21 Quick Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

4October 2021

Concise and direct, herein are some quick facts you probably didn’t know about coffee. Coffee is one of the most fascinating drinks and like most popular items, it has a history.

This article is one of our Coffee Focus: First Sip Series in which we expound on some Quick Facts About Coffee Of Which You Were Probably Unaware.


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21 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

01- Coffee House

    • The first European coffee house opened in Rome in 1645.

02- First Imports

    • The Dutch East India Company was the first company to import coffee on a large scale.

03- Coffee Making Method

    • Espresso is the name for the way coffee gets prepared rather than being a type of coffee.

04- Coffee Smuggling

    • The first coffee seeds were smuggled out of the Middle East from Yemen to the Indian subcontinent by a man whose name was Sufi Baba Budan.

05- Old Haiti

    • From 1734 until around 1788, Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) supplied half of the world’s coffee. And briefly, in 1949, Haiti was the world’s 3rd largest exporter of coffee.

06- Discovery

    • Legend has it that Mocha, Yemen, was where Sheikh Omar survived by drinking the brown liquid formed from boiling the seeds of berries he discovered in a nearby cave.

07- Appetite Suppressant

    • Coffee has a reputation as an effective appetite suppressant.

08- Largest Producer

    • In 1852, Brazil was the largest coffee producer globally and by 1920 exported around 70% of the world’s coffee.

09- Largest Consumer

    • By 1860, the United States was the largest consumer of coffee worldwide, and by 1920, around half of all coffee produced worldwide got consumed in the US. 

10- Concentrated Coffee

    • Cold-brewing is a process of steeping coffee in water at cold temperatures for an extended period leading to coffee concentrate that you can then serve hot or dilute with milk or even blend with chocolate.

11- Cool Coffee

    • Not all coffee is served piping hot. In some coffee houses in Italy, baristas serve it as a coffee shot at room temperature, so customers can pop in, drink it in one gulp, without sitting, and then depart.

12- Natural Mystic

    • Drinking coffee after a meal seems like one of the most natural things you can do.

13- Aphrodisiac

    • Coffee is generally regarded as an aphrodisiac. Since it contains a high dose of caffeine and other numerous alkaloids, studies have actually shown that coffee can increase stamina.

14- The Devil Again

    • Although coffee has been a part of the Arab culture for hundreds of years, it did not become part of the western world until the 1500s. Before that time, priests believed that coffee was a beverage of the Devil, Lucifer.
    • Pope Clement VIII finally put an end to this outmoded way of thinking by taking a sip of coffee and after that offering his blessing to the coffee.

15- Coffee Day

    • Japan’s official Coffee Day is October 1st.

16- It’s all about Quantity

    • A single acre of coffee trees can produce near 10 thousand pounds of coffee cherries. Once they are crushed or hulled, there are still practically 2 thousand pounds of coffee beans.

17- There is Only One

    • The only American state that grows coffee is Hawaii. Puerto Rico is the only other territory in the United States that grows coffee.

18- Too Sweet 

    • Germany is the 2nd biggest coffee consumer in the world. 43% of Germans include sugar in their coffee, while only 27% of Americans (Americans drink the most coffee across the world) use any type of coffee sugar at all.

19- Coffee Origin

The English word coffee is derived from the Latin word Coffea, the Latin name for the taxonomic ranking of trees.

20- The Equator 

    • Each of the fifty-three coffee-growing nations exists near the equator, between the tropic of Cancer as well as Capricorn.

21- Petroleum

    • Oil is the only product more traded than coffee. The amount of coffee produced all over the world is close to 6 million metric tonnes each year.

Conclusion – 21 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Coffee

So there you have it – 21 quick facts about you probably didn’t know about coffee.

If you’re still curious about these types of coffee drinks and wonder how you might make them yourself, go here to find out.

If you have any comments, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

Where to get great tasting coffee in Wembley?

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