaps cook it yourself? 

The success of the above all depends on factors, for example,  

    • Whether you live alone and your diet choice would affect anyone else
    • How necessary is it to have support from friends
    • The amount of time you have to devote to preparing your diet, your other social and personal obligations etc
    • Are you willing to research and implement it well enough to make the diet successful?

G- Commit To Not Gaining Another Gram

The most significant factor for me, over and above everything else, was that I wanted to begin losing weight immediately. I didn’t want to gain another gram. 

The alarming 104 kg on the scales represented the highest weight I had ever been at, and I didn’t want to delay reducing that number.

Luckily, I know of a solution that I’ll share below.

03- Understand How Losing Fat Works

There are probably as many ways to lose weight are there are days of the year.

“Technically, losing weight is a straightforward matter.”

On the one hand, your body has its daily energy requirements. On the other, you provide energy to your body to keep functioning through the foods and liquids you eat. 

Then, through basic arithmetic, one of three things will happen. 

    1. Your body will burn fat to satisfy energy requirements (weight loss). 
    2. Store any excess energy from the food and drink you’ve consumed (weight gain) after all requirements are hormonally “considered”.
    3. You neither gain nor lose weight with no excess to store or nothing to lose. 

So if you want to lose weight, you must create a negative difference between your body’s daily energy needs (Basal Metabolic Rate) and the energy you provide through what you consume.

Dr Giles Yeo (author of “Why Calories Don’t Count – how we got the Science of weight loss wrong”) states that there are only two methods to lose weight.

Method A- Burn fat through oxidisation

Method B- Burn fat through ketogenesis

Method A- Burn Fat Through Oxidisation

The first method of oxidising fat is well known and understood – you exercise to create a calorie deficit relative to your basal metabolic rate and should lose weight. To lose 1 lb of fat, it gets said that you must first burn 3500 calories. 

I don’t know about you, but burning 300 calories requires me to row or cycle for approximately 30-40 minutes. Then I’d need to repeat that a further 11 times, all assuming that I had added no more weight since deciding.

And that’s to lose a single pound.

In this case, your processed fat gets expelled as liquid (sweat and urine mostly), and through the carbon dioxide, you breathe out.

Sadly, according to some scientists, not everyone responds favourably to exercise when attempting to lose weight. Exercise has numerous other benefits, but weight loss for everyone is not one.

A word cloud highlighting the word Ketones

Method B- Burn Fat Through Ketogenesis 

Thankfully, there is another method with no exercise requirements.

This method is about getting the body into a metabolic ketosis state to use ketone bodies, which your body then burns as fuel. It is from this state that the word ketogenic gets derived. 

You get into a state of Ketosis when you lower your carbohydrate intake and increase the natural fats you ingest for a few days. With your available “ready” carbohydrate stores minimalised, the body converts your existing fat into ketone bodies which become fuel for your body. 

And so, (much simplified), you use up the energy from your fat stores through ketogenesis.

When our body stops receiving energy, it slips into a mode of operating to keep us alive by using our fat reserves. 

Ketogenic diets support this naturally occurring state of being. 

Ketogenic diet. An extensive set of products for the keto diet. Vector illustration. Meat, fish, vegetables, oils, nuts, eggs.

Here’s how Dr Yeo puts it in his book “Why Calories Don’t Count” (reworded slightly for clarity) as follows: – 

“If you push yourself into Ketosis, there is evidence that ketone bodies also signal to the brain and contribute to feeling less hungry. If you are less hungry and more satiated, you will eat less; if you eat less, you will achieve a calorie deficit; if you are in a calorie deficit for long enough, you will lose weight.”

I lost 5 kg in less than two weeks in this ketogenesis method of fat loss. 

It’s worth mentioning that Ketosis is otherwise applicable, to the medical profession (epilepsy, for example), for managing many other areas of health.

Doctors used the Ketogenic diet with high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates to control epilepsy in children.

04- Choose a Suitable Diet Method

All methods of losing weight involve some energy deficit. 

And indeed, all diets seek to create a difference between what you eat and your body’s needs. Or between the energy you take in compared with what you expend. 

Below I list the most popular diets (in no particular order).

