Top Ten Best Vegetarian Foods in the World

18 December 2021

What would you say to someone who asked you what are the top ten best vegetarian foods in the world? How would you reply? Read on to find out.

Welcome to this article in our Vegetarian Food Focus: First Look Series.

Where in Wembley Can I Enjoy Great Vegetarian Food?

Introduction – Top Ten Best Vegetarian Foods

Vegetables are one of the ideal sources of nutrients. They are critical, especially if you want to be healthy by avoiding foodborne diseases.

Be sure always to eat fresh organic vegetables.

Vegetables may be part of the main course and make great additions to your side dishes, so you should know the top 10 best vegetarian foods in the world.

Admittedly, the word best is subjective, and from the list below, it should be clear why. Here these items are alternatives to regular foods we typically enjoy as meat-eaters, with hints of their various health benefits.

1- Chocolate Cake

One of the most popular cakes is, without a doubt, chocolate cake, and this one happens to be vegan. 

It gets made from:

    • Cocoa powder, groundnuts (or nut butter), rice syrup (a natural sweetener with no glycemic index)
    • Applesauce (it is low in fat and has no cholesterol), and bananas (essential for proper muscle function)
    • Agave nectar (natural plant-derived sweetener believed to contain several therapeutic properties), baking soda, water, vanilla extract (flavour extracted from vanilla beans), salt, vinegar (acidity regulator)
    • Walnuts – These are (high in omega-3 fatty acids)
    • Oat flour (contains more fibre than white flour- helps regulate cholesterol levels) and baking powder

2- Vegetable Curry

You will need a vegetable broth, vegetables of your choice, onions, garlic cloves, ginger, olive oil or coconut oil, sea salt, black pepper or red chilli flakes, and garam masala (a mixture of spices common in North Indian cuisine). 

You will also need yellow split pea lentils (you can substitute chickpeas), basmati rice (long grain rice), and chopped cilantro (fresh coriander leaves). 

Further, you require garnish and brown rice (rice has many health benefits; it is rich in selenium which supports white blood cells).

These days, unless you’re eating out, you can obtain curry from most major supermarkets or cash-and-carry. Note too that curry does not have to mean hot or even spicy.

Curries are highly flexible in how they get made. And so there are curries for almost everyone.

3- Lentil Soup

Lentils are high in fibre, folate and iron. 

Red lentils are high in:

    • Antioxidants- boost the immune system
    • Magnesium (relaxes muscles) regulates blood sugar levels)
    • Vitamin K (maintains bone strength) stabilises blood pressure
    •  Potassium- aids in fluid balance, zinc – maintains cell function
    • Vitamin B supports nervous system functions
    • Phosphorus helps increase energy production in cells
    • Copper – strengthens connective tissues and bones and aids absorption of iron/ oxygen uptake

4- Mushroom Risotto

It is a classic Italian rice dish modified to suit vegetarians. You can swap butter for fat like coconut oil or olive, wine with vegetable broth and cheese with nutritional yeast. 

It contains:

    • Arborio rice (It is short-grain rice used for Risotto- high in fibre
    • Selenium – strengthens the immune system)
    • Onion (high in quercetin which helps relieve inflammation of the respiratory tract and urinary tract)
    • Garlic cloves (boosts immunity)
    • Dried porcini mushrooms, thyme, bay leaves, white wine, or vegetable broth for cooking liquid, salt, pepper and olive oil

5- Spinach Pie

Spinach is a superfood because it contains many nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, iron, folate, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamins C and E). 

Admittedly, wheat germ is full of B vitamins that boost metabolism, energy production, and selenium, protecting your cells from getting damaged by free radicals. 

It also contains essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce in sufficient quantities.

6- Almond Milk

Almond milk is made by simply soaking almonds overnight (skins slip off when soaked in water), blending the water with the almonds, and straining them. 

If desired, you could add sweetener, but keep in mind that it is low in calories and contains no carbohydrates or cholesterol. 

It also contains magnesium – which boosts energy production; calcium – which strengthens bones/ teeth/ nails/ muscles/ aids in the transmission of nerve impulses and vitamin E – an antioxidant which protects cells from free radicals).

7- Onion Bhajis

You will have no doubt heard of onion bhajis. Onion bread has long been a commonly eaten food for millions of people. Onion Bhajis are onions made more palatable by how they get prepared.

You will need onions, red pepper, cumin seeds, garam masala (a mixture of spices used in North Indian cuisine), and turmeric powder (a herb used in yellow curry dishes). 

It contains curcumin which combats inflammation and cancer), coriander leaves/ stems, besan gram flour (chickpea flour), salt, water, and vegetable oil for frying.

8- Falafel

Falafel is a traditional dish made from chickpeas and fava beans- high in protein and fibre. You can serve it as an appetiser or side dish with flatbread such as pita bread or tortilla wraps and hummus and vegetables. 

All of the above ingredients are necessary, plus extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon juice, garlic cloves, cumin seeds, and ground coriander.

Falafel on the lettuce with tzatziki sauce, horizontal

9- Vegan Chocolate Cheese Cake

It is a cheesecake made without any dairy products. It contains:

    • Cashew nuts – high in zinc which regulates cell division and aids immune function; supports the usual growth and development)
    • Coconut oil – (reduces the risk of diabetes, promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol, preventing blood clots, lowering blood pressure, and can be used topically to reduce cellulite)
    • Maple syrup – (manages insulin levels; improves circulation; protects against cancer)
    • Cocoa powder – (soothes an upset stomach, fights infections like colds/ flu, inflammation of the eyes)

 You will require all of these ingredients and some water for blending and making the crust.

vegetarian food cheesecake
vegetarian food cheesecake

10- Vegan Portobello Pizzas

These pizzas are a tasty take on a traditional favourite.

You will need two large portobello mushroom caps, flour, salt, olive oil for brushing the mushrooms and marinara sauce (made from tomato paste, water and seasoning).

Brush the mushrooms with olive oil, spread the tomato sauce, and sprinkle with your favourite toppings to make the pizza.

This dish provides a healthy alternative to traditional pizzas that are often high in fat content. 

Where in Wembley Can I Enjoy Great Vegetarian Food?

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