The Best 7 Cake Shops in Alperton-Wembley Updated for 2021

14November 2020

Updated: May 8, 2021

Which Are The Best 7 Cake Shops in Alperton-Wembley: Alperton is home to several fantastic cake shops that will tickle your taste buds. If you ever have a pitstop in Wembley, Alperton is located in the south of Wembley, be sure to stop and have a bite or two. 

This small part of Wembley boasts several excellent bakeries and cake shops that will hit you right in the sweet tooth! 

In addition to several high-quality cake shops, Alperton’s bakers provide a diversity of flavours and experience. 

Here you’ll discover traditional British treats, French delicacies, or treats found worldwide. 

Alperton has it all. Each of the following cake shops is unique, but they all share one trait. They make amazing cakes, and right now, they all need your custom.

In a bit to help, below we talk a little about the common concerns people have about eating cakes. These are simply suggestions for your consideration, not to be taken as any kind of medical advice.

Also, the images are not of items made by any cake shop referred to in the article.

But concerns aside, a more obvious question is Where is Alperton, relative to Wembley?

Where is Alperton?

Alperton is a NorthWest district in the London Borough of Brent. Cutting right through Alperton is Ealing Road. This road centres around a local Indian community with shops that cater to that group.

This busy area often meant traffic jams along that stretch of road. Businesses sell fruit and vegetarians, alongside various cash-and-carry businesses. 

Unsurprisingly, because of its inhabitants, it sells sarees, fruit, vegetables and sweets.

At one end if Wembley High Road while at the other end is Alperton tube station and bus garage that joins the A4005 that to the South leads to Hangar Lane or Sudbury in the opposite direction.

Supporting that community are many Indian restaurants and businesses. The business end of this area nearest Wembley gets referred to as the Asian Hatton Garden because of its multitude of jewellery shops.

Warning! 7 Cake Shops Ahead

But another less aspect of this area is the opportunity to buy cakes that take your fancy. We all love cakes. When done well they are incredibly difficult to resist.

And Cakes is the topic on which this article focuses.

Some of the cake places mentioned here can be said to be around Alperton rather than directly in Alperton, but still all manageable distances.

Which Are The Best 7 Cake Shops in Alperton-Wembley?

Here are the seven cake places on which we focus in this article.

      1. Cake Box
      2. Wenzel’s the Bakers
      3. Asian Wedding Cakes
      4. À Demain Pastry
      5. Red Rose Bakery
      6. Caffè Concerto Cake Studio
      7. Anges de Sucre

01- Cake Box 

This cake shop is not only known for the lightness of their treats but also their superb customer service. Customers and locals have rated the store as a homely environment; however, with the ongoing pandemic, most people opt for home delivery.

There are many branches in Wembley – Cake Box Wembley along Wembley High Road and Cake Box Alperton.

You’ll find Cake Box on food delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo for same-day delivery. Or you can contact them as usual through their phone number.

The website for this company is still in the works; however, many people say the best experience for this restaurant is not only the cakes but the environment as well. Cake Box is one of the many culinary stops there are to experience in this charming area of Wembley. 


02- Wenzel’s the Bakers

Unlike the previous shops, Wenzel’s bakery also provides savoury platters in addition to their cakes, cupcakes, and pastries.

This shop offers a wide variety of:

    • Cupcakes
    • Fruit slices 
    • Doughnuts
    • Eclairs and other pastries

Wenzel’s serves a wide variety of sweet and savoury treats, which makes them a perfect one-stop-shop for your entire family. Everyone can find something here to love!

This shop is a perfect option for hosting kids’ parties as well as graduation parties. With several pre-designed cakes and cupcakes to choose from, Wenzel takes out the hassle of catering for family events. 

There are several branches in Wembley – Wenzel’s Wembley Central, Wenzel’s Sudbury Hill and Wenzel’s Sudbury Town.

Sponge-cake Slice
Sponge-cake Slice

03- Asian Wedding Cakes

As the name suggests, this Alperton cake shop mainly focuses on wedding cakes. From collection cakes, towers, and stacked cakes, this shop provides Alperton, and beyond, with all styles of wedding cakes.

They also boast several other amazing desserts, such as:

    • Cupcake design options 
    • Hanging cakes
    • Water fountains and other add-ons to spruce up your weddings

Although this cake shop is not the most tourist-friendly, it has been providing Alperton with amazing wedding cakes ever since it got established. 

Asian Wedding Cake
Asian Wedding Cake

04- À Demain, French Pastry Shop

Adding to the exciting flavours that you’ll find in Alperton is À Demain Pastry, which is a French pastry shop located within Alperton. This shop sells not only British treats but also delicate French pastries that are a favourite among the people. 

