Top Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee in Wembley

26September 2021

Top Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee in Wembley-  Coffee Lovers are always looking for ways to improve their morning coffee. Few things make us feel more alive than a proper solid cup of coffee that sets us up for whatever the day has in store.

Welcome to this Coffee Focus: First Sip Series article.

Introduction – Ways To Improve Your Morning Coffee

Are you one of the millions around the globe that starts their morning with a cup of coffee? If so, you likely have an acquired taste. 

Everyone likes their coffee a certain way. However, just because you want your coffee to taste a particular way doesn’t mean you can continually improve it.

But strive for perfection, we must.

This article will learn about some of the best ways to improve your morning coffee. 

01. Improve Morning Coffee – Buy Local Beans

One of the best ways to improve your morning coffee is purchasing your beans from a local supplier. Getting your beans from a local supplier means you will get the freshest possible beans. 

The more freshly ground your beans are, the better your coffee will taste. 

02. Improve Morning Coffee – Buying Whole Beans

One of the things many people do that ruins their coffee is not buying whole beans. While buying pre-ground coffee may be convenient, it will not deliver the best tasting results. 

You want to try to purchase your beans in whole bean form. This way, you can grind your coffee right before you are about to make a pot. 

Whole beans ensure you get fresher-tasting coffee. 

03. Improve Morning Coffee – Proper Storage

Another common problem many people run into is not storing their beans properly. You want to ensure that you aren’t leaving your coffee in the same bag it came in. 

While some coffee brands spend money on the packaging to keep your beans fresh, it’s never going to do the job an airtight mason jar or container will. 

Get a jar or container that you can use for your coffee to keep it fresh. 

04. Improve Morning Coffee – Measure Everything

Two sayings apply here.

1 – “You can’t improve it if you don’t measure it”. 

2- “If you value it, you must measure it”.

Making coffee is a science. Ideally, you should measure your coffee when making it to avoid using too much coffee or using an incorrect amount of water—for example, too much water and not enough coffee. 

To ensure you make a quality cup every time, measure it and track the results. By measuring it, you can figure out what ratio tastes the best, and you more quickly get to understand better what you prefer. 

You may experience some disappointment along the way as you try various blends and tastes, and you’ll become wiser more quickly.

05. Improve Morning Coffee – Brew Your Coffee Differently

Many of those who brew coffee in the morning might be stuck doing the same old thing. If you want your coffee to taste better or different, you’ll need to switch things up. 

You can taste your coffee better by switching to a new brewing method. There are plenty of excellent ways to brew coffee. One of them is through using a French press. 

A French press is an effortless way to get yourself a better-tasting cup of coffee, and the process isn’t complicated.

Another would be using a Chemex or similar type of brewing equipment. 

06. Improve Morning Coffee – Use Filtered Water

When you are looking to get your coffee tasting better, you’ll want to pay attention to the water you’re using. Ideally, you want to use filtered water. 

After all, your coffee is mostly water. Therefore, the quality and taste of the water you use while making coffee will impact the overall taste of your coffee. 

07. Improve Morning Coffee – Clean Your Machine

If you use a coffee machine to prepare your morning coffee, you want to clean it regularly. Over time coffee machines get clogged and become get dirty. 

This dirt negatively impacts the taste of the coffee it produces. By cleaning out your device regularly, you should be able to get a better-tasting cup of coffee out of your machine. 

Try to follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning the coffee maker. They will tell you exactly how to do it without causing damage.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to improve the taste of your coffee. Try to experiment when you make your coffee to see what you most like. 

After all, the taste is subjective. Some of us enjoy a more potent blend of coffee, while others might prefer a weaker tasting coffee. 

You also want to try out different roasting profiles and beans. 

That way, you can figure out what coffee you enjoy the most. By prepping your coffee differently, you can see whether or not the preparation process alters the taste to make it better for you. 

Finally – Ways To Improve Your Morning Coffee

As always, you can head out to your favourite local café and get a coffee professional prepared for you. Coffee is one of the things many of us look forward to when we wake up. 

Use the tips above, and you should be able to improve the overall taste of your coffee, so you have something even better to which you can look forward!

Improvements similar to these are just the beginning – there are a million more ways to test for improvement.

For example, change the milk, swap sugar for syrup or honey, investigate combining with tea, add collagen to help your joints, do as Indians do, add spices, test new beans, etc.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have a view.

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