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Chatbots for Local Business

Chatbots act like Virtual Employees or Virtual Assistants that take care of many of the tedious tasks that people normally have to do thus freeing people up to do other more meaningful tasks

What Can Chatbots Do For Your Business?

Chatbots perform simple tasks like these.

  1. Gather names, email addresses, dates, times and so on).
  2. Answer questions asked by visitors.
  3. Ask questions based on the answer to a question. 
  4. Send visitors to links for more information, 
  5. Send visitors to watch a video.
  6. Direct visitors to download documents or PDFs.
  7. Capture appointment dates and times
  8. Segment your visitors into categories
  9. Gather customer feedback
  10. Conduct surveys on your behalf
  11. Offer services/coupons/discounts
  12. Reserve a table
  13. Sell software
  14. Take orders
  15. Register users for a conference or other event

What Is A Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a piece of software that you add to your website to interact with your visitors.

If you're like me, you've probably seen them and ignored them because they are new, you don't trust them, and you don't know how interacting with them will end.

But don't be afraid, they are just pieces of software, programmed to give information about items or services in which you might be interested.

Sometimes, chatbots help those who manage the site to understand better how to help you further. For example, perhaps the site is missing something that you feel is important.

Or you can ask, right there and then, about something you're interested in, or perhaps you have a question for which you what a quick answer.

You use chatbots to communicate with your visitors in ways that allow you to achieve your business goals, whatever they may be. You will have already matched your requirements to the list of capabilities listed above, and you will know by now if Chatbots have a place within your business.

Chatbots have been around for quite some time but have now become mainstream. They have been made more capable, valuable and responsive on your website, with improvement getting added regularly.

Without a doubt, you'll see even more of them in the coming years, in more places, and your competitors will have them too.

What Advanced Things Can Chatbots Do?

You can also set up some chatbots to inform your visitors.

They can perform the following more advanced tasks like the following: - 

  1. Speak custom scripts to your visitors 
  2. Show/translate scripts in different languages
  3. Speak the prepared text in other languages
  4. Show a speaking avatar (person/animal) representing your business (with or without your logo and be male or female)
  5. Integrate with your other internal systems
  6. Most importantly, some even allow you to perform live chats with customers currently active on your site.

How Do Chatbots Get Used?

Whether you love chatbots or hate them, chatbots are here to stay.

When new technologies like chatbots come along, they get improved and refined until they are beneficial. 

Chatbots help with the numerous mundane tasks that business have. We can employ Chatbots in a variety of scenarios. 

But one critical use of chatbots is to get more business for your company in circumstances that generally gets ignored, like when your business is closed for training, closed for lunch or in an emergency.

Recognise that people live all sorts of lives and work all kinds of hours, and exist in all kinds of households, jobs and circumstances.

With Chatbots, you allow those visitors to engage on their terms.

There exist visitors: - 

  • that prefer not to speak to you and prefer the distanced interaction.
  • Who, due to their circumstances, cannot talk to you.
  • Who come alive long after your business is closed.
  • Who work irregular hours and don't fit into the usual way companies work. 
  • Who work shifts and cannot interact during regular hours.
  • That might go elsewhere because your phone is busy or unavailable.

Who Uses Chatbots?

Which Types of Businesses Use Chatbots?

Below is an incomplete list of business types that all handle appointments and need new leads or customers. 

  1. Alarm installation companies
  2. Bakeries
  3. Barbers
  4. Car Dealers
  5. Solicitors
  6. Car Dealers
  7. Caterers
  8. Child Care
  9. Chiropractors
  10. Cleaning Services
  11. Dentists
  12. Divorce Lawyers
  13. Electricians
  14. Estate Agents
  15. Event Planners
  16. Financial Planners
  17. Florists
  18. Food-related businesses
  19. Gyms
  20. Hair Salons 
  21. Insurance Agencies
  22. Mechanics
  23. Moving Companies
  24. Optometrist
  25. Personal Trainers
  26. Plumbers
  27. Restaurants
  28. Solicitors
  29. Travel Agents
  30. Veterinarians
  31. ...

How To Get Started With Chatbots?

So to get a bot for your business, you do the following: -

1) Contact Us and tell us your requirements
2) You tell us what you're trying to achieve

3) We'll discuss how best you might achieve it
4) You provide a script (or we create one for you).
5) Optionally, you choose an avatar and logo

When we believe your Chatbot is ready, you preview it on a site that looks exactly like yours for a few days.

When happy, you try it on your site for an agreed period, confirming that it works as expected.

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