Use These 8 Tips To Find A Great Indian Restaurant Nearby

11 September 2021

8 Tips To Find A Great Indian Restaurant Nearby – We all want to know how to find a great restaurant before visiting that we can recommend to friends and family of which we can be rightly proud.

In this Indian Cuisine Focus: First Bite Series article, we discuss 8 Tips To Find An Indian Restaurant, Near You, At Which You’ll Long To Eat Time And Time Again.

Where around Wembley can I find great Indian Restaurants and eating places?

Introduction – 8 Tips To Find A Great Indian Restaurant Nearby

Indian food has become renowned worldwide, thanks to its signature spices, dishes and flavours. The main reason vegetarians love this type of food is its use of milk, sugar and vegetable items.

Nowadays, Indian restaurants are the pinnacle of healthy and delicious food that combines vegetables, spices, fruits, and herbs in a balanced ratio.

Hence finding a good restaurant is essential for your overall Indian experience. If you want to diversify your palette by trying out Indian cuisine but don’t know which Indian restaurant to visit, fear not! This article is for you.

Here are 8 tips for choosing an excellent Indian restaurant:

1- Go By Reputation

Most restaurants claim that they offer their clientele a professional and authentic taste, but that isn’t always the case.

You can use a restaurant or local search engines to find more information about Indian restaurants in Brent. 

You can finalise your restaurant decision after looking through customer reviews and ratings. Previous customers are the best people to learn about a restaurant’s reputation, especially when they give honest feedback about their restaurant experience overall.

Positive feedback and honest, non-biased reviews make it easy to choose a decent restaurant.

2- Search Google First

Most people will start here either on their mobiles or computer. Most food businesses today will have a listing within Google.

They will have gone to the trouble of trying to impress you with what they say about themselves, the images they post of their kitchen, food, staff, premises, location, and such. 

Please take a good look and aim to get an idea of whether what you see in the info they specified in Google resonates with you or not.

For example, the place may be too dark, and the décor may, for some reason, not be to your soul’s liking.

3- Check out the range of their main dishes

Make sure to check the menus and main dishes that the restaurant offers. Most Indian joints have the choice of both – non-veg meals and full-vegetarian meals. 

The versatility of Indian cooks enables them to provide a vegetable option to any dish that features meat. Go for an Indian restaurant that provides its customers with the best of both worlds and serves its dishes around chicken, lamb, spinach, and rice. 

Also, the type of appetisers and desserts they offer is essential in your final decision. These choices matter when considering children or other vulnerable family members.

Quote: “Laughter is brightest, where the food is best. – Irish Proverb”

4- Ask Your Friends

There is value in asking your friends or family what they think of a place. But, like reviews, consider that many often only tell part of the story. 

We all remember when the waiter doesn’t respond to our request for something or when they fail to act in some way that we deem important. 

However, we often don’t remember our role in causing situations. 

Did they fail to respond because we talked down to them? Did they act that way because we complained a million times about something trivial or belittled them deliberately or inadvertently?

We see this often enough. 

Reviews from friends, though well-meaning, are not always objective. 

So, as they say, take what friends say “with a pinch of salt”.

Consider friends’ reviews, but let them not be the final judge.

5- Check out the Customers’ Reviews

Google provides a place for people to comment on what they feel about the places they visit. You will undoubtedly have seen these and probably left a review yourself. 

Read them all but pay particular attention to those reviews that are not the best or the worst of the lot. 

After reading the reviews, how do you feel? How recent are the customer reviews? Restaurants do change their management, and they do work hard to make things better.

In other words, things may have improved and probably resolved. 

Reviews are just a tool. But customers’ reviews don’t always convey the conversational tone or the attitudes of those involved and are often one-sided.

We need all businesses to exist and improve, so please give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt.

Pay attention by all means to what people have said, but to satisfy yourself that you are making the right decision, be sure to bring up any concerns you have with the restaurant, either when you order a takeaway or during your next visit

Restaurant business owners (perhaps not always the staff) are usually open to listening to issues you may have.

There is nothing inherently wrong with telling your waiter that you read of someone who previously complained about the beef being a bit too tough, and you’re wondering if you can have it a particular way. As always,

They’ll work hard to impress you, of that I’m sure.

6- Look at Their Website

Sadly not all restaurants have websites. And indeed, you could count the lack of a website against a restaurant.

However, while many excellent restaurants have websites, there are many excellent restaurants without. Not all restaurant websites will help you decide what you should know.

Some restaurant websites, in terms of information, range from minimal to sufficient. 

However, the ideal restaurant website will include information about what may matter to you. 

For example:

    1. The range of food (some sites have the menu, but not all)
    2. What alcoholic drinks are available, if any?
    3. What non-alcoholic drinks there are so you can factor for your children or elderly parents?
    4. Images of what the restaurant looks like
    5. Photos of the seating or waiting areas (both inside and outside)
    6. Images of the food to help choose
    7. Pictures of the bar area, if applicable
    8. Details of parking facilities, if applicable 
    9. Specifics of the opening and closing times
    10. Ways to contact the business or connect with them

As with customer reviews, the presence or absence of a website is only one factor in choosing a restaurant. Remember that not all business owners have the same appreciation for technology and how much it could help them.

7- Taste their Food – Try the Takeaway

There is no better test than tasting the food is the ultimate test for whether what a restaurant offers is to your liking.

One way is to order a takeaway but having takeaways is no substitute for eating in a restaurant where the food only travels between the kitchen and your table.

Please pay attention to how slick their operation is, to whether or not they get everything right. What is the restaurant’s attitude like if something goes wrong in a crisis?

Good restaurants will fix the route in their business to their customers. It’s where the food businesses make their money – satisfying customers’ hunger and satisfactorily quenching their collective thirst.

8- Taste the Food – Visit their Restaurant

If the takeaway was to your liking – then it’s time to enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere. 

And based on everything above, by the time you visit, you will be reasonably sure that you would have made a great choice, giving the restaurant your time and attention.

We all know how to eat in restaurants, and eating out is the best experience overall. 

At the very least, restaurant visitors expect clean surfaces, cutlery and utensils with nothing in the food other than what you’d expect.

You’ll soon notice if the staff is present, friendly and attentive.

Conclusion – 8 Tips To Find A Great Indian Restaurant Nearby

So there you have it – If you plan to eat out at any of the many excellent restaurants around Wembley, take note of the points I’ve mentioned above, and you’ll find just the restaurant where you’ll enjoy your best meal.  

And then perhaps you’ll have found a new favourite.

If you have any comments about anything mentioned above or know of ways other people could benefit, why not tell us in the comments?

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