Although À Demain does not sell or offer premade cakes, they offer bespoke creations, as well as voyage cakes that are perfect for every occasion. Unlike the previous cakes shop, this one is an excellent option for tourists since they have the option of single-serve orders. 

The single-serve pastry’s packaging makes it a perfect option for:

    • An on-the-go treat 
    • Hosting a dinner party or serving tea 
    • Catering events 
    • A quick bite before heading to the stadium for a match!
French Pastry – Crisp crescent rolls on a cutting board

05- Red Rose Bakery 

Known as London’s most delicate artisan cake and dessert manufacturer ever since it got founded over fifty years ago, the Red Rose Bakery ensures excellent taste, service, and prices to all its customers.

However, you don’t have to go to their shop to taste their pastries. 

They have spread all over England, and you can find their sweets in coffee shops, hotels, and catering services. When a bakery can go from local shop to national caterer, you know you’re going to be getting a delicious cake.

The website offers a wide range of options, including:

    • Corporation cakes
    • Cheesecakes
    • Decorated cookies 

Some would even go as far as to say that you did not visit Alperton if you do not try their vegan take on the cherry cake or their unique toffee popcorn.

Slices of pound cake

06- Caffè Concerto Cake Studio

You can find this upmarket coffee-and-cake shop in several places around the world, and luckily for you, Alperton happens to be one of them. The Caffè Concerto Cake Studio, located in Alperton which is only one of its many locations all over the UK. 

This cafe offers single slices, kids, cakes, and wedding cakes as well as party accessories. 

The great news about this cake shop is that if you were planning to stop in Alperton, you would still be able to find these same pastries in different countries. Caffè Concerto Cake Studio has over twenty shops scattered all over Saudi Arabia and Europe. 

Caffè Concerto is known for its upscale take on a traditional cake shop with:

    •  A plush, upscale interior
    •  Velvet seats
    •  Sparkling chandeliers
    •  Live music
    •  Amazing treats

You read that right—you get to enjoy live music and chandeliers while enjoying your sweet treat! This cake shop offers a fantastic overall experience wherever they are in the world. 

chocolate cake

07- Anges de Sucre

With a title like that, this shop has high expectations and manages to surpass them every time. Anges de Sucre is known for making elaborate sugary cakes, and Vogue even said that this bakery had “London’s best cakes”. 

The founder of this unique cake shop, who graduated from a prestigious French culinary school, can take up to three days to make one of her unique creations. These sugar bombs haven’t just been causing explosions of flavour to anyone who tries them, but they have also taken the internet by storm. 

People from all over the world are fascinated by the towering cakes teeming with candy and more pastries

Anges de Sucre is a cake store that you will not regret trying. 

However, just like one of the previous cake shops, this store does not have an option to buy in smaller portions and mainly focuses on events and catering.

Sugary Cake
Custard (Vanilla) Slices topped with sugar glaze

Cake Concerns

You love cakes, and here you’ll find the answer to a few of the concerns you may have.

What do I need to know about cakes as someone with diabetes?

01- Insulin events – As someone with diabetes Type 2, you certainly want to reduce your insulin events. One way to do that is to avoid foods that cause those kinds of events and pay attention to the foods that cause less of them or none at all.

02- Well-being – Ideally, for your guaranteed well-being, you should take full responsibility for it. One way to do this is to satisfy yourself that the cakes you eat have got made with people with diabetes in mind.

03- Low-sugar – In the same way that the world has embraced low-fat, it is now similarly embracing low-sugar ingredients in cakes as it does with gluten-free ingredients.  

04- Carbohydrate reduction – Responsible bakers will look to minimise the carbohydrate content in their cakes because they are aware of its impact on the effect on blood sugar levels. This becomes a balance between making the cake and its final taste.

Taking responsibility for your well-being involves asking cake makers about their ingredients and holding them to account if you order from them.

05- Be satisfied or else – If you remain unsatisfied after a conversation, then take your business elsewhere while informing them that if the situation changes you’d be more than happy to buy in future.

06- Questions – So take time to question your baker about their use of flour, sugar, and the ingredients used in the internal and external decorations that make the cake distinctive. You may find they have already published this information.

07- Sugar alternatives – These days, cake makers can use alternatives to sugar, of which there are many. Some of these sweeteners have a sweeter flavour than sugar and so takes less to give a similarly sweet taste, all while containing fewer commensurate calories.

There are sugar alternatives like sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol and mannitol that reduce the impact on blood sugar levels – however, beware because unless consumed in small doses, some may have a laxative effect.

Know that while these ingredients reduce that amount of available sugar, doing so changes the cooking characteristics of what you’re baking. You may find that your baker has already considered this.

08- Fruit instead of sugar – They may have used grated or finely-chopped fruit (pears, apples, berries, peaches) as a replacement for sugar and sweeteners. Almond flour is a great alternative to regular sugar because it has a much-reduced level of carbohydrates when compared with flour.

