What Are The Most Popular Vegetarian Countries of All

14 December 2021

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular vegetarian countries of all? I have wondered, and so I decided to find out.

Welcome to this article – the next in our Vegetarian Food Focus: First Look Series.

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The world is a varied haphazard set of different cultures and traditions. Some people live their lives in an entirely different way than others, but it’s also fun to learn about other lifestyles and try them out for yourself.

There are many cultural variations on what makes a vegetarian diet. People decide to go vegetarian for a multitude of reasons.

Some choose the lifestyle for health reasons, while others do it for environmental concerns. 

The following list represents the most popular vegetarian countries of all around the world:

01) India

India is a country that has a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. With around 1.2 billion people, India got voted the most vegetarian-friendly country globally.

Indians also have many native religions and sects that believe in abstaining from meat for religious reasons, such as Hinduism and Jainism.

In addition, many vegetarians in India do not refrain from meat for religious reasons, but mainly because of cultural, ethical, and economic reasons.

02) The United Kingdom

In terms of percentages, it is the most vegetarian-friendly country in Europe. You can find various vegan choices in nearly any restaurant as a vegan.

The United Kingdom has more than three times as many vegetarians as the rest of Europe combined. The rise of vegetarianism in Britain is also due to its health benefits and environmental concerns associated with eating meat products.

03) Germany

It has about 2 million vegetarians who are not limited to one particular religion. The main reason for the increase in vegetarianism is for health benefits.

Still, it is also because Germans want the food choices to be more sustainable, convenient, and animal friendly. Another factor contributing to Germany’s high rank among the most vegetarian-friendly countries globally is its restaurants’ wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

04) France

The main reasons why France ranked high on this list are due to animal rights, health benefits, and ecological concerns. Some French people who are vegetarians claim that they only eat fish once or twice a month instead of meat.

Even a small number of vegetarians can increase the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in a country.

05) Taiwan

Vegetarian food is widely available at restaurants, even in small towns with no temples or vegetarian restaurants. Taiwan’s vegetarian dishes are mainly from Buddhism and Taoism, with some from China’s two main religions – Confucianism and Taoism.

The island also offers many fruits, vegetables, desserts, and healthy foods, considered essential in maintaining a healthy vegan lifestyle.

06) New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that has become more popular in promoting veganism and vegetarianism. It is also home to many restaurants specializing in vegan dishes, most of which get made with locally grown organic ingredients.

The truthfulness of their claims for sustainable or organic foods has gained popularity among the locals and tourists alike.

07) The Netherlands

The main reasons for the high percentage of vegetarians in the Netherlands are health and animal welfare concerns. The majority of its population believes that meat from animals should be used merely as a supplement, not as a staple diet.

This state of affairs is probably one reason you could see many pet shops selling cats, dogs, and other small pets as companions. Most of the restaurants in the

The Netherlands also has various vegetarian dishes that will surely fit your need with minimal effort.

08) Belgium

There are many vegetarians in Belgium. They exist mainly because of animal welfare and health concerns, and Belgium has the most vegan restaurants per capita in Europe.

It is home to many meat-free restaurants that serve mainly organic and locally grown ingredients, such as hearty salads with delicious homemade dressings. Some also serve fresh juices and smoothies made from seasonal fruits.

09) Australia

The Australian Vegan Society got founded in 1944, and it has around 7,000 members today. The number of vegetarians in Australia has doubled in the past ten years, primarily because of health benefits.

Most Australians are vegans or vegetarians because they choose not to eat meat for ethical or environmental reasons. Some of the health benefits of having organic food also contributed to increased vegetarianism.

10) Israel

Israelis eat much more vegetables and salads than people in other countries. The reasons for this are primarily religious and cultural. 

Jewish tradition requires followers to eat kosher, which means meat must come from certain animals such as fish, cows, chickens, and other birds. Some also eat only vegetables that grow above the ground because those are considered clean.

Many consumers still think that going vegan will help prevent cancer and obesity to ensure a high demand for vegan food restaurants in Israel.

Where In Wembley Can I Enjoy Great Vegetarian Food?


With a growing number of people choosing to adopt a plant-based diet, it’s no surprise that countries worldwide are experiencing an increase in vegetarianism. 

Do you have any particular vegetarian food places you love to eat? Let us know below in the comments.

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