    1. The Ketogenic diet
    2. The 5:2 diet
    3. The 800-calorie diet
    4. The Atkins diet
    5. A million others!

Ideally, you should seek to create a lifestyle change conducive to long-term weight loss. But your circumstances must be able to support that. 

05- Decide How Much Weight You Want To Lose

The more weight you carry, the greater the amount you should seek to lose, and the easier it tends to be to lose that weight.

I decided on a reasonable goal of dropping below 100kg in just two weeks. I felt that would be challenging but achievable. 

So for me, that would be 4kg (8.8 lbs), and it was possible within the two weeks I gave myself.

The amount of weight you want to get rid of should get based on two things.

    1. How far off your ideal weight are you?
    2. At what weight would you feel more comfortable?

Be sensible, though. The more weight you hope to lose, the longer it will take to shift.

However, whatever you do, get started small but get started now.

06- How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Motivation for losing weight comes from why you want to lose weight. Whenever you feel like falling back to your old ways, your motivation’s strength keeps you going. 

Use these reasons to fuel your motivation: –

    1. You have an upcoming occasion and want to look your best – perhaps a wedding.
    2. You’re unhappy about how heavy you look and want to feel better about yourself. It can sometimes be tiring to talk to yourself about your weight constantly.
    3. You’d love to wear a particular outfit, perhaps for a special occasion.
    4. You’re concerned with your overall health and want to stave off certain medical conditions often associated with unhealthy weight.
    5. You want to avoid a specific fate that has befallen your parents or other family members. For example, high blood pressure and diabetes (linked to being overweight) are prevalent among some ethnic groups.
    6. You want to avoid looking like someone you know.
    7. You want to take advantage of all the health benefits accompanying exercise, even if it does not lead to weight loss for everyone.

You may have your particular reasons. 

My motivation was simple: – “To weigh less than 100 kg”. For me being over 104 kg was like the beginning of the end. 

104kg signalled that I was less in control of myself than I’d thought. I disliked that feeling and was desperate to do something about it.

Top Tip: Instead of not looking like someone, focus on how you want to look and feel.

Why not strengthen your motivation by spending a minute writing a list of those things that would change for you if you were to succeed at losing the weight you want?

Here are a few examples

    • Lose the weight to show family and friends how straightforward it is to achieve – In which case, do it without fanfare before you tell anyone. You’ll want to avoid being annoying because no one loses weight until they have internally assimilated the idea.
    • You may want to inspire and advise others around you.
    • You may look forward to clothes fitting your better
    • you may want to experience a reduction in knee or back pain from carrying excess around your midriff.

Remember, though, we each have enough motivation. You don’t need to go anywhere to get it or ask anyone.

You have enough. Just look inside. If you can’t find it, you’re not looking hard enough.

If you’re struggling, just set out to have a go but decide to do the minimum. Just get started. As soon as you see any results, you’ll likely get more motivation than you ever believed.

07- Anticipate Any Possible Obstacles Of Your Weight Loss Journey

I once had the good fortune to hear a famous Arctic explorer talk about his steps to increase his likelihood of success on his expeditions.

The explorer suggested that planning your weight loss journey is about: –

    • Thinking through, in advance, what’s most likely to happen while dieting.
    • It was knowing beforehand what action you would take under each circumstance. 
    • Anticipating what you might have to do to avoid abandoning your diet.
    • Being aware of what is most likely and least likely to occur and prepare
    • Understanding and being prepared to mitigate the most likely risks

That would be a catastrophe, with your goal left unfinished.

For example, this might be things like: –

    • What do I do if I get hungry when I don’t expect to be?
    • What should I do if my weight loss stops?
    • Would it be ok if I skipped a meal?
    • Can I eat food from outside the program?
    • How critical are the portion sizes for my success?
    • To whom do I turn in if I have questions?

I wanted to be ready to handle anything that might arise when I started.

I had the following drink options to cover the period between breakfast and lunch.

Each one had the power to take away any hunger I felt.

    • Water
    • Decaffeinated coffee
    • Green Tea
    • Jasmine Tea
    • Lemon – A slice of lemon to drop into a glass of hot water

Herbal teas are appropriate too. The plan was to use these drinks when hungry instead of giving in.

