The 9 Best Nepalese Restaurants Around Alperton Updated for 2021

27October 2020

Updated: April 20, 2021

The 9 Best Nepalese Restaurants Around Alperton – With the range of places to find good eats in the Alperton area, it’s the perfect place to try all kinds of different ethnic foods. 

Nepal, a nation in South Asia, combines culinary inspiration from neighbouring countries (including India, China, and Tibet) with their own indigenous techniques and ingredients to create cuisine that is unique, tasty, and often spicy (not necessarily hot spicy, though.)

Whether you’re looking to try Nepalese food for the first time or you’re just looking to get a taste of your old favourites, look no further. 

Below, I’ll let you in on the nine best Nepali restaurants in and around Alperton, London to get a bite at after a long and exciting football game. 

The 9 Best Nepalese Restaurants Around Alperton

01- Monty’s Tandoori – Eat at a Local Legend!

Monty’s Tandoori is a favourite community restaurant named after the nickname of the owner, Mahanta Shrestha, who is well known in the local Nepalese community. Mahanta has been in the food business in the UK since the 1970s. Clearly, this legend knows what he’s doing.

Extravagantly decorated dining rooms (there are two floors) are met with some of the tastiest classic Nepali dishes you’ll ever encounter. There’s even a section on the menu labelled “nominated dishes for ‘international’ chef,” and these are an obvious must-try. 

Monty is dedicated to providing hospitable and friendly service to all incoming patrons. If you’re someone like me who likes to build relationships with staff at your favourite restaurants, you won’t be disappointed here. 

Location: Monty’s Tandoori is located at Monty’s of London Ltd, 1B The Mall, Ealing, London W5 2PJ, United Kingdom.

02. The Aroma Lounge – This is a (Football) Fan’s Favourite

Aroma Lounge is a jack of all trades, with a restaurant, live sports, and beer garden. It’s a multi-level building, so there’s plenty of space, which makes it perfect for grabbing a drink and a bite to eat while watching the game with a group of your closest buddies. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular joints on this list.

Plus, their entire menu is separated by vegetarian/non-vegetarian sections. You’ll have your choice of a variety of vegetarian/non-vegetarian starters, main courses, and more. Food is served piping hot- meat lovers and tree-huggers alike will leave Aroma Lounge satisfied! 

Location: Aroma Lounge is located at 96 Llanover Rd, Wembley HA9 7LT, United Kingdom.

03- Spice Klub – Looking for a Great Nepalese Eating Place? Look No Further 

This trendy restaurant with a mix of various South Asian cuisines is perfect for those young at heart. 

The menu is vast and exhaustive with options for any Nepali food lover. They also have plenty of televisions broadcasting soccer games, so no worries if you want to dip out from your football match to grab a bite to eat- you won’t be missing anything. 

Another huge plus to Spice Klub is their bar services. Here, you can find anything from classic beer to extraordinarily unique and ornate cocktails. 

And if you’re vegetarian or vegan, rest assured; there are plenty of items on the menu for the animal lovers. If you choose to visit Spice Klub, be sure to try their tandoori dishes. 

Location: Spice Klub Wembley is located at 93 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4BN, United Kingdom.

04- Wembley Tandoori – Offers Fantastic Food at a Great Price

At Wembley Tandoori, you’ll have your choice of Indian and Nepalese classics for incredible prices. 

Wembley Tandoori’s menu includes momos, curries, noodles, samosas- pretty much anything you’d want in a South Asian restaurant. 

They also have two sections to their main menu- 1) meat main courses and 2) vegetable main courses. Both contain a similar number of items, meaning vegetarians will have the same variety of choices to pick from. This can be a rarity, so that makes this place an extra-special gem. 

And the best part? Almost all of the main courses hover below £10! Fans of this restaurant rave about their Chicken Tikka Masala, so be sure to give that a try. 

