Popular Indian Food Dishes To Order At A Restaurant

12September 2021

Popular Indian Food Dishes To Order At A Restaurant – Worry no more about what to order if you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine. Begin with these 5 popular Indian dishes out of the many millions.

Introduction – 5 Popular Indian Food Dishes To Order At A Restaurant

Indian food, yum, yum – it’s one of the most popular cuisines globally, but you might not know quite how much variety there is. 

Curry is an obvious example – Curry is what people tend to think about when they think of “Indian food.” But there are also dishes like raita and samosas, which can be light and tangy or hearty and spicy–depending on who you ask! 

Why consider these five dishes if you’re adventurous about trying something new at your next Indian meal? You won’t be disappointed.

Everyone has a favourite dish in Indian Cuisine, but there are many dishes that people might not have tried before.

And it’s only by tasting these dishes at least once that you’ll discover how much more varied the cuisine is than you might have imagined! 

01: Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese or Paneer tikka

This dish is popular in Northern India and gets made from small squares of fresh cheese seasoned with spices and grilled. It gets served in a variety of exciting ways.

02: Coconut or Mango Chutney

mango chutney

A side dish usually eaten along with a meal, this chutney gets made from grated coconut mixed with spices and other seasonings. Mango is another favourite alternative ingredient.

It gets cut into chunks and then included as desired.

03: Tandoori Chicken 

Homemade Indian Tandoori Chicken

Popular everywhere, this dish features chicken marinated overnight in spices and yoghurt before being cooked in a tandoor oven, leaving you with tender, tasty meat to combine with your favourite rice.

04: Meat or Vegetable Samosa  

Homemade Fried Indian Samosas

These triangular snacks usually contain potatoes, peas, or even cheese! But regardless of what is inside them, they’re crispy and savoury on the inside.

They’re so good you could eat them as your main dish. 

05: Raita 

Cucumber raita topped with chilli is a popular accompaniment to Indian meals, surrounded by mini Poppadums for dipping.

The perfect complement to any spicy meal, raita features thickened yoghurt mixed with cucumbers, vegetables, or fruits.

It’s a terrific way to bring some flavour into your food –and can also help cool down the spices if they’re too hot to your liking. 

Conclusion – 5 Popular Indian Food Dishes To Order At A Restaurant

Indian Cuisine is rich in flavour and diversity, often making it difficult to choose what dishes to try. 

But that is an excellent problem, especially as there are many options for every palate. 

Quote: “Food is music to the body; music is food to the heart – Gregory David Roberts.”

Hopefully, this list was able to give you a few other ideas on which ones to explore the next time you’re eating out.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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