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Use these links to promote your food-related business

1. FREE Business Listing 

Learn how to Claim Your Listing and determine what people see of your business in this directory.

2- Paid Promote your food-related business - (See here if You Have No Website!)

Choose the website sample that interests you

1- General Restaurant Sample 

2- Buffet Restaurant Sample 

3- Pizza Restaurant Sample  

4- Mexican Restaurant Sample

5- Coffee Shop Sample 

6- Italian Restaurant Sample

Making websites available was not part of our original plan for this directory, but we decided to offer this service after seeing the vast number of eating places that had no website.

Click here To Tell Us Your Website Preference!

3- FREE Featured Article - Introduce Your food-related Business In An Article On Our Directory

Promote details of your food-related business - Let us introduce your business.

Tell us about your business, in a few short questions, and we will display it as an article (a blog post) on our website, on a first come, first served basis. Your article will remain forever on our site. 
Note: This will soon become a paid for service, so act soon.

4- FREE Featured Events - Add your local events to our Event Calendar

Promote your food-related event that you're hosting at your venue.

Fill in a short form with your details and we will add it to our Event Calendar, on a first come, first served basis. Note: This will soon become a paid for service, so act soon.

5- FREE Featured Listings - See Your Business On Our Home Page

Promote your food-related business with a FREE FEATURED Listing.

Get your business seen PROMINENTLY on the FRONT PAGE of our directory, seen EVERY TIME a visitor lands on the home page. We will display your business for a minimum of 3 weeks (or more) on a first come, first served basis -Note: This will soon become a paid for service, so act soon.

6- PAID Premium Listings - Have Total Control Over Your Listing On This Site

Promote your food-related business fully with a PREMIUM Listing. 

Visitors will see your Company Name, Business Description, Address, Phone and Website and also your email address, social media buttons, video, a photo slideshow and your company logo.

7- PAID Advertisements - Make our visitors aware of your food-related Business and what it offers

Promote your food-related business using ADVERTISEMENTS. 

Visitors will see your business Advertisements whenever any listing gets shown.

It's fast, inexpensive, worthwhile and easy.

Why not see for yourself? Check it out using the link above.

8- PAID Virtual Digital Assistants - Use a Chatbot to Take care of mundane Digital chores 

Promote your food-related business using CHATBOTS. 

Ready to have help booking your appointments or taking table bookings, or telling your visitors exactly what you offer in your own words and in their own language? 

Then chatbots are your friend and saviour. See what they are using the link above.

See Your Food-Related Business Featured Here!

For how to feature your business prominently on this site, using one or more of the many available methods, be sure to  get in touch with us to learn more!