What Are the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers?

25September 2021

Shopping for gifts can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Even when you know a person’s interests, finding an ideal present isn’t always easy. We’ll explore the question What are the best gifts for coffee lovers?

Introduction – The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

If you’re looking for some of the best gifts for coffee lovers, you could use a few suggestions; these are a few ideas to get you started. 

01: Coffee Lovers’ Gift – Gourmet Coffee 

When you give someone the gift of gourmet coffee, they’ll be able to enjoy high-quality brews in the comfort of their own home. Everyone has different tastes in coffee, so it’s wise to find out what the recipient’s preferences are before selecting a roast. 

Do they prefer light roasts or dark roasts? Is there a particular type of coffee they most choose?

You should also find out how they prepare coffee at home. If they have a coffee grinder, you could give them coffee beans. 

If they have a machine that uses pods, you could buy them a high-quality roast and a re-usable filter. As long as you put some thought into this gift, you can be confident that it will be used and enjoyed.

02: Coffee Lovers’ Gift – Syrups 

You can add flavoured syrups to your beverages at coffee shops to enhance their flavour. You could give someone a set of syrups that they could add to the coffee they make at home. 

While their homemade coffee might not taste quite as delicious as the beverages made for them by their favourite coffee shop employees, it’ll still be a nice treat for the days when they can’t get out.

With a set of syrups, they could even create a coffee bar in their own home! When they have guests over, they’ll be eager to show off their syrups and to tell them more about the coffee they prepare at home. 

03: Coffee Lovers’ Gift – Coffee Mugs 

Mugs are a popular gift for coffee lovers, and there’s a good reason for that! Mugs are available in all kinds of styles and colours. Some humorous mugs while others are works of art.

You can even create a custom mug that features your photos or artwork. 

It’s common for coffee lovers to collect mugs, which means the person you’re shopping for will be glad to have a new cup to add to their collection.

Not only is a coffee cup perfect for a fresh cup of coffee, but it’ll come in handy for almost any other hot drink. 

04: Coffee Lovers’ Gift – Chocolate 

Certain foods pair well with coffee, and chocolate is one of them. High-quality dark chocolate can help to bring out the flavour of a special roast.

Adults don’t always treat themselves to sweets.

When you give someone gourmet chocolates, they’ll have an excuse to indulge themselves. 

From chocolate bars to truffles, there are all kinds of ways to give someone the gift of chocolate. If you’re preparing a gift for a couple, and only one of them loves coffee, you could also provide them with a set of mugs, ground coffee, and hot chocolate so that they can enjoy their beverages together. 

05:  Coffee Lovers’ Gift – Books 

Drinking a mug of coffee can be about more than waking up in the morning. In many cases, people drink coffee and other warm beverages because they want to relax.

Many people enjoy sitting in coffee shops, drinking freshly prepared coffee, and reading a good book. 

Try to pick out an engaging book that the recipient can take with them the next time they visit a coffee shop. Paperbacks and smaller hard-cover books are ideal options.

Pick something that you can enjoy at home or on the go. 

06: Coffee Lovers’ Gifts – Journals 

Not everyone wants to read while they drink coffee. Many people would prefer to do some writing of their own.

In these cases, a lovely journal can be an ideal gift. When people have a beautiful journal, they’ll want to fill it with all kinds of thoughts. Journaling can be therapeutic.

It’s a way for people to organise their thoughts and connect with their feelings. It can help people live in the moment.

People can also use journals as organisers. Bullet journals are a popular way to plan for the days ahead!

07: Coffee Lovers’ Gifts – Gift Cards 

If you’ve visited a lovely coffee shop, why not invite other people to give it a try? Find out if you can purchase a gift card or gift certificate for your favourite local shop. Some gifts apply to online stores too.

While some people find gift cards impersonal, you can include a card with a thoughtful note explaining why you chose this particular place. 

You can combine Gift Cards with other gifts also. If you’ve already selected one small present, and you’re looking for something else that you can give along with it, a gift card is perfect. 

08: Coffee Lovers’ Gifts – Coffee Subscription

Another way to show affection for a loved one, good friend or family member is to give them a Coffee Subscription. That way, they not only save money (10% is typical) on their coffee, they get it delivered, all quite conveniently. 

Subscriptions vary, but the subscription doesn’t save them from buying coffee. It gives them a discount on coffee with free delivery depending on spending, say £20.

You’ll want to look for a flexible subscription plan that you can pause, skip, or cancel whenever you want.

09: Coffee Lovers’ Gifts – A Case of Cold Brew Coffee

Someone you know may prefer to receive from you a case of Cold Brew Coffee – Cold Brew coffee is, as our articles describe, coffee made with cold water and coffee, left long enough so that both the taste and caffeine content are maximal. 

The only thing left is to sweeten to taste as desired. Alternatively, you can also buy cases already sweetened.

10: Coffee Lovers’ Gifts – Merchandise

Who wouldn’t love a hoodie or trendy T-Shirt based around their favourite coffee? Most reputable coffee shops will happily make and display their merchandise for you.

These may include coffee cups, proper cups and saucers for high-coffee (Coffee when you want to impress others), a brolly or even a bag.

But why stop there – also available are coffee beads and pods of all varieties, types and quantities to fit all budgets.

Conclusion – The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

So, as you’ve seen above, you don’t need to give big-ticket items to friends to make them feel special.

Sometimes all it takes to get thinking about giving any gift is, to begin with, an idea. Even if it is not ideal, a starting gift idea makes it easy to be critical. In critical-thinking mode, you can then come up with something better.

Initial gift ideas allow you to realise almost immediately the kind of gift you do or don’t want.

Do you have any comments? Why not leave them in the comments section below?

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