The Best Fish And Chips Near Harlesden Updated for 2021

15October 2020

Updated: April 8, 2021

The Best Fish And Chips Near Harlesden – Not all fish and chips gets created equal. Seemingly simple, finding quality fish and chips can be somewhat hit and miss.

In this article, we address that issue head-on and is particularly useful if you are in and around Harlesden.

Harlesden is located in the London Borough of Brent. It is a diverse area that is also close to Wembley and its main attraction, Wembley Stadium. The stadium plays host to some of the most notable events in English football, such as the matches played at home by the English National team.

All this excitement might make you hungry for a classic English meal.

The best fish and chips near Harlesden is easy to find. Traditional pubs like The Queensbury and The Masons Arms include this well-known British dish on their menus. Fast food and takeout places like Ocean Pride Fish Bar and Bigger Bite also offer fish and chips options in the heart of Harlesden.

We will take a look at the vibrant and diverse location of Harlesden below. Join us on a journey into Harlesden’s history, its surroundings, and its many culinary delights.

The Best Fish And Chips Near Harlesden

Harlesden is a district in Brent, London, where fish and chips have been a staple dish on menus across the city since at least the 19th century. This delicious and highly popular combination can be found in the majority of Harlesden’s eateries, from seafood restaurants to local takeout places, also known as ‘chippies’ or ‘chip shops’.

What Are the Fish And Chips Options In Harlesden?

There are plenty of fish and chips options in Harlesden to satisfy your craving.

Here are some alternatives to keep in mind:

01- The Masons Arms

Located in Kensal Green, The Masons Arms is a traditional pub dating back to the 19th century. There’s also a beer garden available, and the menu offers British food staples such as hand-battered haddock fish and chips.

Noteworthy is that they have a Children’s Menu, a Sunday menu, a buffet menu in addition to their regular Main menu.  It is only a short walk from Kensal Green Underground and Overground Station.

02- The Queensbury

A highly frequented gastropub in Willesden Green, The Queensbury prides itself on its creative menu. The pub offers traditional Sunday roast every Sunday, and the menu also includes fish and chips served with mushy peas and tartare sauce.

03- Ocean Pride Fish Bar

Located on Harlesden’s Station Road, the Ocean Pride Fish Bar is a conveniently located takeout place that offers quick bites for collection and delivery. They are known for their affordable prices and delicious fish and chips.

04- Bigger Bite

You can find this fast food place on Harlesden’s Park Parade. Bigger Bite’s menu offers a delightful selection of quick bites like fish and chips. They are known for the quality of their chips.

05- Crystal Fish Bar & Kebabs

One of the most popular choices for fast, Crystal Fish Bar & Kebabs is located in Maida Vale. They are known for the high-quality selection of fish they offer, particularly for their fish and chips dishes.

06- Big Ben Fish Bar

Found on Craven Park Road, Big Ben Fish Bar is a takeout place that specialises in fresh and traditional fish and chips options.

What Other Eating Out Options Are There In Harlesden?

Harlesden benefits from a mix of cultures from its large population of immigrant families. These cultures have become integrated into the local community, and a wide array of varying cuisines are on offer at eateries across the district. 

From Afro-Caribbean to Portuguese restaurants, there is much to experience during your time in Harlesden.

01- O Bombeiro

This is a casual dining restaurant on Harlesden’s Park Parade. O Bombeiro offers a selection of Portuguese foods, as well as tapas.

02- Dracula House Restaurant

This is a Romanian restaurant on the High Street in Harlesden. At Dracula House, you can sample traditional Romanian food freshly made to order.

03- Gostosa Pizzeria

This pizzeria has delicious Brazilian pizzas on offer. You can find it conveniently placed on Harlesden’s High Street. Traditional Brazilian dishes and succulent burgers are also on the menu, as well as Brazilian beers and cocktails.

04- The One-Stop Caribbean

You can also find this popular Jamaican restaurant on Harlesden’s High Street. One-Stop Caribbean specialises in jerk chicken but also offers other delicacies such as brown stew and callaloo.