As mentioned earlier, events that lead to less insulin production (an insulin event) that sweeps away the sugar from your blood-stream (an act that maintains the body’s balance) means less impact on the level of sugar in your blood. 

09- Flour alternatives – This small change of using fruit instead of sugar, makes for a healthier choice compared with regular recipes. Wholemeal flour is an alternative to Almond flour. It’s high in fibre and will keep you feeling full for longer, in which case, a small slice will suffice.

10- Gluten-free – Be aware that bakers can also use self-raising gluten-free flour specially designed for making cakes as alternatives to wheat flour. A skilled baker will ensure that the resulting cake is not especially dry.

11- Egg-Free – Also know that making cakes without using eggs is a thing, (I was unaware of this until fairly recently), which means you can still enjoy cakes even if you prefer to eat no eggs. There are many egg-free baking recipes available for your delectation.

As before, it’s wise to ask about the contents of the cake that you’re about to buy/eat but it’s up to you. 

When Should I Refrigerate the Cakes That I’ve Bought?

When should cake go in the fridge? The first answer is the cakes most likely to need refrigerating are those that typically get made for quick consumption. As you may think, the answer to this question depends on the ingredients used to bake the cake.

Cakes with high dairy content, like cheesecakes and gateaux, containing cream and eggs, are the prime candidates. All those cakes with fruit and fine delicate external ingredients are primarily the ones of which I speak.

But you’ll do well to consider refrigerating any food, cake or otherwise, that can get affected by hot temperatures irrespective of their dairy-content. But while for sure, there are make cakes that do not require this, if you’re not intending to eat your cake immediately, or share it, it would be wise to consider the egg content and refrigerate purely for reasons of safety.

However, I recall no cakes being put in the fridge as a child in the all-year-round summer in which I grew up, and I ate many cakes as a child. The real reason though maybe because those cakes probably didn’t last too long!

What can I do if my cake is dry after buying it?

There really are only a few options if you want to moisten your cake, if it’s dry, after it has been baked. Your best option is to eat it with something to moisten it, like custard perhaps.

You’ll have no difficulty finding a replacement in the supermarket. There are many. This “problem” has been solved and there are many solutions.

This is true too if you’re vegan. Alpro dairy-free custard that’s soya-based that’s readily available.

What Are the Considerations For Allergies About Cakes?

First off, know that these days the law requires cake makers to provide details of their ingredients to potential purchasers. They are many known health risks and bakers have come to understand the importance of what this means for their customers.

01- Nut allergies

One of the most common forms of cake allergies is that of eating nuts. Bakers are legally obliged to notify customers if their cakes contain nuts. Nuts and enhance some cakes and, it’s in your interest to check this out first.

If you’ve already had an allergy event then checking for the possibility of nuts in your cakes, will already be top of your mind. But nut is not the only food allergy of which people may be concerned.

You may be looking to confirm freedom from not only nuts but dairy, eggs, wheat, peanut, soy and tree nut too. Common sense still applies.

If you’re likely to be affected negatively but any of these typical food allergies, then it’s incumbent upon you to seek the cakes that suit you rather than depending on someone else. That way you protect yourself and those you know to have allergies too.

02- For Allergies, To Nuts Should I Be Paying Attention?

If you have a nut-allergy then you probably already know what to avoid.

However, the most common nuts are:

    • Cashews Nuts,
    • Brazil nuts,
    • Walnuts,
    • Macadamia nuts,
    • Almonds,
    • Hazelnuts
    • Pistachio nuts

There are clearly others but if you’re not allergic to nuts yourself and planning to share a cake you’ve bought, that may contain nuts, it’s worth knowing the nut-content so that you can inform others. You can find more definitive information about nuts and allergies here.

03- In What Might I Find Nuts?

Here we are focussing on nuts being found in cakes but pay attention too to the sprinkles or cake mixes that often get used in decorating cakes.

The Best 7 Cake Shops in Alperton-Wembley – Finally

Despite only being a small area of Wembley, Alperton (and surrounding areas) contains several excellent cake shops that produce stunning confectionery achievements. Many of them have several branches making it straightforward to get your cake needs met.

Whatever may have brought you to Alperton, whether it be leisure, a wedding, or merely passing by, any local will tell you that you should not leave without trying the warm muffins at Caffè Concerto Cake Studio, or the stunning Wenzel’s cakes!

With the wide range of available cake shops in and around Wembley, you should, depending on your preference, obtain almost any kind of cake you heart desires.

You’ll find:

    • gluten-free cakes
    • egg-free cakes
    • birthday cakes
    • anniversary cakes
    • wedding cakes
    • vegetarian cakes

… and much more.

Good cake hunting.

Have you any experience at any of these places in Alperton? If yes, please let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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