9 Reasons Why You Should Eat Out More Often

21 June 2021

Why You Should Eat Out More Often – It’s not that eating out is supercritical but signals a certain level of comfort, achievement and capability. And that is important.

What are some great places to Eat In Wembley?

This article is about why you should eat out more often. 

Let’s begin by answering that question directly.

Here are 9 reasons why you should eat out more often.

    1. You Might Be Missing Out
    2. Eating Out Is An Opportunity To Extend Your Horizons
    3. Eating Out Offers Chances To Relax More Often
    4. Life is Short; Take Pleasure When You Can
    5. You Can Afford It, Even When You Can’t
    6. What You Eat Matters Most
    7. How To Eat Out Healthily In Wembley
    8. Local Businesses Need Your Custom
    9. Eat Out Just Because You Can

Read on immediately below for more details.


We all aspire to live more enjoyable lives, so we are all naturally drawn upwards towards comfort and wealth.

After all, our comfort level has been made possible by those who paved the way before us. Eating food ranks highly as the single thing that motivates many people across the globe.

And there is much pleasure and potential experience that accompanies it. As a result, more people worldwide (ok, so not everywhere yet) can now eat out than at any other time in human history.

Leaving aside the recent pandemic, if you are like most people, who have long since had their basic needs met, you visit restaurants three to four times a month, spending at least £1200 annually.

Also, the recent pandemic has probably forced you to enjoy takeaway meals more often instead of eating out. After all, takeaway meals offer an excellent alternative to home cooking. 

After working long hours or even long weeks, having a takeaway seems like the most sensible thing on a Friday or Saturday night. No preparing, cooking, cleaning or washing up afterwards either.

Also, who would want to miss out on the taste of a nice dinner prepared and cooked by experts? Compare the simplicity of this with the apparent hassle of doing the same at a time when you least feel like it.

Below I list nine reasons why you should eat out more often.

01 – You Might Be Missing Out

If you dine out infrequently, you’re probably missing out! There are so many cultures sharing their delicious food with the world that you’re highly likely to be missing out by not partaking. 

And what would be the point of missing out?

Of course, at home, you’re very likely to be cooking a wide variety of foods for yourself, but the point remains that this saying is as true today as it has ever been – a change is as good as a rest – and that alone is reason enough for a change.

02- Eating Out Is An Opportunity To Extend Your Horizons

In response to demand from people, restaurants and other fabulous eating places are now everywhere. And they cover almost every type of food you may fancy. 

So the reasons for occasionally eating out have virtually gone away.

If you love different spices, tastes, textures and smells, you’ll get many opportunities to broaden your horizons and truth be told; there is much to enjoy and experience.

03- Eating Out Offers Chances To Relax More Often

In today’s busy society, we hardly make time to sit down and relax. Faster food, faster Internet-when was the last time that you relaxed?

These days you place an order online on your mobile; you watch as it gets approved by the restaurant, you see when the driver arrives at the restaurant, when they leave the restaurant with your order, you watch them on their journey and meet them at the door, all before you ring your doorbell.

We stress when the delivery seems to be taking too long (except that you can’t know what traffic they are encountering), so it could be wrong. We stress the risk of catching COVID-19, losing our jobs, the economy, health, wealth and home life. 

We worry over the future even though it is not yet here, rather than living in the moment.

Perhaps it truly is time to relax with your friends, family, significant others, or just by yourself.

04- Life is Short; Take Pleasure When You Can

Life is short, and as we have seen over the past 16 months, it can all change very suddenly. Energy is all about the journey and somewhat less about any destination. 

If you don’t relax enough, you’ve likely lost a sense of perspective, and you might be missing the entire point.

So what to do?

Put your phone on silent, and take time away from that world for yourself. As difficult as it might seem, take regular day-long breaks from those apps and platforms that demand our attention like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube. 

Go someplace new and enjoy some good food. Doing so gets you back in touch with your essential self. 

Few things are better than eating delicious food. And eating well keeps us all grounded. 

While out, make a point of connecting with people other than your direct family or friends. There is much to learn from others, and remember that each person has a story, and you might be surprised at how interesting some of them might be. 

So take time to talk with the waiter/waitress. You’ll find that almost everyone is interesting if you ask them about themselves.

05- You Can Afford It, Even When You Can’t

If you think you can’t afford to eat out, you’re missing the point. You should be able to afford to eat out whenever you want. If you cannot, then it’s time to step up and change your circumstances. 

Time to shift levels and sacrifice to get to the next level. There has never been a time in history with so many opportunities to make money.

