Where Can I Eat Near The SSE Arena In Wembley?

29 October 2020

Where Can I Eat Near The SSE Arena in Wembley? is a question you may be wondering if you intend to visit a concert in Wembley.

The SSE Arena draws crowds by the thousands to enjoy everything from rock concerts to boxing matches. While an event is usually the highlight, the experience is incomplete without a belly full of food and a drink to wash it down.

Note: Since the 15th of February 2022, the new name for the Arena is The OVO Arena, Wembley.

Here are 10 places near the OVO Arena, Wembley, that we’ll look at either side of and close to the Arena building.

      1. The White Horse
      2. The Lounge Cafe
      3. BoxPark Wembley
      4. Mazaaa Wembley
      5. The Parish Bar
      6. Las Iguanas
      7. The Preston
      8. Mushroom Italian
      9. J.J. Moon’s
      10. Big Moe’s Diner

Whether or not you are looking to grab a pint with friends or sit down at a family-friendly restaurant, you will find the SSE Arena area offers the best of both worlds, with plenty of options to eat and drink in environments suitable for everyone.

Below is a handpicked list of places to eat and drink that we’ve prepared. They are close to the SSE Arena, can satisfy your palette, and wet your whistle before and after events. 

Where Can I Eat Near The SSE Arena in Wembley?

The following list of restaurants and pubs is within walking distance of the SSE Arena.

Note: The SSE Arena draws quite a crowd, especially during events, so making a reservation at the location ahead of time can make all the difference between sitting down to a nice, stress-free meal and waiting in a long cue. (Have your tickets handy, as most establishments require you to present them at the door on event days).

01- The White Horse

4 Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 0HP, UK

This relatively new yet conveniently located Fuller’s Pub is one of the most attractive eating places near Wembley Stadium. The White Horse is a perfect place to hang out for your event at either Wembley Stadium or the Arena.

The White Horse Pub, Wembley
The White Horse Pub, Wembley

It has a range of bar snacks and a comprehensive menu with classic pub food.

    • Hot Smoked Salmon and Prawn Cocktail
    • Wild Mushrooms
    • Pan-roasted scallops, for starters
    • Rib-eye steak
    • Beef burgers
    • Battered Haddock & Chips

They also boast a great range of liquid refreshments.

Apart from its convenient location, the best thing about this place is that the prices are surprisingly reasonable considering its proximity to the action.

02- The Lounge Cafe

113 ChalkHill Rd, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 9FX, UK

This local gem is the perfect place to kick off your day and enjoy a taste of classic British food—made from the heart with exceptional quality and served at a very reasonable price, especially for London.  

Here's Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best
Here’s Why the Lounge Cafe in Wembley is Considered the Best

Arena attendees and Wembley locals arrive here to start their day with a wholesome English breakfast and a fantastic cup of gourmet coffee. 

The Lounge Cafe owners and staff make dining here a delicious experience that will leave you with a smile and the desire to return. 

The lounge cafe is just a kilometre from the SSE Arena and is only open for breakfast through lunch with a closing time of 5:30 p.m., so get there early to get caffeinated and enjoy a taste of authentic UK cuisine. 

03- BoxPark Wembley

At Boxpark Wembley, finding something that will leave you dissatisfied is impossible. This spacious establishment, closest to the Arena, has a buzzing social atmosphere, an excellent selection of craft beer, and a wide variety of food like American, European, Asian, and South American—practically hitting all sides of the globe.

boxpark wembley entrance
Boxpark Wembley Entrance

But the appeal of Boxpark Wembley does not stop at the food and drinks. When dining here, you will find entertainment such as:

    • Ping-Pong
    • Shuffle Board
    • Pool
    • TV Room with sports and films
    • Free Wi-Fi 

BoxPark Wembley is a great place to take the family or drink with their mates. Located 0.3km from the SSE Arena, it’s a go-to for many fans visiting Wembley before and after events. 

04- Mazaaa Wembley

305 Harrow Rd, Wembley HA9 6BD, UK

If there is one thing we love as much as football, it’s curry.  

When you want top-class Indian cuisine, there is no place better in the area than Kanishkaa Wembley. Phenomenal Indian food, elegant decor, and charming staff make this restaurant a must on the list of those visiting the SSE Arena.  

You can find Mazaaa Wembley 0.5km from the Arena—making it about a 10 min walk. This distance means it’s sufficiently close to the Arena yet away from the thick of the crowd.

UPDATE: This eating place was previously known as Kanishkaaa.

05- The Parish Bar

120 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley Park, HA9 8HP, UK

If you want the feel of a classic pub, The Parish Bar will do just that. This cosy Irish pub is a great spot to grab a pint with your mates, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so, with a pint of Guinness going for only £3.70—not your typical London prices. 