05- Trinidad Roti Shop

This Caribbean cuisine restaurant specialises in curries and traditional Trinidad and Tobago Roti that is made on the premises.

06- Tandoori Villa

This is a cosy restaurant that you can find on Kensal Green, specialising in highly-rated Indian food.

07- Sanzio Restaurant

Sanzio is an Italian restaurant on Willesden Green that serves traditional and innovative Italian food inspired by the owner’s grandmother.

08- O Tamariz

Found on Harlesden’s Charlton Road, O Tamariz is a well-known Portuguese cafe that offers a delicious selection of pastries and sandwiches to accompany your coffee. 

What’s There To Know About Harlesden?

Harlesden is located in the north-west of England’s capital, London. Its diverse population (Afro-Caribbean, Irish Catholic, Brazilian, Portuguese and Colombian communities) and its proximity to Wembley makes it an excellent stop on any Wembley trip.

Unsurprisingly, Harlesden has excellent connections to the rest of the city via the ‘Tube’, London’s subway system. 

01- Harlesden Is A Specially Chosen Location

Several Jubilee clocks were erected to commemorate the Golden/Diamond Jubilee across England (and the Wider British Empire). According to Wikipedia, Harlesden was chosen as the site for one of those clocks in 1888 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee that same year. 

Harlesden is a district that is part of the London Borough of Brent, along with Willesden, Kilburn, Wembley, and Neasden. It was a rural location in Willesden Parish until it became part of London in the 1930s.

Initially a place for the middle class, Harlesden became increasingly working class as it became an industrial hub.

During the 1980s, Harlesden earned a reputation as a ‘rough’ area due to various factors such as poverty and racial tension. It has since shaken off that label and is now flourishing.

02- Harlesden Has A Diverse Community

Harlesden enjoys a community made out many immigrant groups that have settled in the district. Over 60% of the population in Harlesden falls under the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic census category.

The largest immigrant group is Afro-Caribbean, followed by Irish, Somali, Indian, Portuguese, East African, and Brazilian. Harlesden’s cultural diversity has created a rich and vibrant community where English, Somali, and Portuguese are the main languages.

The Wembley Connection

Harlesden is a neighbouring district to the popular area of Wembley, also located within the London Borough of Brent. 

01- Connected By The Wembley Stadium

Harlesden is only a few short miles from Wembley. Wembley is primarily known to visitors globally as the district where Wembley Stadium can be found. The current stadium is a replacement for the original and has been open since 2007. 

Wembley Stadium plays host to some of the most important matches on the English football calendar, such as the home games of the National Football team, as well as several Football Association (FA) events like the Cup Final. The FA is the primary football body in England, and it has ownership of Wembley Stadium. 

Events at Wembley Stadium vary from sporting events such as football and rugby finals to concerts by musicians of great renown like the Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Rick Astley, Nightwish, and a-Ha. The stadium also hosts wedding fairs, the Coral Challenge Cup, the Carabao Cup Final, and the Nickelodeon Slimefest.

It is also the location for the NFL’s London Game Series matches.

Wembley Stadium is only a few minutes walk away from the SSE Arena, Wembley.

02- Connected By Tourism

Wembley Stadium is a popular location for events, both football-related and cultural. These events bring in plenty of visitors to the London Borough of Brent area.

Special parking rules apply to Wembley Event Days, as the population numbers soar in the Wembley surroundings due to the influx of local and international tourism. Nearby districts like Harlesden are always ready to receive and entertain visitors to Wembley’s Event Days.

The Best Fish And Chips Near Harlesden – Conclusion

There are plenty of unique options for enjoying a traditional and delicious fish and chips dish in and around Harlesden. This district in London offers great diversity, and you can also sample a wide spread of international cuisine while you’re in the area.

There are various traditional English pubs, as well as plenty of Caribbean, Indian, African, and Portuguese restaurants. Takeout places are also found on every corner.

Harlesden benefits from being well-connected to the rest of the London districts, and it is also known for its proximity to Wembley Stadium. On Wembley Event Days, Harlesden is an excellent option to venture into if you’re looking for affordable and varied food choices. 

Had any great experiences in Wembley?

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