Location: Wembley Tandoori is located at 133 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, Wembley HA9 8HQ, United Kingdom.

momos - nepalese cuisine
momos – nepalese cuisine

05- Looking for a Party? Himalayan Club Wembley Has You Covered

Himalayan Club Wembley offers not only great food and service but also live music performances! While it is indeed a restaurant, you’ll find the vibe changes to something more similar to a club at night (hence the name.) So, if you’re looking to dance, you’ll definitely be joined by others dying to boogie too! 

It’s the perfect place to try new Indian and Nepali foods because you can be sure you’ll love what you order. Regulars swear by their crispy Bhagiya, Batatawada, and Chicken 65. Watch that spice though. Many of their dishes are packed with hot, spicy flavour- perfect for the adventurous eater.

Location: Himalayan Club Wembley is located at 32-34 Watford Road, Sudbury, Wembley HA0 3EP, United Kingdom.

Fried Nepalese momos
Fried Nepalese momos

06- MaMa’s Nepalese Kitchen Serves Up Healthy Nepali Cuisine

Mama’s Nepalese Kitchen (Northfields) prides themselves on using only fresh, quality ingredients for a healthy Nepalese dining experience. 

They offer an incredible variety of meat and vegetarian dishes with large portions for your pleasure; and most menu items stay under £10, making it the perfect choice for broke students seeking nutritious, delicious meals. 

While fans of Mama’s often say it’s challenging to pick one favourite dish, I recommend trying the Chicken Tikka and Mushroom Bhaji. 

Location: Mama’s Nepalese Kitchen (Northfields) is located at 36 Northfield Avenue, London W13 9RL, United Kingdom.

07- Looking for Fast and Convenient Nepalese Food? Jalsa Foods is the Choice for You

Jalsa Foods is the perfect on-the-go choice for patrons who want Indian/Nepali cuisine but don’t have enough time to sit down for a full dining experience. 

Jalsa Foods is known for their consistency and flavour, and because they are expert with their takeaway orders, they carefully package your treats in a fast and organised manner so you can head out with your food just as quickly as you came! 

Location: Jalsa Foods is located at 28 Watford Rd, Sudbury, Wembley HA0 3EP, United Kingdom.

08- Kanishkaa – Put Some Colour on Your Plate with 

Kanishkaa is a contemporary South Asian/Chinese restaurant where you’ll be treated to views of gorgeous wall art inspired by Emperor Kanishkaa and a colourful plate of South Asian classics. 

Their menu is inspired by the most popular Asian dishes out there, created with a modern twist. Their most popular menu items are their Laal Maas, Dhal Makhani, and Egg Curry. Grab a side order of Sichuan chicken for a touch of Chinese influence. 

At Kanishkaa, they’re dedicated to you. So, you can expect excellent service, great aesthetics, and even better food. 

Location: Kanishkaa is located at 305 Harrow Rd, Wembley HA9 6BD, United Kingdom.

09- Tried and True, Give Nepal Restaurant Shepherds Bush a Shot! 

Ok, so this restaurant is not in Alperton, but well worth having on your radar because of its popularity. Nepal Restaurant in Shepherds Bush is one of the most popular Nepali Tandoori restaurants in the area. The environment is clean, the staff are friendly, and the food is fantastic. Could you ask for more?

Many visitors swear Nepal Restaurant Shepherds Bush is their go-to for anything curry. I also highly recommend their chicken momo (a type of steamed filled dumpling). Top it all off with a nice Cobra beer, and have yourself a feast! 

Location: Nepal Restaurant Shepherds Bush is located at 121 Uxbridge Road, London W12 8NL, United Kingdom.

The 9 Best Nepalese Restaurants Around Alperton – Finally

You now have the answer to the overriding question of What Are The 9 Best Nepalese Restaurants Around Alperton? There are numerous Nepali restaurants in the Alperton area from which to choose.

Whether you’re seeking a healthy, colourful meal, an exciting club experience, or just a place to kick back and watch the game, this list includes the best Nepalese options around Alperton for anyone to enjoy.

Bon Appetit! 

Got anything to say? Please leave it in the comments below.

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