The Parish also regularly hosts traditional Irish live music. Look no further if you are in the mood to grab a beer while watching someone play the fiddle. 

You can find this pub about 1.1 km from the Arena, and it will require a 15-minute walk, so keep your eye on the clock so you don’t miss the action. 

The Parish Bar, Wembley Park
The Parish Bar, Wembley Park

06- Las Iguanas

Unit 97, Designer Outlet, London HA9 0FD, UK

Las Iguanas offers excellent Mexican and Brazilian food, great service, and a warm atmosphere. 

Whether the classic Mexican dishes—or the exotic menu options like their jackfruit curry—call out to you, this joint has the culinary skill to deliver unique and delicious flavours. Keep an eye out for their 2-for-1 cocktail special, as it is a bargain you don’t want to miss. 

Located 0.3km from the SSE Arena, a stroll is all it takes to experience the magic of Las Iguanas.  

07- The Preston

161 Preston Rd, Wembley HA9 8NG, UK

The Preston is a cosy gastropub. It is perfect for having a pint before, during or after an event. It does above-average food, too! 

The Preston’s patient and welcoming staff make this a family-friendly pub with casual dining options like classic English roast and vegetarian-friendly options like their spinach quiche. 

Wash down that meal with a pint or glass of their various wine selections. 

With a distance of 2km from the SSE Arena, it makes sense to visit The Preston with enough time to make your way across to the Arena, thus saving yourself the hassle of walking or needing an Uber or taxi.  

The Preston, Wembley
The Preston Pub, Wembley

08- Mushroom Italian

19 Wembley Hill Rd, Wembley HA9 8AF, UK

Few cuisines please the crowds as much as Italian—why this is the case becomes abundantly clear when you visit Mushroom Italian. 

The pizza at Mushroom Italian is world-class, and the following desserts are no different. A glass of wine accompanies a meal at this Italian gem.

Aside from the all-star chefs, the freshly used ingredients significantly contribute to the quality of the food and make this restaurant high on the list of any visitor coming to Wembley—event-goer or not. 

Mushroom Italian Restaurant
Mushroom Italian Restaurant

It can be a bit hectic to get a table and even more difficult to get served your meal on time on event days.

However, at Mushroom Italian, you will find a calm, efficient, and talented staff in both front-of-house and the kitchen—making wait times very tolerable even during peak hours. 

You can find this lovely restaurant less than a 10-minute walk from the SSE Arena with a distance of only 0.5km.

09- J.J. Moon’s

397 High Rd, Wembley, HA9 6AA, UK

This pub is an excellent place to “pre-game” before an event while enjoying a decent meal. This family-friendly establishment is welcoming and can accommodate your food and beer needs day and night, with the option to dine for breakfast through dinner. 

J.J. Moon’s has got you covered whether you want to eat classic British fish and chips, indulge in a well-cooked steak, or eat a vegetarian meal. Their selection of ales is among the best in the area and answers the call of beer lovers piling in to support their team. 

J.J. Moon’s is part of the Wetherspoons chain so that you can expect absolute consistency and quality in their food and service.  

It is a 1.3km walk to reach J.J. Moon’s, which roughly takes 10-15 minutes.

10- Big Moe’s Diner

Unit 96, Level 2 London designer outlet, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 0FD, UK

This 1950s American-themed diner is as fun as it is yummy.  

The food at Big Moe’s Diner fits the vibe of a stereotypical American diner of hamburgers and pancakes (as the decor suggests, but doesn’t leave out the option of incorporating some classics like throwing an English breakfast on your plate). 

While you wait for your meal, scope out the countless pieces of memorabilia scattered around on the walls; when your food arrives, sit in the classic American car in the middle of the restaurant.

The sound of classic ’50s music echoing in the background is the final touch transporting you back to the mid-20th century as you munch your food.  

Big Moe’s Diner is also a great place with friends and family, about 0.3km from the Arena. 

Conclusion – Where Can I Eat Near The SSE Arena in Wembley?

Do not think that these are the only eating places close by.

There is still Goan Kitchen, El Bandido, Aunt Jenny’s Kitchen, Bombay Chow, Charcoal Grill, and The Arch, to name a few. And there are many more within BoxPark itself.

If you’re planning to see an event at the SSE Arena and want a taste of what Wembley has to offer, the restaurants and pubs listed above will satisfy your cravings.

You have the answer to the question – Where Can I Eat Near The SSE Arena in Wembley?

Regardless of what’s happening in the Arena, you can’t go wrong with these dining options when looking for quality food and drink at affordable prices.  

If you have a different view, why not let us know in the comments below?

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