The 10 Best Fish and Chips Shops Near Colindale Updated for 2021

19November 2020

Updated: April 8, 2021

What Are the 10 Best Fish and Chips Shops Near Colindale – There’s nothing more distinctly British than a classic plate of fish and chips, and of course, you’ve got a wide variety of options if you’re in the mood for it when you’re in the country. 

From high-class restaurants redefining the dish to classic chip shops you can grab a greasy bag from on the go, there’s no shortage of delicious decisions to be made. 

To help you make that decision, we’ve narrowed down the list to the ten best spots the locals recommend above all others. 

But first let me answer a few obvious questions about fish and chips.

From where did fish and chips come?

The fish and chips dish depends on not just the availability of potatoes but the frying of the chips. According to Historic UK, the potato is thought to have been brought to the UK by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 17th century.

The article goes on to say that it is believed that it was the French who invented the potato chip.

I struggle to consider such an action as an invention stemming from a common food cooking method. I would have imagined that the French might have popularised the frying of potato.

I’m not sure I’d consider that an invention for which one might consider a patent but i’m happy to admit that might be down to my ignorance.

However, it didn’t take people long to realise the combination of fish with chips coupled with the availability of both being cheap enough for the food to become commonplace by the late 19th century.

History UK goes on to say that the first fish and chips shop in the world is thought to have been opened in Mossely, near Oldham in Lancashire around 1863 by a Mr John Lees, who sold fish and chips from a wooded hut in the market.

Fish and chips has all the hallmarks that would make it popular dish and so it has become. The ingredients were readily available, it used a relatively quick preparation method and needed nothing special with which to eat it.

This availability led to its popularity making it a first choice when people were out and about.

Another article suggested that the first fish and chip shop in London came about is the 1860’s by a Joseph Malin.

Whatever the history, today you can enjoy this dish almost everywhere in the United Kingdom.

Today however, we focus on the fish and chip shops in Colindale which neighbours Wembley.

Why do we prefer fish and chips on Friday?

We prefer fish and chips on Friday because the tradition has been passed down from the time when Roman Catholics believed that meat should not get eaten on Fridays.

I’ve worked several places which favoured fish & chips meals at lunch-time on Fridays. The same goes for schools and other institutions as the tradition is now well established.

It’s popularity also stems from Friday being at the end of the week when people feel less like cooking and therefore prefer to eat out fish and chips or buy in fish and chips.

The 10 Best Fish and Chips Shops Near Colindale

Immediately below are ten of the best places to chow down on the country’s most classic dish when you’re in Colindale.

01- White Fish – Bell Lane, Hendon

As the name implies, White Fish is a fish-specialising restaurant, but, as they say in their About section, they like to think they’re more than that.

Family-owned and operated by a couple with more than 40 years in the fashion industry, White Fish opened in 2012, and prides itself on being a family-friendly establishment. 

Their menu offers not only classic cod and haddock fried up and served with chips, mash, rice, or salad, but fusion dishes that blend traditional British favourites with Thai and Moroccan cuisine, as well as vegetarian options and a Catch of the Day dish.

Though a little on the pricier side, at around £20 a plate, White Fish is well worth the cost for the quality food and welcoming atmosphere.

Steak and kidney pie with beer
Steak and kidney pie with beer

02- The Chip Shop – 266 Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury

Jess, Indy and family, all run The Chip Shop. And, according to their website, “aims to provide top quality food and the best service possible”. 

They’re open for lunch, tea, and dinner, and offer a solid menu of cod, plaice, rock, and haddock, as well as kebabs of lamb or chicken and burgers (including a veggie burger!). 

They also have a dedicated kids menu with yummy options like classic sausage and scampi, and a vegetarian menu that boasts various raps and veggie rolls. Rocking in at about £9 a meal, The Chip Shop is a great place to find high-quality food at a reasonable price.


03- Big Bite Fish & Chips – Willesden Green

Big Bite Fish and Chips<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> is a two-generation family-run restaurant and the quintessential corner chippy. They prepare the food right in front of you so that you know you’re getting it fresh, and offer dine-in and takeaway options.

Their menu offers the usual cod, haddock, and plaice, but also has options for chicken, sausage, pies, and pasties if you’re looking for something a little different. Their meals come in at around £7 for your choice of meat and a side dish.

This price makes it the second cheapest menu on the list without sacrificing any of the flavours.

04- Booba’s Fish & Chips – 151 Hale Lane, Edgware

Happy to offer fresh fish daily, Booba’s Fish and Chips offers mostly takeaway service in the greater London area. They’re open six days a week, from noon until 10 pm, and offer cod, plaice, haddock, salmon, trout, sole, and others alongside not only chips, but mushy peas, beans, onion rings, coleslaw, and more. 

