What Are Typical Food Prices at Wembley Arena

16 March 2022

If you’re wondering what some of the typical food prices at Wembley Arena you could expect to pay might be, you’ve come to the correct place.

Wembley Arena, previously known as “The SSE Arena, Wembley” and now known as the OVO Arena, Wembley” is a world-famous, world-class indoor venue made famous by music, comedy, family entertainment and sport.

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There are plenty of places to get food at Wembley Arena (now known as the Ovo Arena, Wembley).

Introduction – Wembley Arena Prices

For example: –

    • A small bottle of Water £3.20
    • Coke £4.25.
    • Hotdogs £7.50
    • Popcorn £4
    • A typical meal approx. £10
    • In-App Deals – 2 pints of Amstel for £10 (3 pints for £10 with cash)
    • Single Gin & Tonic – £12+

When planning their trips to all the big popular venues across the country and deciding on their budgets, visitors want to know what prices they could reasonably expect to pay beyond the initial ticket costs.

Travel costs to and from the venue are often known well in advance.

But due to price variations, food and drink prices in Wembley Arena tend to be less well understood.

This brief article reveals some of the typical food prices (and drinks) you could expect to pay within Wembley’s OVO Arena.

This article focuses on what others paid and said about the prices at the OVO Arena, Wembley.

The purpose is solely to indicate to potential visitors what they might be paying while visiting the Arena. 

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What Visitors Say About the Food At the OVO Arena, Wembley

Visitors who feel strongly impressed with the venue or equally aggrieved about some aspect of it will often take time, effort and energy to leave social media comments and how they feel.

People comment on social media because it seems safer than open confrontation, and comments help others avoid certain situations or make other choices. 

And so, with immediate contact with the world via their smartphones, commenters often have lots to say.

Some commenters say you can now expect to pay around £7 per pint at The OVO Arena, Wembley.

    • Water – Others complain that you get charged £3.20 for a small bottle of water, minus the lid, while not being permitted to carry any water in the Arena.
    • Water & Coke – There were many comments about drinks ranging but being unhappy about being unable to retain the lids of the bottled drinks, but finding that water got sold for over £2 and Coke for £4.25.
    • Hotdogs – Some quote drinks as priced “ok”, hotdogs as being sold for £7.50 (“too much”, they say), the restrooms to be clean, and Security to be well-organised.
    • Popcorn – One visitor commented that Popcorn got sold for £4.
    • Wet wipes – You don’t buy wet wipes at the Arena. Still, you may want to take some wet wipes along with you (or head to the toilet to wash hands) as some visitors have commented that the bottled drinks were often served open (presumably this makes it more difficult to use them as missiles when opened) and left sticky to the touch, leaving you with sticky hands in need of immediate cleaning.
Wembley Event day parking
Wembley Event Day Parking Sign

What Else Is Available To Eat At The OVO Arena, Wembley?

Inside the Arena, you can expect ample supplies of nachos, hotdogs, burgers and chips, plus pic-n-mix physically arranged to be close to where people may be seated.

1- Cost of a Typical Meal at the Arena

    • Others, in the comments, say that while refreshments are somewhat expensive, a typical meal is around £10 and is of good quality and value.

2- Impromptu Deals on App

    • Sometimes special deals via the Arena’s Phone app are on offer – one typical offer might be 2 pints of Amstel for £10 (3 pints for £10 with cash).

3- Cost of Gin & Tonic

    • One commenter felt some prices were “extortionate” and felt outraged at the cost of £12+ for a single Gin& Tonic

Another individual commented thus – “Food and drinks are a bit pricey, but that’s to be expected at a place like this.”

The Empire Bar & Grill Restaurant – Arena Prices

If you visit the Empire Bar Grill, you could expect to pay between £26.50 and £29 per person from such an a la carte food menu for a three-course meal without drinks.

It is a beautifully decorated space with light, airy decor enhanced by daylight and lighting.

1- Wembley Arena – Empire Bar & Grill – Starters 

    • Cauliflower Wings £7.25
    • Spicy Chicken Wings £7.75
    • Mixed Leaf Salad £5.75

2- Wembley Arena – Empire Bar & Grill – Main Dishes

    • Grilled Butterfly Chicken Breast – £14.50
    • Vegan Burger £13.50
    • Pulled Pork Birra Burger £14.25
    • Fish Finger Burger £14.75
    • Chickpea & Sweet Potato Curry

3- Wembley Arena – Empire Bar & Grill – Sweets/Desserts

    • Chocolate Brownie – £6.50
    • New York Cheesecake – £6.50
    • Ice Cream / Sorbet Selection £5.75

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The OVO Arena, Wembley – Options and Upgrades

The Terrace Suite – this VIP Premium Seating area allows up to 10 guests access to the a la carte restaurant and a priority-booking facility.

Only cashless food stalls and bars are available.

You order food and drink and pay by debit/credit card. 

Alternatively, you could use the OVO Arena Wembley phone app to order your food and beverages from wherever you are.

You can order from the Terrace Suites, the South Side Club Seats and the North Side Club Seats.

When you place your order, your food and drink will get delivered directly to your location in the Arena.

You’ll need to confirm your seat number for successful food delivery at your seat, which usually gets printed on your ticket.

Choice Club Seats

    • Club Seats offer an increased level of comfort explicitly designed for enjoying your show but with upgraded views and early access to the venue before regular door-opening times.

Lounge Access Upgrade

    • If you fancy extending your Arena experience by extending your stay at the end of your event, you can upgrade your access to one of 3 VIP lounges, namely the 1) Heroes Lounge, 2) Heineken Lounge or the 3) Empire Lounge. 
    • You can upgrade or merely request Lounge Passes later when purchasing your ticket.
    • Armed with your ticket, you can stay awhile – until an hour after the show. Perhaps, by this time, you have not only relaxed but also allowed the crowds to dissipate, making life easier for yourself.

Free Wi-Fi at the Arena 

    • As you may reasonably expect in this day and age, Wi-Fi is available for free.
    • Such a facility allows you to share your experiences on social media if that’s your thing.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Lounge At The Arena?

    • It so happens that the Arena is so confident of the comfort level they provide that they rent out the Heineken Lounge for a reasonable £3.5k during daytime and £2K from 5 pm until midnight.
    • Similarly, they offer the Heroes Lounge for hire for around £2K.

The OVO Arena Wembley, formerly the SSE Arena Wembley (until Feb 15th 2022), is situated at Arena Square, Engineers Way, Wembley Park, Wembley, HA9 0AA.

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Typical Food Prices At Wembley Arena

This article indicates the typical food prices visitors could expect to pay while attending an event at the Arena. 

We hope the article has made it easier for you to assess what money you need to have the best possible experience at the OVO Arena. Our intended purpose was to help visitors, and we hope it has fulfilled it.

Please let us know in our comments below if you have any questions or updates.

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  1. I would like to know why you are not allowed to bring any snacks into the arena eg crisps
    Not everyone can afford to buy the food inside especially if you have your family the day is expensive enough with tickets x 4
    You cannot bring water in but can buy a plastic bottle inside which they transfer into a plastic cup REALLY this is not very green or any attempt to save the planet just more like money making ,in football stadiums they remove the lid of the bottle you can bring your own bottle asking the lid to be removed
    Why is Wembley insisting that you buy everything from them inside the ground mmm let me think 🤔 💰

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