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Featured Videos For Your Business

The use of videos have become mainstream. They give businesses an easy method to match what people most prefer today - all armed with their shiny new very-capable smartphones. To ignore videos for your business would be like ignoring the telephone for your business. Their time has come. 

Why should I care about videos?

The current generation of individuals has grown up doing more visual interactions than reading like previous generations.

Their first instinct is to watch it rather than read it.

And this behaviour is supported by the powerful smartphones we all have in our pockets.


Why might using videos be helpful to my business?

Video has the advantage of allowing you to show rather than merely tell. Our brains are well suited to handling multiple input streams, namely text, spoken word, still and moving images.

Therefore typical uses for video are to teach, to elucidate (to make a point clearer), to inform, to entertain, get attention, to bemuse (puzzle or bewilder),

Use them to introduce new systems, people, products, services, recipes, presenting offers to your customers.

Like with text, people can watch your video repeatedly, on the go, in sections, at their convenience, at more than 1x speed, together in groups, wherever they may be situated.

What skills do I need to work with Video?

The skill is to make videos that meet your goals.

Videos must:-

  1. be of sufficient quality
  2. have sufficient lighting to support what the Video is about
  3. be the correct length for your audience, 
  4. use appropriate language, 
  5. use relevant images, 
  6. have audio of sufficient quality to support the purpose of the Video
  7. be interesting enough to keep attention, 

Similarly, all background music (if included) must avoid overwhelming the listener or distracting from the creator's goals.

What is a Featured Video?

A featured video is a video that we create on your behalf to promote your business to our visitors (or some specific aspect) that tells our visitors about you.

With a Featured Video, you can tell visitors anything you deem necessary to your visitors about you or any part of your Video.

Which types of companies uses video?

Almost any business can today use Video. I struggle to think of any business niche that could not use Video in any way.

Videos are best suited to those businesses with visually appealing elements because people are attracted to colour, sound, movement and anything interesting, unfortunately irrespective of value, as evidenced by the numerous cat videos that abound.


How do I get started with Videos?

You get started working with using Video by contacting us to talk through your requirements and goals in the first instance.

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