They also have vegetarian options like a veggie burger and salads. Their meals only go up to about £17 for a whole Dover sole, so they’re a great, affordable option if you’re looking for fresh food to eat at home. 

05- Café Anglais – Sheaveshill Ave, Colindale

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated fish and chips experience, Café Anglais has you covered. As the name implies, they’re a French-style café in the heart of London, open seven days a week to serve their delicious seasonal menu.

They’re one of the only restaurants on the list that are open for breakfast, with options like Welsh rarebit, eggs benedict, and a full English breakfast

Their dinner menu is even more impressive, though, as it features cod, scampi, and salmon steak fish options, as well as a wide variety of chicken, ham, lamb, burgers, and pies, and that’s just their main dishes. There are vegetarian options like Kiev and Lasagne, as well as delicious desserts like a classic sponge cake with custard and apple and rhubarb crumble. 

Ranging at £5-10 per meal, Café Anglais is classy dining without the classy price tag.

06- Chandos Arms, 31 Colindale Avenue, Colindale

A local favourite and the winner of the Great British Pub Award in 2019, Chandos Arms is open seven days a week to serve delicious, classic pub foods with a homemade twist. 

Sure, they have a wide variety of classic battered fish and chips, but they also have Sunday roasts, complete with creamy mash, Yorkshire puddings, and thick brown gravy, burgers stacked high with toppings, beer on tap, and even pizza

Their prices range around £10-15 a meal, meaning that not only are they serving quality food, but they’re well within most people’s budgets for a lovely evening out.


07- Belmont Bay Fish & Chips – 500 Kenton Lane, Kenton

Belmont Bay Fish and Chips got voted number one in London, and placed in the top 20 in the whole of the UK for the National Fish and Chip Awards in 2020, so you know they have to be quality.

They’ve been open since 2004, and have more than 20 years of experience between the owners.

They’ve also made commitments to sustainable fishing practices when sourcing their food. 

Belmont Bay offers the usual battered fish and chips, kebabs, sausage, and chicken, as well as kids’ meals and “Lite-bites” for those looking for a quick snack. Their prices sit at a surprisingly cheap £7 a meal for adult portions, meaning you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck.

08- The Green Man Fish & Chips – 214 Station Road, Edgware

Operating out of Edgware, The Green Man Fish and Chips offers fantastic food fast. Their customers rave about the excellent service and quick delivery, on top of the food, with a wide variety of fish on the menu, from cod and haddock to salmon and sea bass, as well as delicious side options like jacket potatoes and pickled gherkins

And all this they do for reasonable prices (averaging around £8 a meal. (Or £35 for a family pack that feeds a family of four). The Green Man stands out because it is an excellent option if you’re looking for quality family meals without the wait.

09- Captain’s Cabin Fish & Chips – 8 Handel Way, Edgware

Possibly the cheapest option on the list, Captain’s Cabin Fish and Chips is another solid, traditional chippy. Their fish and chip meals sit at around £5-6 a plate, the cheapest menu on this list.

If the reviews are anything to go by, this gets you a decent portion to boot. 

They’ve got pies, sausages, chicken, burgers, and a dedicated kids menu. Although there is no eat-in service, they’re open six days a week for takeaway service.

They can have your food ready for you in about fifteen minutes if you’re picking it up at the restaurant (though reviews argue that the wait time for deliveries is more extended than they expected). 

Captain’s Cabin is an excellent option if you’re looking for classic, deep-fried fish and thick, crisp chips.

10- Mr Chippy – 120 Burnt Oak, Edgware

Mr Chippy, Blue Oyster interestingly, boasts “Southern Fried Chicken” in the heart of London. They claim fast service, promising to have your food ready in fifteen minutes on their menu, which offers not only fish and chips, but steak and kidney piechicken and mushroom pieburgerskebabs, and various combination meals. 

Even better, they all come in at £8 or less per meal, making it another cheap option for lunch and dinner service. The reviews praise the friendly staff and excellent tasting food and are quick to praise it as one of the best corner chip shops in the area.

What Are the 10 Best Fish and Chips Shops Near Colindale? 

    1. White Fish
    2. The Chip Shop
    3. Big Bite Fish And Chips
    4. Booba’s Fish and Chips
    5. Café Anglais
    6. Chandos Arms
    7. Belmont Bay Fish and chips
    8. The Green Man Fish and Chips
    9. Captain’s Cabin Fish and Chips
    10. Mr Chippy

So there you have it – some eating places around Colindale, not far from the heart of Wembley.

As always, if you’ve had any experience at all with any of the above eating places, that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment below.

Don McDonald

Image Attributions – Links correct at time of publication

  • Plate of fish and Chips – Image by tommy pixel from Pixabay
  • Chicken Nugget & Chips – Image by Rene Arizmendi from Pixabay

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