Wine Focus – First Glass Series

4November 2021

Our Wine Focus – First Glass Series details practical wine tips for beginners, occasional drinkers, Christmas &Easter Gifts ideas, choosing Italian and French wines and pairing them correctly with food.

Introduction – Wine Focus – First Glass Series

Have you ever discovered something that that you’ve been ignoring, such that when you finally paid attention, you have wondered why you’ve been such a fool for so long? It’s why we’ve created this Wine Focus – First Glass Series.

Wine: Best Book

Well, I felt a bit of a fool one day when I browsed through a book that my wife had randomly brought home. It turned out to be The World Atlas of Wine by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. 

And what an excellent book it turned out to be. It opened up a new entire world for me.

Not that I’ve never had wine, of course,  

Now, drinking a good glass of wine requires nothing more than finding an excellent wine to enjoy to match your taste, plus being affordable and great value for money.

There is little need for any pretentiousness that goes with wine. We leave that to people for whom it is necessary. 

Sparkling Wine - Celebration
Sparkling Wine – Celebration

These days, you no longer need to be a mechanic to drive a car. It’s the same with wine. To drink it, you don’t need to be an expert.

To choose a quality bottle of wine, you may need to know a little of the grading systems that exist to help do just that.

Look out for our articles that help you do just that.

You need to choose the wine you enjoy, know where to get it, buy it and enjoy it. That’s all.

However, with my remarks above, I don’t intend to undermine the multiple experts who create these excellent wines, determine their taste, and ensure continuous high quality.

These people are incredibly talented, creative, resourceful, and passionate about what they do, sometimes striving in difficult financial circumstances to maintain the family traditions yet giving people what they desire today. 

Wine Expertise

Much of this expertise gets passed down across several generations. For example, according to a recent documentary, Languedoc-Roussillon, a region in France ideally suited for cultivating wine, is the most productive wine region globally. 

Thirty-three per cent of France’s wine comes from this region. Five per cent of all the table wine drunk in the world comes from this same region. That’s roughly 1.7bn bottles of wine per year. 

More than this, these fantastic creators (some are wine merchants, too) now face sweeping changes across their industry. Wine expertise now permeates the globe, so there is much competition in once-coveted local markets

The same documentary suggests that wine consumption in France is on the decline. Such a situation was once unthinkable. 

This reduction in wine consumption presents new challenges. Consumers have become more discerning, and they now have more options for great wine than ever before. 

The population is therefore spoiled for choice. With so much good wine available, winemakers find it challenging to differentiate their products.

Bunch of red grapes
Bunch of red grapes

I find the whole topic of wine interesting, and perhaps you will, to some small degree. We introduce our Wine Focus – First Glass series with the above ideas in mind.

Wine Focus – First Glass Series – Articles

The articles in that series so far as shown in this list below.

    1. An Introduction To Wine For Occasional Drinkers
    2. How To Choose A First Class Italian Wine For Beginners
    3. How To Choose A First Class French Wine For Beginners
    4. Practical Wine Tips For Beginners
    5. Easter & Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers
    6. Best Guide To Food And Wine Pairings For 15 Popular Cuisines
    7. More Practical Wine Tips For Beginners

Once you’ve figured things out, selecting great wine is a fairly straightforward process. Don’t be intimidated by the many different kinds of wine that exist.

And most certainly, don’t let the sophisticated aura surrounding wine prevent you from enjoying a nice glass of wine. 

We hope, as always, that you enjoy this particular series First Glass Series.

If you have any comments, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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