So, as I said, visiting a restaurant can save you a lot of time and effort while allowing you to recharge yourself and take your mind from whatever is pre-occupying your focus.

You may think eating out will add unnecessary expenses, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a reasonable price at restaurants. With some research about hot spots in your area, you will find deals that you didn’t know existed because you weren’t looking.

For example, some places offer unique options for children’s dinners on certain days of the week, two-for-one specials during certain hours, and even free children’s meals throughout the month.

06 – What You Eat Matters Most

Chances are high then that you have yet to visit every food joint in your area. While cooking at home is good, dining out presents the opportunity for an authentic experience that you can’t replicate in the comfort of your kitchen.

Nothing can genuinely substitute the ambience of recreated Italian villas or Spanish belly-dancing in themed restaurants

However, the atmosphere is not the most critical factor in a restaurant; that would be the food!

07- How To Eat Out Healthily In Wembley

Having decided that eating out is something you should do more often, you have to consider the health aspect of your new behaviour. There is little point in cultivating a potential new habit if you’ll be making your future health worse. 

And so healthy habits are required.

How much we eat out, how often we eat out, what we eat, and the ingredients of what we eat all affect what happens to us when we eat out.

See the section below – 8 Healthy Eating When Eating Out. 

08- Local Businesses Need Your Custom

So now that you’re aware of the health aspect of eating out, know that there is another practical reason for eating out. The recent health crisis has threatened the livelihoods of many restaurants and other businesses that we’ve probably been taking for granted.

Well, restaurants and other businesses need your help and custom. But, while not directly your responsibility, bear in mind that not only are these companies the lifeblood of the economy, their owners are, in fact, different versions of you. 

That fact might not seem obvious with the gradually increasing cultural and societal focus on individualism. But, radical as it may seem, we are simply different versions of one another, and we need each other.

Therefore those businesses need your custom. With fewer of them, we stand to live more diminished lives.

09 – Eat Out Just Because You Can

The final reason for eating out is to do it because you can. Eating is pleasurable.

Eating out can be even more so. People around the globe aspire to eat out whenever they want, and a large number do so already.

Unless you’re looking to achieve some specific goal by not partaking in all that life has to offer, eating out when you can is something you should aspire to.

10 Healthy Eating Tips For When Eating Out In Wembley

Above we agreed that while eating out is enjoyable, being healthy is essential.

Below then are some tips to which you should pay attention.

    1. Portion Sizes 

      Pay attention to the portion sizes you order – this can and will impact your waistline, weight and overall health.

    2. Carefully consider the Freebies. 

      Do you need the freebies – the extra portions of bread, the multiple oils, the sides? Sure they are nice, but thinking of the long term, exercising a little self-control will help. 

    3. Monitor Your Alcohol Intake

      Be stingy with your alcohol or soft drinks, irrespective of whether or not you’re celebrating. Are you sure you need another drink? 

    4. Salt While Necessary

      Watch the sodium (salt) in what you eat. There have long been links between salt and high blood pressure and kidney issues. 

    5. Cholesterol 

      Some foods also have connections with cholesterol that are associated with heart disease. You should be aware of these before regularly eating out.

    6. Minimise Trans Fats 

      We all know that fat plays a big part in the health of our hearts. We need to beware of the quantity of trans fat and saturated fats we eat, especially in fast foods. These particular types of fats are not the kinds we should eat regularly.

    7. Your Activity Matters

      Consider how active or sedentary you are – If you don’t expend too much energy because of lifestyles with little exercise, you must pay close attention to what you eat most often.

    8. Calories Matter Only When In Excess and You’re Sedentary

      Don’t drink calories – I know – who wants to enjoy themselves drinking water? Sadly, you should minimise drinking beers, spirits, and wines that contain sugar for the long term. However, moderation is good.

    9. Go Vegetarian Sometimes 

      Swap out one or more of your meat dishes for something vegetarian. You can perhaps put yourself onto a healthier path in one stroke that includes eating less meat. Your waiter will happily assist. 

    10. Talk is Cheap, So Talk

      Strike up a friendly conversation with the waiters and ask questions about what you’re planning to order. 

Why you should eat out more often – Summary

You hopefully now have a set of reasons for eating out more often. It’s essential not only because businesses need your custom right now but also because it focuses on the hardships of just living to pay more attention to the small things that make life.

Are there downsides to eating out? Of course, there are.

There are disadvantages to almost everything. However, the adage “everything in moderation” is most apt.

Follow that advice, coupled with the healthy eating tips above, and not go wrong.

Do you disagree? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Don McDonald

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