A- Take Early Measurements

I was confident I could lose the weight initially, but I still had yet to do it.

My only measurements when I began were my body weight, 104Kg and my tummy circumference, 110cm (43 inches). 

I later regretted not taking my percentage of body fat percentage too.

08- Execute, Then Follow Through

I made my decision. I was ready. 

Here’s how I got started.

A Little Background 

First, a little background to help you understand why I chose what I did.

This occasion wasn’t the first time I set out to lose weight. I did so successfully around seven years ago.

So with my urgent need, I returned to the same place I had previous dealings. https://www.NaturalKetosis.co.uk/

The Natural Ketosis Company is a UK business that provides, right to your door, all the foods you need to get into Ketosis.

You may recall that Ketosis is the metabolic state where ketone bodies, derived from your fat stores ( belly, organs, muscles, liver, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms) get burned as fuel.


Six Direct Steps

So I immediately followed these six steps below.

    1. On their website, I examined their keto foods – these boxes of ketogenic foods contained all the food I needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack and treat each day of the diet.
    2. I chose and ordered the 14-Day Keto Kickstart Plan. There are six other options. 
    3. I selected the precise breakfasts, lunches, dinners, treats and snacks I liked and wanted.
    4. I placed my order online on the 31st of March, 2022.
    5. My order arrived the following day.
    6. I began my diet the day after, on Saturday 2nd of April, 2022

Thirteen days later, I had lost 5.02 KG (11.44 lbs). 

“Why 13 days?” I hear you ask. 

I didn’t want to begin my diet until after the coming holidays. The 14th day was Good Friday, and I had already had eating-out plans for the days following, so I stopped the diet at the end of the 13th day. 

Getting Into the State of Ketosis

I’ve mentioned the term getting into Ketosis a few times now. 

A little research shows three ways to get into the metabolic state of Ketosis.

    1. Eat low carbs with higher fat content and moderate protein.
    2. Eat no food – (i.e. no carbs) – ketones get produced when starvation begins.
    3. Undertake some endurance exercise that exhausts your carbohydrates for an extended period.

Natural Ketosis offered me a quick, easy way into the state of  Ketosis.

Why the Natural Ketosis Company?

Here are eight reasons why I chose the Natural Ketosis Company.

    1. Their low-carb food gets you quickly and easily into Ketosis.
    2. I had previous positive dealings with Natural Ketosis.
    3. They deliver orders quickly.
    4. Their prices are reasonable, £12.85 per day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a treat!  
    5. They provide the meals ready to be heated and eaten, thus saving me food-preparation time, effort, and energy. 
    6. They saved me from having to do preliminary Ketosis research.
    7. They know what works and what does not. 
    8. Customers consult with them and ask them anything, and they are responsive.
    9. Their staff have proven to be helpful.

09- Measure Your Weight Loss Progress

The Natural Ketosis Company recommends you only weigh yourself once per week.

I had chosen to weigh myself daily. It’s what I would do on a typical day.

There is a saying: “If you value it, measure it“, and I agree.

You should manage everything you value— your money, work, health, and life.

Not to forget the things you love, your career, relationships, and friendships. These all need management.

Leaving your health to chance is not intelligent. That’s why choosing to lose weight now is a sensible move.

Anything important that you don’t manage heads fast towards chaos and demise. And, without a habit of proper management, you run the risk of ignoring your health when it most needs it.

The length of this article far exceeded my original intentions. Continue reading part 2 of this article.

Now you’re familiar with the general steps I took to lose weight, read on for further details of my weight-loss experience in which I discuss the following:-

    • What was the toughest part of the diet
    • The details of my natural ketosis choices
    • The mistakes I made while dieting
    • The real reason we get fatter
    • My recommendations for sticking to the diet
    • And much more

Lose 5kg In 14 Days Without Exercise – Part 2

Don McDonald


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Disclaimer: You should not take the information here as medical advice. Also, I do not speak for or on behalf of Natural Ketosis.

What I’ve written represents what I know and my personal experience. I provide it solely for inspiration.

From my research, I’ve made every effort to ensure that it’s accurate but that we all have individual physiological experiences that differ between people.

Take advice from a health professional rather than acting on anything I’ve written in this text.

Don McDonald

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